How to Wear a Poncho Scarf 2 Ways

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How to wear a poncho scarf hand made

How to Wear a Poncho Scarf 2 Ways

As part of the suggestion of how to wear a scarf as a topper, I bring you Charlotte showing how to wear a poncho scarf. I realize this option includes a tad bit of DIY, but it’s super easy. I’m also sharing a little of our exploration for this day of photos.

Quote of the day: “Aging is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” Betty Friedan

This quote should be memorized by all women who are advancing in years. Let’s relate it to this particular post. When you’re younger you probably didn’t have the experience or time to be as creative with your items like Charlotte did here. That’s truly the advantage of another birthday added on each year.

Both Lesley and I showcased other ways to top an outfit with a scarf for the summer. The original idea started with converting the scarf to a kimono which Lesley wore recently.
All of these examples really goes to show that our scarves shouldn’t be saved until winter only. In fact, last summer we posted even more ways to wear them.

How to Wear a Poncho Scarf 2 Ways

How to wear a poncho scarf to top an outfit

Pants: Dockers~~ Poncho: H&M made from a scarf~~ Top: Jennifer Lopez~~ Shoes: Christian Siriano -thrifted~~ Belt: ~~ Earrings: thrifted ~~ Purse:

By comparing the above and below photo, you can see how Charlotte turned the poncho scarf clockwise. Since the neckline is a straight cut, that means the points could be front to back or side to side.
For this particular scarf/poncho that also means you see the different colors at different angles because of the print.

Insider tip: Almost every poncho can be style both of these ways. Even if there is a label in it, it can work. Experiment and see how it looks both ways. Even if your poncho has sleeves, just try it. It could still work.

How to wear a poncho scarf for older women

How to Make this Poncho

This type of poncho is incredibly easy to make. You just need to find a really large square scarf. That’s what this was before my mom added her magic. How large? It’s going to depend on how long you want it to hang. Just fold it in half diagonally and hold up the middle to your neck. See how long it hangs to determine if it’s the right length for you.

Insider tip: If you are looking at dimensions, I would suggest searching for a scarf that is at least 47 inches for each side.

The next step is to fold the scarf in half diagonally so it is in the shape of a triangle and cut a slit about 13-14 inches for your head to get through. The hardest part is you need to sew up the raw edges so they don’t ravel. This can certainly be done by hand or a sewing machine.

Insider tip: If you want the edges to look more finished or stand out in a different color, then you can always use a sewing bias tape. It comes in all different colors.

Why You Need a Whimsical Purse

Sure, we all need the basic purse whether that is brown, black or ivory. But do you have a whimsical bag in your wardrobe too? I can’t emphasize how just this little extra can make your look more vibrant and fun.

Insider tip: Make sure to check the kids department if you are looking for a fun purse. Some are smaller, but as long as your essentials fit, you’re good.

Insider tip: Many purses that have a chain strap and flap closure like this can be shortened easily. Just open the flap, wrap the strap under it, and then close it up. Tada…now the strap is hand held length instead of shoulder length.

Make your own poncho from a scarf

Let’s Talk About Belting

Belts are an underappreciated accessory. But don’t you worry because they are on our radar, and you’ll be seeing more of them soon.
My mom wore a belt with her poncho to give it some shape. Yet it’s not worn on the outside of the entire poncho. Look closely and you’ll see that it’s only evident from the front.

Insider tip: This belt trick can be done both ways to only see it from the outside in the front OR in the back. I showed this with a kimono in another post.

Gingham shoes

Statement Top

This isn’t the first time that Charlotte grabs your attention with a statement top. It’s definitely a great way to not blend in with your surroundings and be visible.
Another advantage is the fact that you can basically “hide” a pair of not so perfect pants. What do I mean by that? Perhaps you have a pair of pants that need altering, have a saggy rear or just aren’t that flattering. Well, wearing a statement top creates the focus on it instead of your pants!

Insider tip: I researched ways to counteract saggy denim. Yes, it’s about finding the right fit, but also it’s very important about how you wash/dry them.

How to wear a poncho scarf for the summer

Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale

We visited the Odysea Aquarium just 30 minutes from our house. Sure, you may think it’s just another aquarium, but you’d be surprised.
First, the complex is more than just the aquarium. You can also visit the Butterfly Wonderland, the Titanic Exhibition (for a limited time), Lazer and Mirror Maze, a Rainforest Adventure, along with an occasional pop up exhibit.

Second, Lesley commented how this aquarium was so much more interesting than the one in Denver, Colorado. While Charlotte, Rob and I had never visited the one in Denver, this Scottsdale aquarium was impressive.
There were many different kinds of exhibits of different fish over a huge space. You could even pet the stingrays (we didn’t) and there is a submarine simulation with real water displays. You could imagine that the simulation could be hokey, but it was REALLY neat.

We plan to return at least to see the butterflies, but personally, I’d even visit the aquarium again.

How to wear a poncho scarf

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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