Ways of how to style a sequin top after the holidays

How to Wear a Sequin Top Subtly Once the Holidays are Over

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The idea of how to wear a sequin top came about when a blog reader, Cathy, asked if we could style sequins beyond the holidays.
It’s a perfect request because I’m all about wearing what we have in our closets and not “saving” pieces for only certain events.

I bet most of us save our sequin items. So let’s have fun exploring options of styling different sequins clothing items more subtly so they can work in a casual outfit. Charlotte is starting off with how to wear a sequin top.

Quote of the day: “Most geniuses–especially those who lead others–prosper not by deconstructing intricate complexities but by exploiting unrecognized simplicities.” Andy Benoit

The unrecognized simplicity about our closets is the fact that we forget that clothes are JUST CLOTHES!! What that means is our clothing shouldn’t be the boss of us. (I learned that term from the Laundry Love book).
You have a top, and it shouldn’t matter the color, print, or texture, just wear it as a top and forget that old-time fashion rule that said no sequins before 6 pm.

The most important thing when you are putting together an outfit is that it personifies your personality. That concept may be hard to understand until you question the reasons that you think you shouldn’t wear something.
For example, if you have issues with how to wear a sequin top during the day, ask yourself “why”. If it’s because it seems too dressy, then I would counter, why is dressy bad? Why shouldn’t we make every day special? Life is way too short to only wear cotton t-shirts!!

Yet all of us made these dressy things more casual in all different ways. See how Lesley used the other details of her outfit and how I just covered mine up a bit.

Maybe you struggle with the fact that sequins are too shiny and will bring attention to you? I realize that many of us don’t feel as good about our bodies as they’ve gotten older, but if you show gratitude towards the things our bodies do, then maybe you won’t mind some attention to it.
Remember, bodies getting older is not bad. It’s only that our society has promoted that. Look at many of the American Indian cultures where they revered their older members. That’s how we should be.

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Woman over 70 and how to wear a sequin top

Pants: Apt 9-Kohls ~~ Cardigan: Simply Noelle ~~ Top: Mom made it~~ Boots: A Tulsa -Bealls~~ Purse: Fossil

How to Wear a Sequin Top Subtly

The easiest way to wear your sequin top especially after the holidays is to make sure it’s not the focus of the outfit. How do you do this?? Easy!! Just cover it with a cardigan or jacket that is more casual. Then the sparkle detail is less evident, yet when others look close, they can get a glimpse of the fun!

Personally, I absolutely adore this outfit and love how Charlotte created print mixing with the texture of the sequins and then the striped cardigan. Of course, for those of you who aren’t as comfortable with this kind of print mixing, a solid-colored cardigan would be just as fabulous.

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Now the other factor that is subtle with Charlotte’s outfit is the fact that it’s all neutrals. For those of you who think color can be overwhelming, you can combine the neutrals this way, yet still have texture, print, and a lot of fabulousness.

Toning down the sequin top

This Sequin Top

My mother made this sequin top years ago from a remnant that she found at the fabric store. That means it probably cost her less than $5 for the yardage of material. It was 1999, and she made it for a New Year’s Eve party for 2000.

It’s not the first time she’s worn it on the blog.
You can see it here styled for dress-up, and then you can see it for a casual day out paired with jeans (and can I tell you HOW many compliments she got on it that day?). And then recently I “stole” it and wore it over a dress!!

A sequin top like this can be super versatile if you ignore the fact that it’s shinier than your usual tops. Even though it’s short-sleeved, it can be layered over or under other items. It’s basically a t-shirt shape so it can do everything a cotton t-shirt can do only with more pizzazz.

How to Wear a Sequin Top with Accessories

You might be worried that adding in accessories with your sequin top would be too much. I think it’s only fair to assume that I would counteract that idea with the thought it’s better to look finished and intentional than anything.

And the extras with your accessories do just that. They look like we took the time to finish off our outfit and we are ready to conquer the day.

Charlotte added her Swarovski crystal earrings and necklace to this outfit since they basically mirror the sparkle and shine from the sequin top. Yet because they are clear crystals, they really aren’t overpowering to the look.

Insider tip: Clear or “diamond” earrings can be the perfect accessory for all outfits. They add that bit of shine, but because they are colorless, there isn’t the worry about matching to a specific color.

Print mixing with neutrals

Grounding the Look

Another secret when wanting to make a statement piece seem more subtle is to pair it with something very plain and ordinary. This is the same concept as when we combine a looser piece with a slimmer piece for balance. However, this is more about the balance between color and detail as opposed to the fit.

What my mom did here with her sequin top is to choose a pair of charcoal grey knit pants which end up grounding the look since they are darker, plain, and a knit material.

How this works:
1-The darker color contrasts the lighter sequins and cardigan.
2-Wearing solid color pants are easier on the eyes since the cardigan is striped and the sequins add sparkle.
3-The knit material is matte, so it doesn’t compete with the shiny aspect of the sequins.

Insider tip: Knit pants are basically yoga pants. Yet, you can wear them as normal pants. One trick is to order a size bigger so they aren’t as tight as how you would wear workout pants.
And I hope you never balk at the size of your clothes. NO ONE ever sees what size you are wearing so it’s totally a non-issue!!

Snakeskin boots for older women

Snakeskin Boots

Snakeskin boots are the epitome of neutral print boots right after leopard ones. Because they are a combination of either browns, greys, whites, and/or blacks, they fit the bill for going with everything. In fact, I tend to wear them the most with solid-colored pants or dresses since they add some print to the mix.

Charlotte wore her pair which makes this outfit have 3 prints if you consider the sequin top as a textural print. However, since they are farther away from the top half of her body, it’s an easy way to have more than one print in an ensemble.

Insider tip: Not all snakeskin boots are the same “color”. Some are light like my mom’s and appear almost white. Whereas some are much darker as they have more black in them. Many you need both varieties to go with your lighter pants and with your darker pants, haha!

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Striped cardigan for older women

The Final Word on How to Style a Sequin Top Casually

The last detail that casualizes this look my mom wore for how to style a sequin top is the hoodie.

I know many of the women my mother’s age aren’t into the hoodies. Yet it’s one of those modern details that connect us to the contemporary style of the day. Hoodies have become popular since athleisurewear took off over 5 years ago.

Remember, one of the secrets of this kind of clothing is it can be layered both over and under other items.
In fact, I like to think of it as a modern-day collared shirt. Instead of using my button-up blouses to layer under crew neck sweaters, I will use a hoodie because it showcases another material at the neck and even creates some interest for the rearview.

Insider tip: Don’t forget that JUST as many people see you from the back. You might as well give them something interesting to look at!!

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How to wear a sequin top

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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