How to Style the Best Spring Accessories and the Ageless Style Linkup

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Tassel earrings are the best spring accessory

How to Style the Best Spring Accessories and the Ageless Style Linkup

Welcome to another edition of our Ageless Style group. This month’s theme was suggested by Lisa and is all about best spring accessories.

Quote of the day: “I see bold accessories as a woman’s armor.” Rachel Zoe

Confession time. I didn’t always love the bold accessories that I gravitate to now. You might be surprised to know that statement jewelry is a relatively new thing to me. But I have reasons about that below.

My mom talked about her idea when it came to best spring accessories. And since Nancy is in Italy for the next couple of posts, I decided to include my husband in on the fun. You’ll see him talking about men’s accessories. And our fun trip to a Denver museum.

Spring Accessories for Older women

Jodie’s Wearing

Skirt: Cat & Jack-thrifted~~Top: Banana Republic ~~ Shoes: Dana Buchman~~Earrings: thrifted~~Bracelet:~~Purse: Patricia Nash-thrifted~~Sunglasses:

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Best Spring Accessories in My Opinion

My most favorite springtime accessory lately has been the statement earrings. Like I discussed in the spring trends post, they are better now because so many are lightweight.

And when it’s darn hot outside, the last thing I want to do is put on a necklace, so bigger earrings fit my need for fun jewelry.

How to style your best spring accessories


Now this skirt may be too childish for many of you. And while I can totally understand that, I feel like I’m regressing in age lately. I am drawn to more and more kid’s clothing that are fun and whimsical. I talked about his when I bought a pink, furry sweater lately.

Maybe because I had to be serious my entire life with a business to run and employees to worry about. So now I’m rebelling and that’s my rationale for buying this skirt. It actually is a kid’s skirt and I picked it up at Goodwill, new with the tags on no less.

Including bracelets as part of your accessories


Another spring trend I discussed for 2019 is the abundance of ruffles. This is another item I didn’t embrace much when working. I think I considered them too girly and not serious enough.

But now? I’m making up for lost time. If you haven’t embraced the statement sleeves, let me give you a couple of pointers. One, I like the ones that are NOT full length because they don’t get in the way as much. And my trick is that I shortened these to make them this length.

Another thought is if I get tired of the ruffle part of the sleeve, I can remove it and have it be a shorter 3/4 length sleeve since there is a seam there.

This blouse is somewhat sheer so I wore a t-shirt under it. If it’s warmer outside, then I’d throw on a cami under it.

Fun and flirty spring accessories

My Best Spring Accessories

The other part of spring and summer that I love with accessories is the ability to wear bracelets and have them show since my arms aren’t as covered. I’ve been trying to layer my bracelets more. It’s like an arm party.

And sunglasses. Are you wearing sunglasses?? If you’re outside they seem like such a requirement! As a former inside girl, I never really concentrated on them. But now? It’s a whole different story, and I have quite a few. Like these heart shaped ones. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on them.

Including sunglasses as part of your accessories

Straw Purse & Shoes

A straw purse is one that gets a lot of love in the spring and summer. The straw and my clear purse are truly my go-tos. I found this straw purse at our local consignment shop.

These shoes have been a favorite because of all of the colors in them. And the fact that they are such a low heel. Heck, I’ve worn them to the airport before because they are easy to get on and off.

Proof that I’ve worn these a ton? The heels have worn down, and I need to have them repaired. The funny thing is my last trip to DSW, I bought a pair of sandals. And when I got them home realized that they were basically the same print.

Best spring accessories

Why I Love Accessories

It’s no secret that I’m not a minimalist. And the best spring accessories are one of the reason why. I feel like adding in these details can change the whole tone of your outfit.

Of course, I also love accessories for all of the reason my mom stated too.

To me they make an outfit look more ME.

When your best accessory is your straw purse

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Ageless Style

Onto the others in our ageless style group. I hope you check out how everyone styles their accessories for spring and summer. It’s always so interesting to see everyone’s unique takes on a theme. If you’re a blogger, make sure to join in on the link party.

Our co-host for the month is Jo-Lynne Shane. I’m sure she’s no stranger to many of you. While I’ve never met her in person, she is always very nice with her comments and has so much blogging experience. You can check her out on Facebook and Instagram too.

This is not her outfit for our theme, so make sure to check out her latest post.

And now onto the other women in our group! We added a new member, Shugunna, so make sure to see what each of us thought of with spring and summer accessories.

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