How to Style a White Denim Jacket

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White denim jacket as a topper

How to Style a White Denim Jacket

I’d like to introduce Shelly to show you how to style a white denim jacket today. Since Nancy is coming back from Italy this week, she couldn’t join us for these photos. And my friend, Shelly, graciously agreed to help us out. What I absolutely love about showcasing other women besides just myself on the blog, is the opportunity to see other style ideas.

Quote of the day: “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” C.S. Lewis

I’ve known Shelly about 10 years now. She uses iridology along with muscle testing to help decide which supplements your body might need. She was also my dental patient while I was working. And now, I help her fill orders and unpack boxes with her business.

For this white jacket theme, my mom wore her white blazer with a maxi skirt. I wore my white jacket as a monochromatic look. And then I reminisced about white and blue from Nancy’s past outfits.

White denim jacket for spring time

Shelly’s Wearing

Dress: Knox Rose~~Jean Leggings: Nine West~~Skirt:~~Vest:~~Jacket: Nine West~~Shoes: Toms~~Necklace: Brighton ~~Earrings: Brighton~~Purse:

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Shelly and White Jackets

What I love about Shelly’s style is how she always looks so put together. She loves jewelry and is like minded about buying clothes that aren’t expensive. In fact, she laughs that one of her favorite places to shop is Sam’s Club. That’s where she got this white denim jacket recently.

And just so you know, the only reason Shelly isn’t smiling much in these photos is because of her braces. She’s really a happy person, and we had fun on the photo shoot. In fact, you’ll hear more about this area in our location post where we are all together.

White denim jacket on a woman over 50


I love how Shelly loves accessories almost as much as I do. She found these geographic earrings at Francescas. It’s a great example of how you can find the best things at even the “young girl’s” stores. I never used to visit Franscescas at first, but they have some great items. I’ve not only bought earrings there but also a jacket.

White denim jacket with white sunglasses

Jeans and a Dress

I was elated to see Shelly in this sundress and jeans. While we tried wearing jeans under a dress a couple of years ago, I think Shelly is showing a fabulous way to do this. By wearing skinny jeans with it.

Basically she is treating the dress as a tunic. And while it looks great with these skinny jeans, she also wears it with black leggings to dress it up more.

White denim jacket over a olive green tunic


You can see why Shelly and I are such good friends. She is loving the white footwear trend too. It just seems like the perfect addition to any spring and summer outfit.

This pair is a mule style but with a little extra pizzazz. It’s hard to see in these photos, but the small strap has glitter in it. And they are the Tom’s Brand. Shelly said while they weren’t inexpensive, they are super comfortable and stylish. I think the older I’ve got, the more I’m willing to pay for great fitting shoes.

Olive green purse and tunic

White Denim Jacket

This isn’t Shelly’s first white denim jacket. When we talked about this photo shoot a month ago, she had another one. But she was just at Sam’s Club last week and found this one. She ended up buying it because it seemed to fit better and she really loved the raw hem detail.

When I asked Shelly if she wears white jackets all year round, she said not really. Like most of us we tend to pull it out in the spring and summer.

She also laughed that she will wear this sparingly around her granddaughters who are only 2 and 3 years old. If you are the same way, I do have a couple of tips on keeping them clean later this week.

White denim jacket with blue jeans

This Place

You’ll be able to see more of this area where we were taking these photos later this week. But true to our form, we ended up in front of a “pot shop”. It’s not like these are the places we usual hang out, but you have to admit they have the best murals. And the animal on this wall will give you a clue of where we where.

While we were taking these photos, this guy decided he needed to be part of the photos. It’s funny because most people basically ignore us while we take photos. Either that or they stare, but rarely does someone want to be photographed. So I had to include him too!

Showcasing a white denim jacket outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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