How to wear a denim skirt over 50 with sass

How To Wear A Denim Skirt Over 50

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Denim is iconic for women of all ages, and for our Ageless style group, I chose the theme of summer denim. Summer denim can incorporate anything from denim shorts to chambray shirts, but the three of us are focusing on how to wear s denim skirt over 50.

Quote of the day: “It’s easier to notice when you lose money than when you lose time. Be sure you’re making the trade you want.” James Clear

Many of us see the new styles and end up not trying them until we see them on everyone. I consider that losing stylish time. There is nothing wrong with trying out a fabulous trend when it’s first starting out and seeing how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Lest you think how to wear a denim skirt is only for young girls, we are here to prove they can be worn by women over 50. From above the knees to below the knees, and from light washed denim to darker wash denim they can work for us all.

How to wear a denim over 50
My friend, Meg, from Adair Naturals, joined us for our outing this day and even wore a denim shirt.

Denim may have been relegated to the farmers and cowboys back in the olden days, but it’s definitely mainstream now.

We’ve showcased many versions of denim in the past if you want more examples.

Charlotte-How to Wear a Denim Skirt Over 50 with Print Mixing

How to wear a denim skirt over 50 in Arizona
Skirt: National c/o~~ Top: Just Fashion Now~~ Shoes: Susina-thrifted ~~ Boots: ~~ Scarf: ~~ Necklace: gifted from Rob and I from our honeymoon~~ Earrings: Sun City craft sale~~ Purse: thrifted

My mom always feels more comfortable when matching colors. Denim may be blue but don’t forget that it’s considered neutral and can pair with absolutely anything.

But if you are going to choose a blue print top with your denim skirt, then take it up a notch by incorporating some print mixing, like Charlotte did with her shoes.

Putting together a blouse and skirt seems easy, but there are times it needs a little this and that. For my mom, she rolled the waistband up twice to shorten the skirt just a tad (compared to how long it was when left as is).
This is an easy trick for many skirts.

Then instead of tucking in her shirt, or just leaving it hanging loose, she tied the front ends in a knot to create a wonderful proportion (the skirt is almost 2/3 and the top is 1/3) with the top being longer in the back.

Even though Charlotte matched her jewelry to her look, she at least incorporated a totally different color with her purse.
And the print mixing with her shoes is really a fun touch.

Lesley-Denim Skirts Worn for Dancing or a BBQ

How to wear a denim skirt over 50 for summer
Skirt: Lee Riders~~ Top: Exclusive One-Bealls~~ Shoes: Italian Shoemaker~~ Belt: online ~~ Bracelet: Just Be Youtiful~~ Purse: no label-Target

Lesley told me that “a jean skirt can be dressed up with a simple off-the-shoulder tip to bare the shoulders. It makes it sexy enough for a night of dancing or simple enough for an outdoor BBQ.”

I really like how Lesley wore her OFS top this way. It would still be cute with the shirt up around her neck, but by pulling it off the shoulders, you create a better proportion since her skirt is shorter.

And notice that she tucked in her shirt and even wore a contrasting belt. Lesley will tell you that she has a zucchini shaped body with no noticeable waist. Yet having this white belt to differentiate the top from the bottom gives the illusion of a waist.

The modern twist is how Lesley wore a multi-strand delicate necklace and then added a third color (orange) with her earrings, purse, and sandals.

Jodie-How to Wear a Denim Skirt over 50 with a Vest

Mini denim skirt transformed to midi skirt
Skirt: Gap added to with another pair of jeans~~Vest: Banana Republic Factory~~ Shoes: B52-DSW~~ Purse: Steinmart~~Glasses: Glasses Shop– use code JODIE35

I’ve been seeing more and more vests appear on the fashion front, and I couldn’t be happier. I found this linen blend vest this summer and while it’s not available anymore, there are plenty more where that came from.

I layered mine over a strappy sports bra to stay cool yet have some support.

And I like the idea of how to wear a denim skirt over 50 by changing up any that you might already have in your closet.

Insider tip: There are loads of ways to recycle your denim for skirts like these.
1-With a full denim skirt like my mom’s, you could add your own slit to it.
2-If your denim skirt is hemmed, you can cut off the hem to give it a raw edge and even change the length.
3-Add any kind of embroidery or patches to it.
4-Take a pair of jeans and create a skirt from it (like this)
5-Or do what I did below.

If you follow along in my emails, then you might remember this DIY denim skirt. I took my mini denim skirt (worn years ago here) and cut a pair of denim jeans to add the thigh portion to the hem to lengthen it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like the demarcation of the two denims. So I experimented with many different trims. This white lace trim was the crowd favorite from my email responses, but even it was a bit stark. Until someone suggested dying it. Since I had already sewn it on, I decided to paint it with this fabric paint that I had, and now I love it.

Phew, that was a lot of steps, right? But it’s always a good challenge to recreate something.

I wore my pink metallic sandals and had my accessories to include many colors.

How to wear a denim skirt over 50 for all shapes

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How to wear a denim skirt over 50 fashionably

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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