How to Wear a Belt Bag with 5 Different Outfits

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How to wear a belt bag for your needs

How to Wear a Belt Bag with 5 Different Outfits

Maybe you’ve never wondered how to wear a belt bag. Go ahead and tell me I’m crazy for bringing up the subject, because I just might agree with you. Heck, I remember thinking I’d never wear this accessory again. But that’s the beauty of style and fashion. We are allowed to change our minds and try them out again. Isn’t there always a pro and con to everything?

Quote of the day: “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” Frank A. Clark

So why am I even touching on this subject? Maybe you too would benefit from one of these. Truthfully, they are so convenient. Especially when we start exploring our state again! To have your hands free is the best idea ever.
PS. I do have the link for this exact belt bag at the bottom of the post.
While many of you love crossbody purses for that same reason, at times they don’t love me. The strap can get caught between my girls or around my collar.

Not to say the belt bag doesn’t have it’s disadvantages also. Many of you might say you don’t want more bulk in your midsection. And I understand that thought. Then again, could it be a distraction?
Some of you will say they are too small for all of your stuff. That’s true for some of them yes, but there are ways around that. Bring a big purse to the event and keep it in the car, while only carrying the true essentials when you go in.

Insider tip: I make sure my phone fits in the belt bag. As long as it fits along with a credit card, I’m good.

So I wanted to see how to wear a belt bag with 5 different types of outfits. Even if you don’t like the belt bag, you might enjoy the outfits.

How to wear a belt bag for women over 50

How to Wear a Belt Bag with Jeans

So I thought I’d start with an easy way to wear a belt bag. When I wear my belt bag with jeans I do NOT put it through my belt loops. That would be too much work when I need to go to the bathroom.
For this outfit, I matched the purse to my shoes. I styled these shoes 5 different ways in the past and many times not matching to my purse. I think this was my first pair of cognac shoes ever, and I’ve realized how versatile they really are.

Details about this outfit

I always like a column of white with jackets. Another way to do this would be with black (like Lesley did with her jumpsuit) or any color.
These white jeans are the Chico’s No Stain jeans. If you don’t believe they are stain repellent, then check out the video I did because I was so impressed. Now they even have a white denim jacket, shorts and a white blouse with the same No Stain technology.
This blazer is one I’ve had for 10 years. The stripes in it are actually more cream colored, so many of you might worry about pairing it with white.

Insider tip: The colors in your outfit DO NOT have to match. They just need to play nicely together. If you don’t believe me that cream and white pair well, maybe you’ll believe InStyle Magazine?

Woman over 50 wearing a belt bag

Leggings and a Tunic

The belt bag could be nice with your tunic and leggings especially if you are looking for some shaping. What I mean, is that some tunics can be tent like. When I styled them 5 ways recently, I was commenting on how one of my favorites is more fitted with side slits. This green one is not fitted at all.
Therefore adding this purse also makes it a tad shorter.

Details about this outfit

I bought this tunic from a Denver secondhand store. It’s great for Arizona because it’s really lightweight and thin. I’m not 100% sure I will leave the sleeves this wide. I might skinny them up and even shorten them.
These leggings are my Go2 compression leggings. I have found them to be very well worn especially during the stay at home days. It’s the pockets that make them so wonderful. (Yes, you can still get 25% off with the code, JODIE25, which makes them under $20)

Insider tip: Alterations can make a piece fit you and your lifestyle so much better. I’ve discussed some of the easier alterations per my mother, the seamstress, in a previous post.

Jumpsuit and a Belt Bag

You might think I’m copying Lesley from when she wore her red belt bag with her jumpsuit. Not that you need a belt with every jumpsuit, but if you are going to wear one, it could be two for one if you grab a belt bag.

Details about this outfit

If it’d been a warmer day, I wouldn’t have needed layers with my jumpsuit. Since you have to take a jumpsuit off for bathroom breaks, I thought it’d be easier to layer under it instead of over it. In retrospect, this isn’t my favorite outfit, but I don’t shy away from styling mistakes. Luckily we get a mulligan every day.
I do love this jumpsuit, and it’ll be perfect for the hotter weather here since it’s very lightweight.

Insider tip: I’m wearing my magnet with my scarf to hold it in place. That’s the gold button you see on the outside of the scarf.

Wearing a skirt and a belt bag

Skirt and Belt Bag

I wore my belt bag over the sweatshirt in this look, but you could just as easily tuck it underneath so you only see the bag and not the belt.

Details about this outfit

First let me start with these earrings. They are designed by Pam Neri who I met on Instagram. I have MANY pairs of her earrings because they are so unique and fun (this pair was gifted, but I have purchased others). I like how lightweight they are even though they are bigger.
The skirt was a second hand find that I couldn’t pass up with that fringe. It’s only since I’ve retired that I’ve been wearing fun pieces instead of professional items. I can’t tell you how much this makes me feel more vibrant and younger.
And the top is actually a sweatshirt that has been in my closet for 6 years.

How to wear a belt bag with a dress

How to Wear a Belt Bag with a Dress

I almost think a belt bag with your dress is one of the easiest ways to wear it. It could be a short dress or longer dress, as they both work so well.
PS. Did you notice that I have the same boots and earrings on in these last two outfits? I must have been in a pink and blue mood!

Insider tip: You don’t have to make the belt bag tight across your midrift. I usually keep my slung a little lower so it moves.

Details about this outfit

This is an Old Navy dress I bought at the end of last season for $10. I will be living in pieces like this in Arizona because they are much cooler in the heat. Obviously this day was chilly, because I grabbed my light blue denim jacket.
And the pink boots were found at Goodwill. They were missing a heel cover, so I spend more on the repair than on the boots. Pink boots may not be on your radar, but I like how they are a lighter color for the springtime.

This Brown Belt Bag

FYI, I have been wearing a belt bag for the last year now. I first bought my yellow one at Target and it proved to be so convenient for many of our outings. The proof is how often you’ve seen it in my blog posts.
This brown one was a gift from Lesley. When she bought her red one (because I’d been wearing mine so often), she also ordered this brown one, but was going to return it. So I generously offered to take it off her hands, LOL!! By the way, it’s available in red, beige and black too.

Insider tip: A tassel like the one on this belt bag adds a vertical element to it, which can make you feel better about the horizontal line across your midsection

Insider tip 2: With most belt bags you can wear them over the shoulder somewhat, as I did in this post. OR you can change out the belt like I did when we went apple picking.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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