How to Style White Boots as a Contrast to your Outfit

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How to style white boots for women over 50

How to Style White Boots as a Contrast to your Outfit

Quote of the day: “If people fought sin as hard as they do middle age, Earth would be a moral paradise.” Hal Boyle

I’m sure this quote/idea is very unrealistic, but I did think it was humorous. Besides, I thought it was a perfect segway into my mom’s outfit for today. It’s not every 80+ year woman that you see on the streets wearing the hot, new white bootie trend.

If you missed the announcement on Monday, I’m experimenting with a different layout for the blog. I’m working on showcasing us each individually so posts would be shorter and easier to read. Today is my mom, Charlotte showcasing how your white boots don’t have to match your clothing at all. They can be a contrast item instead.

Although I have to give a shout out to Carrie also. I read her blog post last week, and saw that she’d fit in perfectly with today’s theme. So make sure to check her out.

And if you missed the other ideas of how to style white boots, make sure to click over to the monochromatic outfit of all white, and the book end concept with a white topper. There’s always us all together showing how white books look great with everything.

How to style white boots for the winter


Pants: 62 East ~~Sweater: Evelyn & Arthur-thrifted ~~Top: Liz Claiborne-thrifted ~~ Boots: Universal Thread-thrifted ~~Necklace: thrfited~~Earrings: ~~Purse: Bought at Trendz

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How to style white boots for ladies over 70

Charlotte’s Outfit

If you have a great memory, you might remember that there was a snafu with what I had asked my mom to wear for this outfit. It’s a great example of how miscommunication can happen. I stated the theme was white boots, and then I asked her to wear a monochromatic outfit. In my head that meant all white. I know she loves her all one color outfits, so I thought that would make her happy. Of course I didn’t realize I should have said a white monochromatic outfit.

So when we went to pick her up for the photo shoot, I was shocked she was wearing all red with the white boots. Therefore, we sped home so I could change clothes before picking up Nancy.

But trust me, I love to see my mom in this outfit. Sure, it’s matchy like she likes, but it has an element of contrast that I like. Especially with the fun purse.

How to style white boots with white accessories

The White Boots

Just like with Nancy, I didn’t ask my mom to buy white boots. She dropped into Goodwill, saw these and the exact pair I already have. She said she didn’t want to have ones just like me, so she chose these western version. Did you know that Target gives Goodwill many of their surplus items that are new with tags?? It’s such a great deal, and the only reason my mom bought these.

It goes to show that not all white boots are created the same. These have a great height heel for those of you who don’t love high heels anymore. And then the western vibe is something I’ve been seeing a lot lately.

And my mom’s white boots are actually more ivory than pure white. It’ll be easier to compare when we are all together in the next post.

But I’d like to point out that if you don’t love this white boot trend, this outfit could work with other contrasting colors of boots too. I think brown boots or black boots would also look great.

How to style white boots with red pants


Now while I’m focusing on the fact that the white boots contrast with the rest of the outfit, my mom did use her accessories to add in some white elements. I don’t think you have to do this for the outfit to look great. If you clicked over to Carrie’s outfit, you saw that she didn’t at all. But I can see how it makes it easier for those of you who like to match.

This white heart necklace is a relatively new piece from a local second hand store. It’s my mom’s favorite store because it’s a son selling his mother’s things. Something I may need to consider in the future, ha ha! And since this was right before Valentine’s Day, my mom even let me borrow this necklace for me to wear on our anniversary. It’s super heavy, so my mom thinks it might be ivory.

These earrings Charlotte purchased in college, a LONG time ago. They were originally clip on earrings, and she converted them to a post about 20 years ago. Heck, there was even a matching bracelet that she purchased back then, but it fell apart.

And the fun purse is one that adds whimsey to any outfit. The chain handle can be wrapped under the flap to create a shorter length.

How to style white boots with a red outfit

The Clothes

These red leggings are from 25 years ago. Back when we called them stirrup pants. Yes, they have stirrups around the foot. And that’s why my mom never got rid of them. She loves how they stay tucked into boots so well.

Funny story about this red sweater. These buttons on the sleeves have been known to get caught in the cane chairs over at one of her friend’s house. Nothing like having to figure out what to wear based on someone’s furniture. LOL!

How to style white boots with a monochromatic red outfit

How to style white boots as a contrast

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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