How to Style White Boots with a Monochromatic White Outfit

How to style white boots for ladies over fifty

How to Style White Boots with a Monochromatic White Outfit

Quote of the day: “I get nervous a lot. But every time I think I can’t do something. I actually want to do it.” Jessica Chastain

So this quote is perfect for this week. Because I’m trying out something a little different with the layout of the blog. No, I haven’t kicked out mom and Nancy. But I wanted to see if I could make each post shorter and easier to read for everyone. Of course it won’t be shorter with all this explanation and extra introduction, ha ha!

What I’m going to do over these next couple of weeks, is first post daily, featuring one of us each day. Then on the fourth day I will showcase all three of us together. It’s an experiment, and I’d love your opinion maybe next week or so, if you have a preference. I know when it comes right down to it, most people will say do what works best for me. And I’m taking that into account also.

I’d also like to say how honored I was to be included in a local online magazine about girl bosses.

White Boots with a Monochromatic White Outfit

I realize not everyone is gung ho about the white boot trend. Just in case you’re on the fence, then let me give you some great ideas of how to style them. This is one idea, but there are others. Like with a white topper. Or as a contrast to everything else in your outfit. Of course, it might be easier to see us all together with our white boots.

How to style white boots with an all white outfit


Jeans: LOFT~~Sweater: I knitted it~~Top: Ann Taylor~~ Boots: A New Day~~Scarf: I knitted it~~Earrings: Kendra Scott~~Purse: c/o Trendz Boutique~Hat: thrifted

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How to style white boots for women over 50

Full disclosure, this outfit was thrown together at the very last minute because my mother and I had a miscommunication with our outfits. So this was not a thought out monochromatic look. Monochromatic to me means all one color, whereas this is ivory and white together. Yet, I like ivory and white together, so we will go with it.

White Sweater

And I’ve been trying very hard to wear my knitted pieces more on the blog after my friend, Jude, suggested that I should. In fact, I’ve been showcasing my knitting on Instagram on Saturday’s too, if you’re interested.

This sweater was an easy project from 9 years ago. It’s alpaca yarn and very warm. I love it because it’s longer in the back than the front and very swingy. Of course I had to add some decoration on the front when I finished. It wasn’t part of the pattern, but it seemed so plain otherwise. So I added a button and sewed the brown yarn down the front panel.

I always think that white sweaters are something that everyone needs. They go with everything just like the iconic white blouse. Granted they get dingy or stained easier, but that’s why I like getting deals.


How to style white boots monochromatically


Because it was a cold day, I also added in a knitted, furry scarf that I just finished knitting. Looking back, I wished I’d left the scarf off. I think it competes with the hat too much. The only reason I grabbed the hat was because I knew we’d be outside for these photos and it was chilly. When we went inside, I did take it off.

I know my mom always complains that wearing a hat messes up her hair too much. And I get that. Yet there are some that aren’t as tight and don’t create that hat head. Like this one. Along with the fact that I straightened my hair this day.

This clear purse was such a wonderful find last year. If you worry about everyone seeing the mess in your purse, then the small bags inside do the trick. This purse came with the blue bag inside. Yet, I also have a pink one that I use too. I know Nancy has one of these purses for when she goes to the baseball games. I think that’s why many have a team logo on them.

My purse is from our local store that just recently changed it’s name and has restructured. It’s now called Trendz and Trinkets. They still have the same wonderful items along with a personal styling service. If you sign up for their rewards program here through texts, you will get $5 off your next purchase. AND they are planning to have an online site sometime in March!! So sign up now, and keep an eye out for the online shopping soon.

How to style white boots with white jeans

White Jeans

We all have heard that it’s okay to wear white jeans and pants after Labor Day. In fact, we’ve styled white in the winter many times on this blog. Obviously some white pants are thicker and heavier which work great for the colder weather.

I know some women complain about how white jeans can be see through. I still don’t pay a lot for any of my jeans, and I’ve always had good luck with LOFT’s white jeans. They are thick, keep their shape and the company is always having some kind of online sale. If you still worry about shopping online, then one of my secrets is to order a couple of sizes, just like you’d take into the fitting room. Most stores have free returns to their brick and mortar store, so then you take back the ones that don’t fit right. And if you weren’t aware, LOFT now has plus size. And petites.

So wearing white boots with white jeans seems very easy. It’s that elongating look that most women love.

How to style white boots for a modern trend


It’s hard to see the details of these boots since my jeans cover over them. I actually purchased these last year and have worn them a lot. You can see the entire boot in a post from last spring.

Even if you don’t like the idea of a white bootie, I would totally recommend these sock booties for comfort. They are like leggings for your feet. Since the top portion is super stretchy material, I have never had a blister or any kind of rubbing from them.

And of course, not all of them have a 3 inch heel. Some have a chunky, shorter heel or even a kitten heel. I even have that kitten heel pair in pink, so I can attest to their comfort.

How to style white boots with ivory and white

What do you think?? This is definitely out of my comfort zone because it’s usually mom that likes the all one color outfits. I think I usually rebel and try to add in contrast somewhere, somehow.

How to style white boots for a casual day

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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