What to wear with a red sweater outfit

How to Style a Red Sweater Outfit with Sass and Fun

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While a red sweater outfit can be considered basic, that doesn’t mean it has to look basic. There are many ways to add sass and fun to the outfit so that what you wear copies your personality.

And since red is the color of many seasons, I thought it would be perfect to share this for the upcoming Valentine’s day. Although the concept can work for any time of year if you switch out heavier or lighter weight items.

Quote of the day: “The most dangerous phrase is ‘We’ve always done it that way.'” Grace Hopper

It’s always my goal to change things up when it comes to our style and fashion. Sure, you’ve learned one way to wear your red sweater outfit and it might be fabulous. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look in that closet of yours and come out with many other options.

Around our retirement community, the combination of red and black is found far and wide. For this post, Charlotte is using that popular color pairing, yet there is much more to the entire outfit with print mixing, fabulous footwear, and whimsical earrings.

There are other ways to incorporate red into your looks, or even other shades if red seems too bold.

Add a magnetic fastener to a wrap

Skirt: Adrienne Vitadini-thrifted~~ Wrap: no label~~ Top: 89th Madison~~ Boots: Seven Dials~~ Necklace: ~~ Earrings: Amazon here~~ Purse: thrifted

Red Sweater Outfit and Leopard

Red and leopard go together like peanut butter and jelly. I think because the leopard is a mix of neutrals, adding in the red gives it a wonderful contrast and pop of color.
Another great option with red is any animal print like snakeskin or zebra print. The traditional animal prints are also all neutral prints so the red gives the overall look some color and sass.

What makes this outfit easy to reproduce is the black wrap to cover the red sweater if you worry about too much color in a look. I’ll explain in more detail about this wrap later in this post, but suffice it to say it’s a wonderful option especially when traveling.

Do you worry that this example of red is too bold? Just remember there are many, many shades of red and in all reality, bold is not a bad thing.
Or feel free to cover up the read partially as Charlotte did with her scarf. Or as Lesley did with this example and a vest.

Woman over 70 with red sweater outfit

Red Sweater Outfit Details

The start of this outfit came when Charlotte wanted to wear this blingy red sweater outfit for our outing. The bling is relegated to the sleeves, so they are easy to cover up if you aren’t comfortable showing bling at certain times.

Then again, is there a time that bling isn’t appropriate? Maybe one or two times, but I like to point out that every day is special, and we just talked about how to wear sequins for casual days.

Now, this red sweater is one of those thinner knits that could be called a sweater or a top. I have ordered many online sweaters that end up being like this, but you could easily substitute a heavier sweater with this idea.

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How Accessories Make the Red Sweater Outfit Fun

Even though there is bling on the sleeves of this red sweater, once you add the wrap, that detail gets lost. So it’s never a bad idea to wear some fun accessories too.

Let me start with the earrings. Yes, these are the faux fur earrings that you’ve seen many times on this site. You may not catch us wearing them in the summer months, but they are such a whimsical addition to any winter outfit. AND they are very budget-oriented as well as available in many colors.
Now if you’re hair is white or silver like Charlotte’s, then the white pair may not even be super bold since they almost blend into her hair. Yet when someone looks closely, they’ll definitely smile because they are fun.

This necklace could be considered vintage I think. It was actually mine back in high school and then my mom pilfered it from me (not really, I was going to purge it and she saved it, haha).
It’s one of those that you can switch out the beaded strand for other colors and then twist them together to be held by that metal piece.

Now, let’s talk print mixing with that colorful snakeskin purse. Truthfully there are ways to introduce print mixing in subtle ways. And adding a print purse is one of those ways. While this thrifted clutch is a different animal print, it works perfectly as part of this red sweater outfit.

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Red sweater outfit with wrap

Let’s Talk About a Wrap

Wraps like this are ideal for so many reasons. For those of you who struggle to style a large scarf, this is for you. Wrap, scarf, piece of material…it just doesn’t matter what you call it as long as you wear it.
A large square scarf is something that can be transformed into all kinds of beneficial things especially when traveling. I’ll list those below.

You may have trouble believing this but this is the exact same scarf that my mom wore with her print coat. It’s actually a circle of material and she’s using it flat to act as a wrap. When she wore it with her coat, she opened those two layers and rolled them, and wrapped them as an infinity scarf.

Charlotte is using this to add warmth to her red sweater outfit and then added a magnetic fastener to keep the ends together in the front.
Mom’s fastener is from a craft fair, but it’s no different than the ones I have linked on my Tools of the Trade page. Having a temporary fastener like this that doesn’t damage the material is great to have in our stash (and easy to travel with since it’s small).

This kind of scarf for travel:
1-Use it as a blanket or pillow on the airplane. You can wear it wrapped around your neck through the airport.
2-If you’re on a beach vacation, this is the perfect swimsuit cover-up. Wear it wrapped around your entire body (as Lesley did here) or just around your waist as a skirt.
3-Copy Charlotte’s idea of using it as a cardigan.
4-Heck you can even tie the ends all together to create a bag or purse for when you go to the beach.

Red booties for mature women

Red Booties for Mature Women

Red boots are something that any age woman can wear. In fact, I think the fact that my mom wore ankle boots instead of black pumps makes this red sweater outfit more modern and contemporary. There’s no reason not to add ankle boots to a dress or skirt if it’s warm enough.
We may have been brought up with the thinking that we didn’t want to break up the line of our legs so we could look taller, but that’s pure hogwash. Who cares if we look taller? Does that make us a better person? (My thoughts about this subject are found in one of my favorite posts called Perfectly Imperfect here)

So while many of you don’t wear heels anymore, I love that Charlotte still can tolerate a smaller heel. Which is why I bought this pair of ankle boots for her a couple of years ago.
They are exactly what she loves: a pointed toe, a fabulous color, and sexy!!

Red flats could work just as well with this outfit if you don’t wear heels. My thought would be to make sure they are fun and sassy!

Add color to a look for mature women

Other Red Sweater Outfit Ideas

Red sweater outfit ideas are found many other times on this site since it’s a popular topic. We have worn the basic red sweater and even black pants and then showcased how to make it sassy below.

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Red sweater outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

My Goal

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My hope is that you get ideas and inspiration from Charlotte, Lesley, and myself. It’s not about copying what we wear, but about using what you already have and updating items along the way.
Most of all it’s getting us to think differently and dare I say, have fun?


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