How to style white cowboy boots for grown women

How To Style White Cowboy Boots For Grown Women

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With the Western trend still going strong, I took the plunge and ordered a pair of taller cowboy boots. This, of course, led to the idea of how to style white cowboy boots for grown women. Because if you’re anything like me, many times, I only see young girls as examples on Pinterest or modeling on sites.
And I’m here to say there is no age limit label on these (or any) boots!

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Quote of the day: “An area free of judgment and large on the heart.” Amy Christensen from Stylin’ Granny Mama

My friend, Amy, wrote the above quote in her email recently, and I thought it is something that is good to be reiterated over and over.
We need places where we can try new things without judgment and with lots of love. I always strive to have this site be a place like that. We may not always like the same things, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try new things.

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Western clothing items, that doesn’t mean one way is right or one way is wrong. I truly believe you can get inspiration just by imagining how these outfits might be copied from your own closet.

For example, you might have a pair of tall, riding boots that would take the place of the cowboy boots. And if you don’t wear shorts, then replace those with what you do wear in summer.

How to style white cowboy boots
1-These boots
2-Shorts & a Jacket
5-Cropped pants
6-Leggings (or skinny jeans)
7-Bootcut or Wide Leg jeans
8-More Inspiration

The other detail you could switch out to make work for your own closet is choosing a different pair of cowboy boots. They come in all colors and heights.

These White Cowboy Boots

When I was first looking at different ways to style white cowboy boots and searching places to get them, I wanted to find a great deal. Yet, I also realize that footwear has a fit issue, and can’t be altered.
That’s why I consider it important to know the return policy when you first check out a site.
And that’s one reason, I was okay with ordering from Target. But if you want some other options, here are a couple or I can search for you if you prefer (just email me at

This pair from Target were a wonderful surprise. They are not available now, but DSW has some very similar.

These are taller than your classic cowboy boots with the shaft being 15 inches tall. As a petite woman, I wasn’t sure they would fit me, but you can see in the outfit photos, that they come right to my knee and fit perfectly.

The other impressive details about the Target boots are they include memory foam to make them comfortable. Considering I have Walking Cradles as my gold standard for comfortable shoes, I wasn’t sure how these would compare.
But I have to admit, they fit well, and feel good. Granted I sized up a half size just knowing that in the winter I would be wearing socks with them. Because I know this idea of how to style white cowboy boots is something that just tickles my fancy, so you will be seeing them a lot.

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How to Style White Cowboy Boots With Shorts

How to style white cowboy boots with shorts
Shorts: Banana Republic ~~ Jacket: Philip Lim for Target-preloved~~ Top: Just Be Youtiful ~~ Boots: Target~~ Purse: Planet Couture

The idea of combining white cowboy boots with shorts feels very modern and youthful. I realize many grown women aren’t wearing shorts, but considering there is the longer length of shorts that are popular, I still think this can be relevant.
BTW, you might be surprised to know that I gave up wearing shorts when I turned 30. I figured it wasn’t professional. But once I retired, my style evolved to realize that I CAN wear what I want and have fun with my style.

Then again, you could wear any length of shorts with your white cowboy boots. Then adding a blazer or jacket gives a whole different nod to style.
One advantage to this option is that I like that the taller boots cover more of my legs, so I don’t feel as exposed.


Dress: from Fashom~~ Boots: Target~~ Earrings: Target

Wearing a dress is the ultimate in easy peasy. You don’t have to decide if the top and bottoms go together or if the proportion is correct. It’s one and done as the young kids say.
And dresses don’t have to be worn just for dressy events only. They can be a casual option depending on what you pair them with and their material.

Even this velvet dress which I received in my Fashom box years ago, was a fun option for how to style white cowboy boots. They give a casual air to the dress and again, cover up my legs so only my arms are exposed.

Insider tip: Try out Fashom with my link to get $20 off what you want to purchase. I’ve compared 3 different clothing boxes like this and Fashom is the most budget-oriented one.

