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How To Wear a Blouse In Summer: 4 Variations

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If you’re anything like me, some items get relegated to the “other” closet during the summer months. And one of those things is long sleeve tops. Yet after playing with my mom’s top in my retirement community fashion article, I figured I could come up with a couple of ideas of how to wear a blouse in summer.

Quote of the day: “I dreamed I called you on the telephone to say: Be kinder to yourself.” Adrienne Rich

These options of how to wear a blouse when the weather is hot include showing some skin. That’s why I included the quote above. Our skin is nothing to be embarrassed by whether it’s a certain color, has wrinkles, or shows any kind of scarring.

The other aspect of these hacks for transforming your blouse that may hold you back would be your bra. It’s exactly why I was so persistent in finding bra options that are not only comfortable but can work for any size woman.
It all started when I was sick of saying, “I can’t buy that top because my bra would show.”

The Gatherall bra or body tape are my go-tos to be able to enjoy exposing my shoulders and back. There was a learning curve with both items, but if the younger girls can figure it out, then I know we can too.

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I think it can be a shame that we put away much of our wardrobe when the heat hits. Granted, some materials just don’t work with higher temperatures. But if the material works for the heat, then these kinds of transformations can be a great way how to wear a blouse in the summer.

I also created videos and linked them under the heading for each of these options to help you visualize them.

BTW, I love figuring out how to wear the same thing in multiple ways. Make sure to check out my other articles for additional ideas.

What Blouse Works Best

I consider these kinds of transformations on how to wear a blouse to be the epitome of my favorite saying: Be the boss of your clothes. In saying that, not every blouse will work as wonderfully for all of these tricks. I think three details will create a more successful outcome.

1-Print blouse. The print will camouflage some of the pulls and wrinkles that might show up more with a solid-colored blouse.

2-Silky material. I’m not saying you couldn’t try this with a woven blouse, but the silky ones tend to drape better.

3-Oversized. Having a blouse that is on the bigger side was easier for me to work with for these tricks. Notice that the blouse I’m playing with is not only big but also long for me. I would call it tunic length.

But don’t limit yourself to these particular details. It doesn’t hurt to try some of the blouses in your closet that are opposite from what I said. If it doesn’t work, no biggie.

One-Shoulder Transformation

Video link

Pink print blouse transformed

I’ve been seeing more one-shoulder tops and this is an easy option for how to wear a blouse. I used this trick on a crew neck t-shirt as #1 when showcasing retirement community fashion last month.

This is incredibly easy by just pulling one sleeve to the inside of the blouse and tucking it into either your pants or bra.
The other details are that I tucked the collar under and you need to figure out how low to unbutton it to be tight enough to stay put, but loose enough so it wraps around your trunk.

Insider tip: I purposely buttoned it askew so it would hang asymmetrically on one side. This was also the best diameter needed to keep it around my chest.
SO don’t think you have to keep the buttons and buttonholes even if it’s too loose or tight that way.

Making Your Blouse Strapless

Video link

Creative ways of how to wear a blouse in summer

Since we could transform the long sleeve blouse into a one-shoulder top, then why not a sleeveless top? This could be done by tucking the top portion of the blouse under itself and placing it under your arms.
Button it to a place where it’s tight enough to stay put, but not too tight so you can’t breathe.

Then pull the sleeve around under your girls as a belt and tie them in a knot.

Insider tip: As long as your blouse is tight across your chest, you could tuck the sleeves inside the blouse instead of using them as a belt if you prefer it looser.

How to Wear a Blouse Halter Style

Video link

Pink blouse and white shorts

This is an easy change from the strapless version of how to wear your blouse in summer. Just take those sleeves and tie them around your neck.

Insider tip: You can crisscross the sleeves in front too for a different variation.

If the sleeves are too cumbersome at the back of your neck, you can always tuck them around to the front.

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Crop Your Blouse

Video link

Criss cross buttoning the buttons to change up the look of a blouse

There are many ways you can crop your shirt and they don’t all involve showing your midriff.
My example is buttoning the bottom button with the top buttonhole. And then vice versa.
Notice I still tucked the collar under.

Feel free to play around with different placements of which button goes into which buttonhole. Remember, just because it’s made to line up, doesn’t mean you have to wear it that way.

Another way to crop your blouse would be to tuck it under your bra or just tie the ends in front to shorten it.
Remember, you are the boss of your clothes.

Insider tip: I also cuffed the sleeves. If you are using a silky material blouse and there aren’t straps to hold up the cuffed sleeves, you can always use magnets or fashion tape.
Maybe it’s obvious but it’s much easier to do either of these tricks when the shirt is off before putting it on your body.

Now what’s stopping you from this idea of how to wear a blouse even in the summer?? I hope you all run into your closets and find a blouse that you can play and experiment with in any of these ways.

And make sure you send me photos!!

Different ways of how to wear a blouse

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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