How to Style White Boots with a White Topper

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How to style white boots for winter time

How to Style White Boots with a White Topper

Quote of the day: “Ninety percent of happiness is picking the right ethicist.” Dilbert

Okay, I had to look up ethicist. Wikipedia says it’s one whose judgment on ethics and ethical codes has come to be trusted by a specific community, and (importantly) is expressed in some way that makes it possible for others to mimic or approximate that judgment.

So how does this relate to how to style white boots? In my opinion, it’s because I’m saying I’ll be your ethicist and tell you how this trend of white boots can work for you. Sure, not for everyone, because we don’t all want to look the same. But if you are curious and might want or have a pair. I’ve got ideas. Like pairing them with an all white outfit. Or as a contrast to the outfit. Then again, you can see us all together in one post too.

If you missed the announcement yesterday, I’m experimenting with a different layout for the blog. I’m working on showcasing us each individually so they would be shorter posts. So today is just Nancy. Along with Cathy below.

I saw Cathy talking about white boots on Facebook recently, and asked her to join us. Her outfit is below and make sure to go check out her blog too. It’s not about the white booties, but she’s always got some great posts that are very relevant for women our age.

How to style white boots for women over 70


Pants: H&M~~Sweater: The Territory Ahead~~Turtleneck: Stonebridge~~ Boots: Bleeker & Bond~~Earrings~~Bracelet ~~Purse: Cammiehill-thrifted

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How to style white boots with a white sweater

Nancy’s Outfit & The White Boots

I think another easy outfit to pair with white boots is when you have on a white topper. This creates that book end effect as your top and footwear basically match. For Nancy’s example, I even tried to keep it more cohesive with a pair of black and white pants. I figured it’d be easier to match if there was white in the pants.

Most of us would feel very comfortable wearing black shoes or boots with print pants like Nancy’s. So I thought that the white boots could feel as comfortable too. Especially since Nancy’s boots have black in them. Yet if you see Cathy’s photo below, even jeans looks great with the boots.

So why did Nancy buy these booties? I didn’t ask her to, or anything. She said she liked how my white boots were such a statement when I’d wear them. If you don’t know Nancy well, then that’s quite a compliment. Because she’s not as fashion crazy as my mom and I.

This pair was on sale and she’s always a fan of the kitten heel. It’s easier for her to walk in and at least they are a little thicker than some kitten heels. The other aspect Nancy really liked about this pair is the black elastic between the leather on the sides.

How to style white boots in a casual outfit

The Accessories

I love the fact that Nancy added in pops of red with her accessories. She bought this purse from a thrift store and loves it because of the ruffles on it. The only thing she’s not ecstatic about is how there aren’t any sections in it so everything falls to the bottom. As a fix it girl, I always recommend the little bags that you can see in my clear purse. I use them in all my purses because it makes it easy to find items and transfer from one purse to another.

When Nancy asked if she should wear a necklace, we both thought it’d be good to go without and let the horizontal cables be the focus. I suggested statement earrings instead. Nancy’s not a fan of really big earrings, so this is as big as she goes. You can see they match the bracelet so perfectly.

How to style white boots with a pop of color in your purse

White Sweater

This white sweater was a hand me down from the daughter of a friend. It just goes to show how hand me downs can be a good thing. While Nancy loves this sweater, it is wool. And wool tends to make her neck and arms itch so she has to wear something under it.

To me white sweaters are something that should be in almost every closet. If you have a winter season. They go with absolutely everything. Needless to say they could possibly need to be updated occasionally but there are usually some great deals around this time of year.

For example this cardigan or this chenille sweater are about $30.

How to style white boots with print pants

Print Pants

These print pants are international. That’s because Nancy bought them at an H&M in Vienna, Austria. It was when Nancy was on a cruise and her friend wanted to shop. I have learned over the years that even if you shop at a chain store, what is being sold in one state or country isn’t always available everywhere. So it’s not always bad to visit the chains when you are traveling.

Needless to say, Nancy adore these pants. They are like lightweight leggings and super comfy. They do tend to stretch out easily, so they need to be washed almost every time, so they don’t look saggy.

And for those of you that shy away from print pants. Let me make the case that they don’t make you look bigger. Prints actually tend to camouflage lumps and bumps better than solids. If you don’t believe me, then you should experiment in a dressing room. Try on the same top in a solid and a print and take photos. You’ll see.

How to style white boots in Denver, Colorado

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Cathy at My Side of 50

I met Cathy at our FierceCon this last October. But I’ve known her much longer than that. She’s featured me on her blog and I’ve featured her on my blog in the past. It’s that kind of friendship that makes blogging much less solitary and much more fun.

How to style white boots for women over 60

Cathy is also styling her white booties with a white topper. The difference is Cathy’s wearing solid colored jeans. But it’s still a very cohesive look especially with the scarf to tie it all together.

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