I happened to choose a dress that was above my knee in length, but you could use this option with ANY dress in your closet. Mini, knee length, midi, or maxi would all be fun outfits. In fact, I just wore a longer one with them, so here’s that example.

Dress: Just Be Youtiful~~Blazer: Banana Republic

I remember styling riding boots with a dress when we first started blogging, and thinking how strange it was. Trust me, the more you experiment, the more you realize that anything goes.


Skirt: DIYed from dress ~~Top: J. Crew-Gild the Lily ~~ Boots: Target ~~ Earrings: Heartland Jewelry

Here is one example of how to style white cowboy boots with a skirt. This tiered skirt ends just below my knees so you hardly see any leg at all with the tall cowboy boots.

I paired the skirt with a sequin tank top to lighten up the top of the look. This is a styling trick to have the same color scheme to tie in the footwear.

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Just like with the example of how to style white cowboy boots and a dress above, the length of your skirt can be short, long, or anywhere in between.

Cropped Pants

How to style white cowboy boots with cropped pants
Pants: Ann Taylor-thrifted~~ Jacket: BooHoo ~~ Top: It’s a skirt that I knit~~ Boots: Target~~ Necklace: Used to be Lesley’s

Most of us tend to think that cropped pants are for the warm weather only. Yet by pairing these shorter pants with boots, you get coverage of your legs for warmth, yet you also get to showcase the boots too.

I think this is a fabulous option for making your wardrobe much more versatile.

Of course, you’ll have to consider the width of the cropped pants to make sure they would slide over the shaft of the boots. Then again, if the cropped pants are slim cut at the calf, you might try tucking them into the boots.
Remember, you don’t know until you try it. And make sure to take a selfie to see how it looks.

Insider tip: If you are tucking in the pants, you can secure them by wearing taller socks and tucking the pants into the socks. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Leggings and Skinny Jeans

Tuck in leggings or skinny jeans with ivory boots
Leggings: Macy’s ~~ Top: Time & Tru-Poshmark ~~ Boots: Target~~ Earrings: Lobe Love~~ Glasses: Glasses Shop use code GSHOT35 for 35% off

This is exactly why skinny jeans are a basic jean style to keep in your closet. They tuck into boots so easily.
Wearing your leggings or skinny jeans is a perfect option of how to style white cowboy boots.

Insider tip: One way to make this example very modern is to incorporate faux leather leggings. I’ve worn them and shown how they work with anything.

I’ll have you know that this pair of leggings is so old that they have stirrups on the foot. It goes to show that sometimes those details can be hidden, and no one would know.

Bootcut or Wide Leg Jeans

Bootcut jeans and boots
Jeans: Gap-thrifted ~~ Top: Fab’rik-Horizon thrift ~~ Boots: Target~~ Scarf: ~~ Necklace: Just Be Youtiful ~~ Bracelet: Sally Hoffman Designs

With a name like bootcut jeans, you would think they are made to wear with boots, right? And you could be right. Part of this option will depend on how tall your cowboy boots are and how tight the legs of your jeans are.
I had to try on a couple of pairs of bootcut jeans for this option. You can still see the outline of the top of the boot if that bothers you.

Remember, you won’t know until you try it, so don’t rule something out until you put it on.

This could also be the case for trying the wide-leg jeans as an option OR wear a pair of cowboy boots with a lower shaft.

Whatever you choose, I hope you try it all, because after buying these boots, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no limits to how to style white cowboy boots.

More Inspiration

This isn’t the first time that cowboy boots have been the item of choice on this site.

1-I styled them with 8 different outfits in the past.
2-My friend, Cathie even wore a short version last fall.
3-Even my mom, Charlotte has a short, white pair that she rocks.

If you need other inspiration for how to style white cowboy boots for grown women, then keep your eyes peeled, because I plan to wear these quite a bit.

5 ways of how to style white cowboy boots

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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