How to Wear a Long Cardigan–No Overwhelm Even For Petites

How to Wear a Long Cardigan–No Overwhelm Even For Petites

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Pink long cardigan style

How to Wear a Long Cardigan–No Overwhelm Even For Petites

I’ve been late to the game about how to wear a long cardigan. Sure, I have one or two, but they haven’t been my go to pieces. Once I realized that, I wanted to challenge myself and find ways to showcase how to wear a long cardigan!!
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Quote of the day: “You’ve got to try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it.” Jimmy Dean

These photos stem from the collaboration with other bloggers about showcasing a long cardigan. Rob made a video, so I thought I’d share here on the blog too.
For me it’s so beneficial to see how others style a piece to give me ideas. And even though I will give you rationales about each outfit, remember two things.
1-Not all long cardigans are created equal. Therefore, if you try one and don’t like it, don’t come away with the thought that all long cardigans are bad.
2-You will never know until you try it. Sure, I rounded up more fitted styles under this cardigan, because I know that’s the most popular way. However, they could work with wide leg pants and a flared skirt. Be Nike, and just try it!!

Long cardigan with a dress

How to Wear a Long Cardigan with a Dress

This is my first thought of how to wear a long cardigan. The dress is long and so is the cardigan so it’s like a match made it heaven. You can see how the cardigan is a tad longer than the dress. But I changed that up below.

Question of the week: Should the cardigan be longer or shorter than the dress? This is where I would say, play around with both versions. In fact, I would think it’s more about the shape of the dress AND the cardigan and not dependent on the lengths!!

One reason I like a long cardigan with a dress, is you get that column of color since the dress is one color or print.

Can You Belt It?

I wanted to experiment with the idea of belting the cardigan too. You could belt it and still have the column of color under the sweater but I wanted to try it with the cardigan closed.
Since the cardigan is bulky, I used a thinner belt thinking it wouldn’t scrunch in as much.

I’m still on the fence about it this way. I don’t think it’s terrible, but I seem to like the look better with the cardigan open.
BUT REMEMBER: You won’t know unless you try!!

Insider tip: When you are trying out a new style or idea (like belting the cardigan), take a selfie both ways and compare. There is scientific research that you see a different perspective when just checking the mirror.

How to wear a long cardigan with skinny jeans

With Skinny Jeans

On the same note of keeping the underlying layers the same color and be more fitted pieces, I styled skinny jeans and a blue top.

These jeans are ones I purchased from Belong Lifestyle USA and just recently gave a testimonial about them on Instagram. I worried about the fit, but my friend said she hasn’t had one person say that the fit is bad if you order your waist size (listed in the description). And truly they have been my go to’s lately. I’ve worn them at least a dozen times and the rear still hasn’t sagged.
Part of that is probably because these are new and I haven’t washed them yet. Washing denim is one thing that makes them sag (something I learned when I researched it for the post: Say Goodbye to Saggy Denim.

How to wear a long cardigan for petites

Leggings and Long Layers

Most women admit that they feel more comfortable styling leggings with longer tops to cover their rear. I’m all about that, but what if your top that you want to wear with the leggings isn’t long enough??
Then that’s the perfect time to add a long cardigan over the top.
Heck, you could even layer the long cardigan over a tunic….think of it as a dress with tights.

Cardigan as a robe

Wear it as a Robe

Here’s me trying to think outside the box. If you don’t like your long cardigan and feel like it’s not the right size or piece for you, why not recycle it as a robe??
As part of my new learning about sustainability, it’s always better to use what we have instead of donating or tossing it.

Insider info: Did you know that even when you donate clothes, many of them end up in landfills or sent overseas.

Long Cardigan

This long cardigan was a recent purchase from a secondhand store called Clothes Mentor. I signed up for their emails, and was a sent a coupon for my birthday.
I will admit, that if I’m not sure of a style, my tried and true option is to get it preloved. Then I haven’t spent a lot of money on something in case I don’t love it. And if I do love it?? Then I know to get more!!

BTW, I think this length is good because it’s basically 2/3 the length of my body. It’s that proportion idea which tends to look better than a 50/50 which is one that would basically end at my crotch.

Insider tip: There are online secondhand stores. Using my link through thredUp gives you $10 (and $10 credit to me in return). Or I wrote a post about how to shop better on Poshmark. On top of that, there are 2 small consignment shops that I’ve discovered which also sells online. They are in the list on my tab of small business list and are Gild the Lily and Uncommon Closet.

How to wear a long cardigan

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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