How to Style Red Boots with Red Pants

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How to Style Red Boots with Red Pants

How to style red boots is an idea that came to me when I discovered that a couple of my friends had embraced red boots too. Since many women still love matching their pants to their shoes, Charlotte’s look today should be popular.

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Some days I feel like I’m a little too crazy in my clothing choices. Yet, I remember when we first posted about red sandals many years ago. There were lots of comments between the three posts about how women remembered red shoes from their childhood. Obviously they are something which resonates with many of us. Which brings a story of a life lesson from shoes which my mom shared below.

While this way of how to style red boots is different than how my mom wore them recently, I think there are many ways you can incorporate fun footwear into your wardrobe. So take this from my mom as one way on how to style red boots. You can also see how Lesley wore her red boots with leggings and I wore mine with red accessories.

How to style red boots and red pants

Pants: 62 East~~ Jacket: ~~Top: Charter Club~~ Boots: Seven Dials ~~ Ring: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Georgetown Leather Design

How to Style Red Boots to Match Your Pants

Any article you read will tell you that to look taller and elongate your legs, your pants and shoes should match. Granted, I don’t believe in those “rules” just like I expounded in my post about Perfectly Imperfect.
Yet, if that’s an easy way for you to embrace how to style red boots, I’ll be the first to applaud you!

Grey cardigan with how to style red boots

What Colors Go Well With Red?

Since red is a brighter color, I know it is easier to add in a neutral for an outfit. Although one of my mom’s favorite combinations is with an animal print. She showcased this recently on the blog.
Charlotte bought this jacket at a boutique in Denver. She even received multitudes of compliments on it this day. It’s one of those items that is unique and different. Which is one reason I love small boutiques.

Insider tip: If you’re not sure if a color goes well with red, add in a neutral with that other color. For example when my mom wore red and green, we also added olive to the mix.

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

If my mom had a theme song, that would be it!! She has always been a shoe girl. In fact, she remembers loving her black and white saddle oxfords in high school, and then her penny loafers.
In fact, this said pair of penny loafers have been resoled and reheeled AND Charlotte still wears them around the house. I forbid her to wear them out in public. But she likes them for around the house because they are so comfortable and easy to kick off when she’s relaxing.

If you asked my mom how many shoes she has, she could say less than Imelda Marcos but more than most! We will just leave it at that.

How to style red boots for any age woman

Would you Wear Red Leggings or Pants?

My mom has had these leggings for over 25 years. They are the kind with stirrups attached which my mom loves because they keep them tucked into boots so well.
In fact, Charlotte has worn these leggings many times on the blog. Once even with white boots. I have said over and over that red pants are wonderful for ANY age woman. If you don’t believe me, check the label. Does it say “only for 20 years olds??”

Insider tip: Do you have trouble with leggings bunching up when you tuck them into boots? You can always add on an adustable elastic stirrup, found on Amazon. I know about these because my mom has some from ages ago.

How to style red boots for a casual day

Is There an Age Limit on Red Boots?

No, never, of course there shouldn’t be an age limit on any color boots. I know we think of red as a statement color. And it is. Yet by this time in our lives, I like to think we should make a statement.
And just like there are over the knee boots that can work with our lifestyle, there are red boots that can too.

Take for instance this pair of red boots my mom is wearing. She will tell you that she prefers a pointed toe and a thinner heel on her shoes. So this pair is perfect for her. Especially because the heel is low enough that she can walk around in them without any problems.

Insider tip: Did you know you can dye boots? Check with your shoe repair person, and if the boot is a light colored boot, you can dye it another color. My mom did this with her pair of blue boots many years ago. They were light grey and she couldn’t find navy ones at the time. So she had them dyed.

Insider tip 2: If you think red boots are too bright for you, then burgundy is a great baby step for a boot other than the basic black or brown.

Long grey cardigan

Life Lessons From Shoes From Charlotte

In a nutshell, “never wear heels for shopping.” Sure, by this age, we may already know this lesson. Then again, the story of how we learned it can always be a good laugh.

My mom remembers when her mother took her shopping in Indianapolis when my mom was still in high school. After the day of shopping, they stopped to catch a movie. Charlotte was wearing a pair of red high heels and decided to remove them because they hurt.
By the time the movie was ended her feet had swollen and she couldn’t put them back on. In fact, she had to walk back to the car in her stockings. EEK!

Insider tip: Of course, what do you do in real life when you haven’t planned to go shopping, but it happens and you’re wearing heels? For one thing, I always carry 2 band aids in my purse. And second I also have a container of sole serum (which I bought years ago). Either that or when you get home, soak your feet in a foot bath!

How to style red boots

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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