How to Style Skirts for Different Occasions

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How to style skirts for different occasions

How to Style Skirts for Different Occasions

It’s not hard to figure out how to style skirts for different occasions. With a colorful print skirt, the easiest thing is to switch up the color of the top and change up your shoes.

Quote of the day: “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” Gloria Steinem

While I’m not a fan of wardrobe capsules in real life, that’s exactly what you are doing when you are traveling. While not everyone considers a skirt or dress as one of the essential things to pack for a cruise, then again, I’m not everyone. And even Nancy was honestly happily surprised at how comfortable it was to wear her skirt both ways.

We all picked out our own clothing for this idea of how to style skirts, I like how they are all different. Mine is a straight, red skirt. Nancy’s is a black and turquoise print flirty skirt, and Charlotte’s is a pastel, plaid hi-low skirt.

Insider tip: Skirts now come in spandex and very comfortable materials. These are the perfect kind to take on a trip and make them work for many different occasions.

Wearing a Skirt for Dinner

I do love that my mom still enjoys getting dressed up when we go out almost anytime. Even though cruises are now more casual, we would rather go to the dining room for our dinners to be seated and served. And in my head, that’s a more dressed up occasion.

So my mom had no trouble picking out this skirt to wear for this part of the experiment. In fact, this top is really the ONLY top she wears with this skirt usually. In fact, you can see the outfit for an example of what to wear to a casual reunion outfit.

How to style skirts for dinner

How the Shoes Can Dress Up Anything

I do think shoes can be considered magical at times. Sure, the accessories can change up how this outfit looks from dinner to a casual day. However, for my mom, I think the shoes made the biggest difference. That and her pretty painted toenails.

These gold sandals are the Leandra’s from Walking Cradle. My mom wore them recently out and about in Arizona with toeless hose (and yes, she’s wearing the toeless hose for this outfit too). They were the perfect addition to the list of what we packed for our Caribbean cruise since gold really goes with everything.

While my mom didn’t wear these sandals on any of the excursions, I showed you how I wore my Walking Cradle’s sandals for a touring day since the heel is quite low and they are SO comfortable.

Skirt style for older women

DIYing, Charlotte Style

My mom remade this skirt a couple of years ago. She had first made a jumper (a skirt overall like dress) with this material back in the 1980’s. In fact, it may not surprise you that I had a matching one too. Of course, mine was purged ages ago when I changed sizes.

However, my mom just stored hers away in the basement until a couple of years ago when she “rediscovered” it. For my mom, it’s a piece of cake to take the original piece apart and redesign it. And this hi low design with the ruffle is what she came up with this time.

I’m hoping you also noticed the flower pin that is made out of the same material. She makes these out of leftover material and had gads of them.

Insider tip: I’ve pinned a post (on my knitting board) on how to make 20 different fabric flowers. I hope you follow me on Pinterest for all kinds of cool things like this.

How to Style Skirts for an Excursion

This was the part of the packing that had my mom up in arms. She did not want to style this skirt for a day touring around, and couldn’t imagine wearing the skirt with anything else than the mint tee above.

She even went as far to say that she will NOT wear it this way again. Why? Because she doesn’t think the white top gives it the upmf it needs. As I’m sure you can guess, I happen to like the white with the pastel plaid.

I would even go as far as saying that a navy top would look great too. In fact, notice how the background of the dinner outfit is a bolder color and really makes the skirt shine. Maybe the skirt could benefit from a darker color with it? Like even a brighter green, pink or especially yellow.

How to style skirts for a vacation

Sun Protection

It’s no secret that protecting ourselves from the sun is important. Especially when you don’t have much melanin in your skin like my mother and myself. Instead of wearing a hat, my mom brought a visor. Yes, she decorated it herself.

Insider tip: Visors are great for keeping the sun off your face. If you have one with an emblem on it, feel free to cover it with some kind of patch or even a piece of fabric from something else.

Of course sunscreen was in our suitcase for our cruise and used by us all. I didn’t talk about that much in our packing essentials or list of things we packed. However, I took my Robin McGraw Revelation sunscreen (as you can see in this Instagram post) and it worked wonderfully. My husband has issues with sunscreens causing his eyes to water and this one didn’t.

I would say thinking about sun protection could be the disadvantage of how to style skirts for an outdoor event because you don’t want your legs or feet to get burned. Then again, you need to consider it if you wear capris or especially shorts.

Plaid hi low skirt styled for an excursion

Scarves for the Summer?

There are many ways that scarves can be wonderful in the summer too. All three of us showed how we did this even in 100 degree heat. My mom brought this scarf, and you can even see it tied around her purse for our dinner with this skirt.

As for this day, she wore it tied around her body basically to cover her arms. Charlotte doesn’t love exposing her arms and the white t-shirt is short sleeved.

I still believe that one day, society will embrace the changes that come with being older. Hopefully instead of needing to hide our bodies, we can love them. Yet for those of you who aren’t comfortable showing your arms, I’ve demonstrated a product that helps with this, called My New Arms. They are basically like my mom’s toeless hosiery, and I’m surprised my mom didn’t bring them on the cruise for exactly this reason.

How to style skirts

So what do you think? Are you convinced on how to style skirts especially on a cruise?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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