How to Wear a Bralette

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Wearing a bralette

How to Wear a Bralette

I have to admit that I never thought I’d be writing a post on how to wear a bralette. It’s one of those “never say never” things I keep finding myself saying.

Quote of the day: “We ought to be able to learn some things second hand. There is not enough time to make all the mistakes ourselves.” Harriet Hall

This quote is basically my motto behind blogging. There are SO many ideas and options that we may not even consider without some inspiration from others. How to wear a bralette is exactly that concept. You may have dismissed this item or not even know about it like I did. But it can also be a lifesaver for certain things you already own.

I’d also love for you to check out Debbie from Fashion Fairy Dust. She’s one of my friends from our Ageless Style group and is joining me on showing how a bralette can work for women our age. I have learned so much from Debbie. Not only in the style department (like dress extenders for example), but also in her fabulous stories she includes in every post.


How to wear a bralette

First let me share a little history of how I even came to the conclusion I should try a bralette. Because I bet many of you think the same way I do.

My cousin, Joy, gave me the suggestion a couple of years ago. Now you have to understand that Joy does not have the same bra problems I do. She doesn’t need a ton of support which makes it a whole different story. So I pooh poohed her advice and kept on my merry way.

Then last year some time when I was discussing the idea of not stressing out about my bra straps showing, a reader said she wears bralettes over her normal bra.

Now that concept got me interested in the idea. Although at the time, I was wearing colorful bras, and didn’t know if I wanted to go to the trouble of adding another thing to getting dressed.

Why I Love Bralettes Now

But my bra story changed once I discovered Shapeez. Since trying out the Shapeez bras, I rarely wear my normal bras. It’s the comfort that trumps everything. With the Shapeez, I don’t feel the need to rip it off after wearing it for hours like I feel when wearing my regular bras. The only disadvantage is they aren’t pretty. They basically only come in nude or black and the straps are very utilitarian.

Because of this, I became interested in the whole idea of bralettes to see if they would work for me. And I ordered two of them from Modcloth. The only reason I chose Modcloth is because they were inexpensive, and they had some fun colors.

In fact, I just ordered another bralette through the Peach brand of clothing. It’s a raspberry color and I’m sure you’ll see it soon on the blog.

Now just so you know….I wear these OVER my bra. Not instead of my bra. There’s no way in tarnation that these little bralettes would support my girls. And you could say that a cami would be the same concept. Except in the heat, I don’t think the extra layer on my entire midsection would be wonderful.

While I don’t recommend buying clothing items that need a ton of “fixing”, I feel like it happens sometimes for all of us. For example the first photo of the post is this cool top I thrifted. Of course when I bought it, I didn’t quite understand how to wear it and I tried it as a dress. If you click on that link, you can click the arrow to the right to see the top by itself.

And then the dress below was given to me by a friend. I don’t usually wear spaghetti straps, but with the bralette, it’s fine. And it may be the norm once we move down to Arizona!

Tips and Tricks

Granted I’m not a bralette pro yet, but here’s a couple of things I’ve learned. These are the two I have right now. I wanted both the racer back version and the standard version to compare.

1-I do prefer the option of ones with clasps so you have a bit of adjust ability. My grey one above does not have this option and is only elastic at the band area.

2-If you are going to wear it over your bra, you might think about sizing up. Again, that depends if there are clasps for adjustment.

3-For the color, think about the items you have that you’d need them for. And your coloring. I probably won’t wear the grey one all that much because it blends in with my skin. Although maybe that’s an advantage too?

4-Personally, I like the ones with more lace on the strap portion than just a strap. To me the straps look like a bra strap. And while I’ve gotten used to seeing bra straps and not hating them, I figure if I’m going to go to the trouble of adding in another piece, I want it to be pretty. Does that make sense?

How to wear a bralette for women over 50

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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