Women over 50 on how to wear a maxi dress casually

How to Wear a Maxi Dress Casually For All Ages

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Gone are the days when a long dress is for fancy occasions only. This brings about the idea of how to wear a maxi dress casually.
Maxi dresses were the prompt for the Magnificent 8 group of women whose ages range from young to even younger.

Quote of the day: “You have two choices in life. Choice one is to be the same and be like everyone else.
Choice two is to be yourself and be a difference-maker.” Jazlyn Roehl

That quote is a good one, and I think that’s why it’s helpful to see a wide range of women showcasing the same clothing item or idea. For the three of us, that means you get a range of ideas on how to wear a maxi dress casually. We may be wearing different maxi dresses, but the concept works for them all.

We have shown other outfits wearing maxis, so make sure to get more inspiration from those articles too.

Factors of How to Wear a Maxi Dress Casually

Older women on how to wear a maxi dress casually

While the term casual can be interpreted in many ways, there are factors that seem more universal. So let’s explore some ideas of how to wear a maxi dress casually.

1-The material of the dress can be the biggest factor in the vibe of casual vs dressy. As you see with all three of us, our maxi dresses are a knit or woven material vs a silky or shiny material.

2-Adding some sort of denim to the look makes it appear more like an everyday style instead of being fancy.

3-Think about the footwear. There are some shoes that seem more casual than others. A couple of those are sneakers, flatforms, and especially rugged footwear.

4-Accessories matter. Your accessories are not just the cherry on top. They can help with the overall vibe of a look. For instance, in the summer, raffia and straw items seem less dressy.

5-Anything that is considered athleisurewear would fit the bill of how to wear a maxi dress casually. For instance, sling bags or a knit headband would be some ideas.

Lesley: Shorten Your Maxi Dress

Add a straw belt with straw accessories
Dress: Chicos Outlet~~Shoes: Walking Cradles “Winnie” ~~ Belt: Kohls ~~ Necklace: Chicos c/o~~ Purse: no label-Kohls~~Hat: Betsman-thrifted

Lesley not only wore a maxi dress that she has worn for another occasion that was considered dressy, but she changed it up to make it midi length.
She did this by pulling up the dress and then using a magnet (found on Amazon) to hold the material in place. Just to make sure it stayed put, she also wore a straw belt over the area.

Insider tip: Belts can be your friend not just for decoration, but as a functional piece too. Don’t think that because of your shape, you can’t wear belts. Lesley would describe herself as a zucchini shape, yet she embraces belts from time to time.


Lesley carried the straw and tan color from the belt into her purse, shoes, and accessories. You might recognize this necklace from our resort wear looks, except it was Charlotte’s then. Lesley and my mom swapped necklaces and earrings.

I don’t know if you have a pair of straw hoop earrings, but if not, I would consider them a summer essential. They are inexpensive (you can find a boatload of them on Amazon), lightweight, and give off the summer vibe so perfectly.

The other great way to wear a maxi dress casually is to think about your purse. Larger totes tend to feel more every day as opposed to a small clutch purse. That’s why Lesley brought this large tan tote bag.

Charlotte-How to Wear a Maxi Dress Casually with Denim

Shapeless maxi dress with cropped denim vest
Dress: Mom made it –it’s reversible~~ Vest: Dear John-thrifted~~ Shoes: Just for Kicks-Walkgreens~~ Earrings: thrifted~~ Purse: thrifted~~Hat: Dollar Tree–Scarf wrapped around it made by Charlotte

First, let’s talk about Charlotte’s maxi dress that she made years and years ago. It’s actually reversible, and she wore it inside out years ago. She’s also worn this side out with other accessories in the past. I’m a firm believer that it’s good to wear and re-wear our clothing, but change it up so it feels different.

Denim is an iconic material that screams casual. That’s why I had my mom layer this denim vest over her maxi dress.

Insider tip: Vests really do add warmth to an outfit. It may seem silly to wear them in the summer then, but it’s helpful for when you go to the air-conditioned stores.

BTW, cropped is coming back. Having your vest or topper stop at your waist area is almost like wearing a belt. It creates a focus there which is good!


My mom also went with the straw accessories with her hat and purse. Straw hats are synonymous with the beach which is why they can be a great element of how to wear a maxi dress casually.
And if your hat needs some color or sass, just wrap a scarf (or self-belt) around the brim like Charlotte did.

Sneakers finish off this look. These sneakers are a Ked version, but any type of sneakers would work to make the outfit less dressy.

Jodie-Add Casual Accessories

Green maxi dress with halftee under
Dress: Route 66- thrifted~~Top: Halftee ~~ Shoes: Jambu “Frida” c/o ~~ Belt: thrifted~~ Earrings: from a local boutique~~ Purse: from Just Be Youtiful ~~Hat: no label

This green maxi dress has a Grecian look to it in my opinion. Which can feel fancy or dressed up if I had worn high heel sandals and left my chest bare. That’s why I added my pink Halftee to the equation.

Insider tip: Halftees are basically a t-shirt that ends right under the girls so it doesn’t add bulk or extra heat. I’m an ambassador for the company because they are PERFECT for our AZ weather. I’ve showcased many different styles of Halftees here, here, and here. Plus I have a discount code, Jtouch20, if you are interested.

Another way I thought to make my maxi dress feel more casual was to add the belt. Even though the sling purse covers most of the belt in the front, you still notice it from the rear.

And as I always say, just as many people see you from the back, so give them something great to look at.


I also decided to wear a hat for the idea of how to wear a maxi dress casually, but I chose a baseball cap instead of a sun hat. Don’t think a baseball cap is only for guys. There are so many versions that have a feminine flair.

My sandals are my Jambu pair from this year. They are currently out of stock, but I was impressed with the stylish sandal selection this year. These flatforms are not only modern, but they have a contoured footbed which makes them so easy to wear all day.

I’ve been loving the sling purses even more than the crossbody purses. I think it’s because the sling bag is more front and center instead of the crossbody bag where its strap tends to exaggerate the valley between the girls.

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Ways of how to wear a maxi dress casually

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How to wear a maxi dress casually

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