How to Style Loafers for a Fall Look

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Leaf print cardigan

How to Style Loafers for a Fall Look

Since the fall brings about a change in clothing and footwear, I thought it’d be the perfect time to talk about how to style loafers. If you’ve been shoe shopping lately, then you might have noticed that this style of shoe is being shown everywhere.

Quote of the day: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Unknown

Most of us think of fall as the time we put away our sandals, and pull out the closed toe shoes. So let me show you some fun new styles from my favorite shoe company Walking Cradles. Yes, this is a sponsored post and I am now an affiliate with the company. That means I will get a commission if you purchase any shoes from them, but ALSO, you can use my discount (JODIE15) all the time.

We have worked with this company many times in the past, because not only do they have wonderful footwear, but the company has heart. I found this out when I went out to visit and be in their fashion show. And some proof that these shoes are comfortable since they are ALL I took to NYC (and that wasn’t a sponsored post).

Make sure to see my mom’s loafers in a totally different print, while I’m wearing a different style of these shoes. And I even found other fun fall color combinations for your inspiration.

How to style loafers with light colored pants

Pants: BY/JJ ~~Cardigan: Chicos ~~ Top: BY/JJ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~Bracelets: made by her daughter, Richlyn Pavcek ~~ Fan: ~~Purse: thrifted

Lesley and How to Style Loafers

Adding a fan to your look

Lesley is showing how to style loafers in one of the simplest ways. Even though it was still a hot day, and Lesley is wearing lighter colors, the black loafers ground the outfit.

So many bloggers are pushing the “fall outfits” right now, and that’s just not our reality here in Arizona. My favorite saying lately is to dress for the weather, not the calendar. There’s no sense hurrying life. It goes fast enough as it is.


I love how Lesley added in a tidge of red in a couple of her accessories. These bracelets are made by her daughter in Colorado, and are so perfect with this look. However, you probably could make your own stack of bracelets like this. Just grab a couple of your favorite single bracelets and put them all together.

Lesley’s “Jumpsuit”

How to style loafers for women over 60

This may look like a jumpsuit, but it’s really two pieces. Lesley found this top and pants at a local boutique in Sun City. It’s basically the same idea that my mom styled in our jumpsuit post this last summer.

Because the two pieces are slightly different colors, Lesley added the belt. And I’d like to point out that this could be a perfect time to try wearing a scarf at your waist. You could style a print scarf like I did, so you don’t concentrate on the different colors of the top and bottom.

Wearing a “jumpsuit” like this is the answer to all of the bathroom woes about a one piece. Besides the fact, you can easily wear each piece with so many different outfits.

Walking Cradles Loafers Review

Shoes can be one of the hardest things to fit because 1-they can’t be altered like clothing can. And 2-even if your foot is a size whatever, it could have bumps and issues that make the “right” size not work.

Luckily, Lesley ordered a size in these black nubuck loafers that worked great for her. She considers them true to size and if she wanted, she could wear a thin trouser sock with them. If she had wanted to wear her orthotics with these, she would have gotten the next size up. However, she was impressed by the heavenly insole with the “tiny pillows” in each insole and said she doesn’t think she’d even need her orthotics with them.

In Lesley’s words: “I see a long, happy life in my wardrobe for these Walking Cradles loafers. They are great in every way. The leather is soft with no rubbing and the decorative bar is a great touch.” And as an aside, they come in other colors too!

While Walking Cradles shoes are not inexpensive, did you know you can win a free pair? Each month they pick someone to win a pair, and it could be you. If you are new to Walking Cradles, one of their specialties is their choice of sizes. So if you’re hard to fit, this is the brand for you! And you might as well get 15% off by using my code JODIE15.

How Lesley was Inspired by Nature

You’ll hear more about why this idea came up in tomorrow’s blog post. But when I asked Lesley about how nature inspired this outfit, she said she was most surprised by the palm trees here in Arizona. In fact, she can see at least a dozen of them from her kitchen window.

What’s funny is that Lesley bought this cardigan after seeing my mom model it the first time we met Lesley. The best thing is that this cardigan is super versatile, and can be worn at least 4 different ways. My mom showed that in our video. Although Chicos doesn’t sell this cardigan anymore, there are other brands that make one with this same concept.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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