Women over 50 with how to style a white blazer

How To Style A White Blazer – Color Options

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This seems like the best time of year for the idea of how to style a white blazer. Yet in all reality, I like to think we can wear a white blazer any time of year. It’s all about what you style it with.

Quote of the day: “You should always be rooting for the people you know. Not only because you may need their support tomorrow, but also because it feels good to celebrate something.” James Clear

I thought it would be fun to show color options with us all styling a white/ivory blazer. Our outfits can give you a ton of ideas from color combinations, items to pair with the blazer as well as different styles of blazers.

The breakdown of color combinations for this article is how to style a blazer with:

We have showcased the benefit of wearing blazers in the past. They don’t have to be worn for professional looks only. Make sure to see many of the ways we’ve styled them casually.

Information About White Blazers

The important thing to remember about white Blazers or any blazers in particular is they aren’t all created equally.

As shown in our 4 examples, they can vary in how “white” they are. Suzann’s is more of a beige, Charlotte’s is more of an ivory whereas Lesley’s and mine are stark white.

There is also the design of the blazer to take into account. This would incorporate

  • length-cropped vs boyfriend
  • fit-boxy vs fitted
  • buttons -open vs one button vs double breasted
  • lapel design-shawl vs notch vs none

Insider tip: If you don’t like the buttons on a blazer, it’s SUPER easy to switch them out.

While many women purge their blazers when they retire, I think they can be incredibly versatile as a jacket for every day. Instead of always reaching for your denim jacket, grab a white blazer instead.

Women over 50 in how to style a white blazer

Suzann-Beige Blazer with Neutrals

Suzann opted to showcase how to style her blazer with neutrals. While she wore a monochromatic look, there’s no reason she couldn’t have paired it with brown, black, navy, or grey.

The whole host of neutral colors work together with each other as well as any other color.

One way to make a monochromatic outfit seem more interesting is to add texture and shine which Suzann did fabulously.

She has a multitude of blingy accessories as well as her textured purse. It may be all one color, but you certainly wouldn’t think this outfit was boring.

I love how she incorporated a sentimental necklace into the mix. It’s a good reminder of how we should wear the “good things” for every day.

Insider tip: Notice how Suzann folds the end of the belt into a knot. This creates a cool focal point and takes up the extra length so it doesn’t flap around.

Pastel version-how to style a white blazer

Lesley-How to Style a White Blazer with Pastels

Lesley chose how to style a white blazer with pastel colors. She wore a white skirt which gives the impression of a suit with a blazer.

Insider tip: A “suit” whether pants and a blazer or a skirt and a blazer, doesn’t have to be purchased as a set to be worn together. Even if the materials are slightly different colors or textures, they can play well in an outfit.

Then she added a pastel yellow top under the blazer.

Even though Lesley is wearing a pastel for her top under the blazer with pastel-colored jewelry, she can still wear other colors with the rest of the look.

Her bright-colored bag is a great example of this and creates an amazing focal point. How could it not, right? What a bag it is!! (If she isn’t careful, I might have to snag it, haha)

Bright colors with how to style a white blazer

Charlotte-White Blazer with Brights

White works well to tame down a bright color. My mom’s white blazer is more of an ivory, so it’s not as stark a contrast to her royal blue pants.

She included a bright blue necklace, earrings, and a bright yellow purse to showcase how to style a white blazer with brighter colors.

Insider tip: If you worry that one of your clothing items doesn’t “match” anything else in your look, then add that color to your accessories. The blue of my mom’s necklace makes an intentional pairing with her pants.

I was cracking up when I noticed that my mom’s shoes are Ros Hommerson brand since I have worked with them in the past. She bought them from a catalog ages ago, and look how well they have held up.

Blue and yellow is a wonderful spring color combination, and then adding the white blazer to the look finishes it off.

How to style a white blazer with mixed prints

Jodie-Print Version of How to Style a White Blazer

A solid white blazer is always easy to throw over a print item. For my look, I even mixed prints with this polka dot t-shirt and cactus dress.

This dress is super lightweight and perfect for the summer months. Yet layering it this way (plus I’m wearing white biker shorts under it), makes it also good for cooler weather.

I’ve had and worn this blazer since 2017. It was my foray into trying one of the online clothing brands that I had never heard of. I was impressed with the prices and this blazer from BooHoo. It’s one of those sites that you think is only for young girls. Yet as I’ve written, if you change your closet, you can change your life.

This blazer is very lightweight, so it gets worn much more here in Arizona than it did in Colorado.

Ankle boots are perfect footwear for this in-between weather since they give some warmth, but aren’t as high as tall boots. In fact, this exact pair is on sale, and I’ve been loving the brand, Journee Collection lately.

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White blazer with different color options

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How to style a white blazer

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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