How to Wear a Belt as a Short Waisted Woman

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Belt and hat accessories

How to Wear a Belt as a Short Waisted Woman

It’s always nice to have options of how to wear a belt. Especially if you’ve been told for years that your body shape is not ideal for a belt. Lesley is short waisted and wears belts on a regular basis. This is one idea of how you can make them work for you.

Quote of the day: “Never dull your shine for somebody else.” Tyra Banks

This quote is exactly what we need to remember. If you want to wear something, stop worrying that it isn’t “right.” I understand that this idea is harder than it seems. We grew up with rules galore, and they influence us even if we don’t realize it.
Yet finally realizing that we should wear the items that make us feel good and happy is the most freeing concept I have learned on this journey.
And I only hope to pass that onto you.

If you want to see other examples of how to wear a belt, Charlotte wore hers with a maxi dress and I braided 3 thin ones together to make a wider one.

How to wear a belt for short waisted women

Pants: Focus ~~ Cardigan: Chicos ~~ Top: Focus ~~ Shoes: Liz Claiborne~~ Necklace: Target ~~ Belt: thrifted ~~Hat:

How to wear a belt for women over 60

How to Wear a Belt

We always think of a belt as something that shows around our waist front and back. Yet Lesley is showing a great option of wearing it differently here.
While she is wearing her belt with her “jumpsuit”, you don’t see it from the back because the cardigan is covering it.

The advantage of styling it this way is you take advantage of the focus on the waist from the front view, yet you still get that flowy look from the rear view.

This kind of trick works wonderfully with a poncho too. In fact, Charlotte showcased that last week where the belt shows in front but not in back. You can easily do this the opposite way also and have the belt showing in the back, like I styled with a kimono.

Insider tip: IF you are short waisted and have read how you should wear your belt slung low on your hips to balance out your body, then I ask you to stop and think. What is wrong with having long legs?? Because that’s what happens when you wear a belt normally. Your legs look long, and that’s not bad!

If you struggle with belts, it can be easier to find ones that can tie so you can wear them high on your body or lower without worrying about holes in it. We have worn obi belts on the blog before and they can be very versatile.

Pulling a Look Together with Accessories

This is exactly why the three of us like accessories so much. They are a way to pull all of the elements together in an outfit. For this look, Lesley even styled this as a nod to what you would see in a Sundance catalog. She’s calling it Southwest Desert Fashionista!

The turquoise jewelry adds more of the turquoise that she is showing in her cardigan. And the black purse ties together the hat, belt and shoes.

Around this part of the country, we see quite a bit of this Native American jewelry. It adds a nice punch of color to the otherwise muted colors of the tan and black.

Ideas for how to wear a belt

This Cardigan

Don’t you love when clothing can bring up memories? This cardigan does that for Lesley. She bought this at the Chico’s event that we sponsored in Denver. It was the first time we had ever met her, and we marvel at how that has led to her being part of the blog now.
My mom and Lesley both have the same cardigan in the leaf print. AND it’s so versatile. Because as you can see in the video that we put together right before the Chico’s event, it can be styled many ways.

Cardigan outfit


While this may look like a jumpsuit, it’s really two pieces. Lesley bought them together and loves the idea that they look like a jumpsuit, but can be worn separately too.
She has worn them together with leaf version of this cardigan on the blog before. The tan pieces create a great backdrop for almost any color sweater or jacket.

Insider tip: You can “create” your own jumpsuit many times. Charlotte did this last year. Or just tuck a black top into your black pants and add a fun belt.

If you would like a couple of more examples of Lesley wearing a belt with a real jumpsuit, you can check out this post or a different belt with another jumpsuit.

Black sandals

Black Sandals in the Summer?

You could see how adding in black sandals to this “jumpsuit” and cardigan might be too heavy for the outfit. That’s why the black belt and black hat really completes the look.

I find that my black sandals don’t get worn all that much in the summer because I tend to wear lighter colors. However, even if you do wear black in the summer, you can still have fun with orange or pink shoes as was showcased recently. Remember, your shoes DO NOT have to match your pants. See the quote above for reference. Yet they can tie other elements and colors together.

How to wear a belt if you're short waisted

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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