How to Wear a Jean Jacket

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How to wear a jean jacket for older women

How to Wear a Jean Jacket

Lesley was talking about how to wear a jean jacket when the idea came up about things in your closet that you don’t wear much. She laughs that hardly a day goes by when you don’t see one showcased on a style blogger. Yet Lesley confesses she has had this one for more than 12 years and NEVER wears it.

Quote of the day: “Change: A bend in the road is not the end of the road…unless you fail to make the turn.” Helen Keller

Of course we all tend to have some pieces in our closets like this. For me it’s my hand knitted items, so I tried wearing my knit vest for this theme. Charlotte tried hard to wear all of the items in her closet, especially since she just purged a ton of pieces when we moved. Her issue was a pair of blue pants that she had recently bought but hadn’t yet worn.

I would also love to know the items you struggle with in your closet. If you want to share, we would be happy to spotlight how we would style them. Either comment below or email me at JTouchofStyle@gmail.com with the pieces you have but never wear.

Denim jean jacket look

Jeans: Karen Scott~~ Jacket: Cold Water Creek~~ Top: Chicos~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles~~ Scarf: Laura Bauch Design~~ Necklace: ~~ Tote: no label

How to wear a jean jacket

Why Doesn’t Lesley Wear This?

Lesley told me that she struggles with the fact that jean jackets tend to be boxy, and that’s not the shape she is going for most days. And it’s not like this jacket is too big. It is big enough to button over her hips and bust without binding. The other redeeming quality is that it is lightweight especially now that we are in Arizona.

Even for this look, Lesley spent an hour trying to put together an outfit with the jean jacket to make her happy. In my opinion, I think it looks great on her. Sure, the classic jean jackets are boxy, but that’s just how they are. In fact, the three of us have worn them on the blog before, and Charlotte wore an outfit almost like Lesley’s.

How Accessories Add Sass

Of course, if you are having issues with styling a certain piece, maybe the next best thing is to create a different focal point? That’s my answer when I have a bad hair day.
For Lesley this scarf did the trick. It’s an absolutely gorgeous dragon fly print scarf that she picked up on one of our photo shoot outings. Lesley laughed that she’s getting as bad as Charlotte shopping at every gift shop we see. Then again, you can find some fabulous pieces at these smaller stores.

The necklace is an old one from Target. She was telling me that she’s worn it more since she’s moved to Arizona than ever she did in Denver. It looks so southwestern and much more expensive that it really was.

Insider tip: You could create your own “layered” necklace like the one Lesley is wearing by putting together 3 or 4 same length necklaces. To add the interest like this one does, make sure to grab a bright color to mix with the more muted ones. And twist them around each other when you clasp them.

Another idea for adding fun with your accessories would be to add some pins and brooches to the pockets of your jacket. We have done this with all kinds of pockets in the past.

Options on How to Wear a Jean Jacket

If you have a jean jacket and struggle with the boxy shape too, then let’s explore the options of how to make it better.

1-Roll up the sleeves. This helps by creating more skin showing and then it doesn’t look so big. In fact, she has used this trick with her red joggers and chambray shirt in another post.
2-Wear something underneath that creates an asymmetrical line. Lesley did this by knotting her t-shirt at an angle.
3-Use the jacket to throw over your shoulder instead of putting your arms in the sleeves.
4-Keep the jacket unbuttoned, so you see a vertical line of color down the front.
5-Experiment with the silhouette of jeans you are wearing. While most of us have been told time and time again to keep the bottom half slimmer if the top half is more voluminous, sometimes that is NOT the case. Sometimes it’s better to balance out your silhouette with a somewhat wider leg. Lesley went with a straight leg jean in this look, but I bet it’d also look great with a boot cut jean.

Insider tip: I learned the last nugget from the Book, Dress Your Best, by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London. Don’t forget I showcased many options for wide leg pants in an older post.

Styling a jean jacket
Loafers for walking

Let’s Talk Shoes

One of the big spring trends is the loafers. For those of you who love this classic and preppy look, it’s nice to have a pair that is also very comfortable. Lesley has this same pair of loafers in navy and black, because she loves them so much. These are Walking Cradles and my friend, MK recently wrote a blog post about “serious shoes.” She spoke the truth about how the serious shoes may not be inexpensive like the ones we used to wear when we were young. However, they do feel good on the tootsies.

Because I am an ambassador of Walking Cradles, if you use my link I do receive a commission. And you can get 15% off your first pair with the code JODIE15.

How to wear a jean jacket for casual

How to Wear a Jean Jacket

I have heard a woman comment once that only farm hands and young girls wear jean jackets. Granted, we all grew up with different rules about style and fashion, but hopefully we have grown to realize that those rules are passe.
In fact, because denim goes with everything, I feel that jean jackets can be worn with other jeans or dresses. Lesley wore hers with black denim because she doesn’t love the denim on denim as much.

Jean jackets can be individualized and bought in so many color now. In fact, one of my newest ones has a tulle trim on the bottom of it. (You can see that in this Instagram post if you scroll to the 6th photo).

If you feel that the boxy style isn’t for you either, I have seen a couple longer jean jackets with a belt. Another idea would be to cut off a couple of inches (and leave the hem raw) to make it cropped.

How to wear a jean jacket for women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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