How to Style Short Girls in Jumpsuits and the Tips to Make Issues Easier

Short girls in jumpsuits

How to Style Short Girls in Jumpsuits and the Tips to Make Issues Easier

I wanted to showcase that even though we are short girls in jumpsuits, there are many ways to style the look. Nancy wore a topper over her jumpsuit, I wore a top under my jumpsuit and Charlotte went with the faux jumpsuit.

Quote of the day: “Don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain.” Henry Ford

Which made me LOVE this quote. So I though I’d do just that. Let me find some solutions for the reason many women don’t wear jumpsuits.

If it looks like we were at an airport for these photos, we were! When I researched jumpsuits, I found that it began as an outfit for parachuters and skydivers. Since we weren’t going to be doing that, I figured going to a local airport was the next best thing. Although the best scenery was from the windows in the restaurant which you can see from my May highlights post on Day 25 .

Short Girls in Jumpsuits

In case you don’t know our heights, all three of us are considered petites. Charlotte is 5’4″, Nancy is 5’0″ and I am 5’2″. I think this clothing is like anything. You find ones that fit you well and/or get it altered to fit. Realistically you just can’t expect everything to fit off the rack (so says my mother the seamstress).

It’s one of the reasons I just love the cropped versions of any pants. I don’t have to shorten them to get them to fit. And here’s a trick I saw recently for a wide leg pair of pants. You can sometimes knot the hem with an elastic for a more fitted look. I can’t remember where I saw that tip to show you, but it’s basically like what both mom and Nancy did with their maxi skirt here.

Ageless style in jumpsuits

Finding a Jumpsuit for You

So let’s start with the complaints about wearing a jumpsuit in the first place. As a fix it girl, it’s my first response to come up with solutions to any issues.

I mean why rule out an entire category of clothing when there could be a fabulous solution?

Bathroom Issues

If you hate the feeling of being basically naked while going to the bathroom, this is an easy fix. Just wear any kind of top under your jumpsuit. Heck, it can be a crop top or cami if you don’t want a ton of coverage.

You may hate that it’s too hard to zip up the back zipper of a jumpsuit. I’m not sure why this is such a popular way to make them? It’s not easy for any of us. Especially with a hidden zipper. So here’s a couple of options.

There are jumpsuits that have front buttons or closures.

Or there are pull on jumpsuits.

Try a strapless jumpsuit. Now before you yell at me that you hate strapless bras, you could get creative with these. The one I purchased a couple of years ago, I ended up sewing in ribbon as straps that can snap and unsnap easily. Or you could wear a top or cami under it and have it look like part of the outfit.

There’s always the faux jumpsuit like my mom wore too. Sure you can buy the two piece sets, but you may be able to get creative in your own closet too.

Fit Issues

If you are like us as short girls in jumpsuits, then the cropped ones could be the answer to trying to find the right length. Heck, if you are tall, then buy a regular length one and pretend it’s cropped, since that’s where it would hit on you.

There are women that don’t like their waist emphasized, and there are jumpsuits for that too. Or just don’t wear the belt like I did with my snakeskin jumpsuit.

Other Thoughts and Issues

Another issue I heard in the comments this week was about your jumpsuit pooling on the floor when you go to the bathroom. So I experimented at home. And what worked for me was rolling it down when I was undressing. What really helped was to keep rolling my undies in with it, so it’d stay in place above my knees. You’ll have to let me know if that works for you.

On a side note (or could be TMI for some of you)…that could be the total advantage of a romper. While I thought I’d NEVER wear a romper, I just thrifted one. And because the legs were wide, I could pull it to the side in the bathroom. SO much easier than pulling it down especially since I had a jacket on over it.

Let’s talk reality. There are times you can’t get something fixed/zipped/secured in the bathroom by yourself. It happens. Ask for help!! Who doesn’t like being asked to help someone? It makes you feel good. So you yourself, shouldn’t be afraid to ask another woman for help in the restroom. Or heck, out in public just in case you are alone in the bathroom. Go out and ask your friend to finish zipping you up. It can be a great way to laugh with someone else.

Another suggestion from a blogger, Ruth at Vogue Faux Real, is when you are wearing a jumpsuit, don’t wait until you absolutely have to go to the bathroom. I thought this was smart!

Now I had to laugh at Suzanne’s comment about how she hoped one suggestion wasn’t to wear adult diapers. But…..maybe that’s an idea? LOL! I know another great thought is only wear it when you are out for a short time period. Maybe not an all day affair.

And just because you wore this trend when you were younger, doesn’t mean you can’t embrace it again. Sure there are pros and cons. But isn’t that the truth with everything? Have fun!

Wearing jumpsuits at the airport

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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