How to Wear a Sweater Vest in a Modern Way & Ageless Style Link Up

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Getting creative with a scarf

How to Wear a Sweater Vest in a Modern Way & Ageless Style Link Up

I’m talking about how to wear a sweater vest as part of the prompt from Shugunna for this month’s Ageless Style group. The theme was styling an item you have in your closet but don’t wear. At least that’s how I interpreted it.

Quote of the day: “There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart-pursue those.” Michael Nolan

This isn’t the first time that I on the blog have talked about this idea. 2 years ago all three of us wore what we considered a problematic piece from our closet. In fact, I considered wearing that same skirt for this post, however, I chose a different item instead.
One way I have been counteracting a hard to style piece is trying to wear it 5 different ways. I don’t do this exercise just for the blog, but because it really helps me figure out how an item in my closet can work for me.

Considering we just moved 6 months ago, many of the items I wasn’t wearing did get purged. I then realized that I rarely wear my hand knitted pieces on the blog. So I have been showcasing my knitted items on Saturdays on Instagram, if you are interested in seeing them. (FYI, even if you aren’t on IG, you can still click on the link and see that post. Then you can click in the grey area and even look at a couple of other posts before you get the message that you need to sign in.)
For this theme, Lesley pulled out a denim jacket that she never wears, and Charlotte styled something new she had just purchased.

How to wear a sweater vest in modern times

Jeans: Banana Republic~~ Jacket: ~~ Vest: knit by me. Here is the pattern~~ Shoes: Belong Lifestyle ~~ Scarf: Ann Taylor~~ Belt: Garnet Hill ~~ Earrings: Francescas ~~ Purse: Charming Charlies

How to wear a sweater vest over a jacket

How to Wear a Sweater Vest in a Modern Way

Why don’t I usually wear my hand knitted pieces? That’s a wonderful question. I think somehow I feel they aren’t super stylish. Which is quite sad and makes me realize I need to change that perspective.
I’m not sure how much you know about hand knitting, but it’s neither cheap or fast. Most “good” yarn costs about $10 a skein and it takes at least 10 skeins to make a sweater. As for time? When I used to knit every evening, it would still take me a month or two to finish a sweater.

Looking back, I have worn this vest once before 5 years ago on the blog. It’s not easy to see all of the details because I wasn’t editing the photos well at that time. And it’s not my favorite look for some reason. To me there’s a bit of frump with how I wore it in that post.

I’ve discussed that frump factor before. While everyone’s opinion is different, my way to counteract any piece I might think of as frumpy, is to add some modern elements or ways to wear the piece. I might theorize, that ANY piece could be modernized this way. I’ll discuss how I did this with this outfit below.

Insider tip: If you like vests but can’t find them at the stores, remember you can remove sleeves from jackets to make a vest easily (or have your alteration person do it).

But, First….Color

Adding a pop of color is my answer to everything. Considering the rest of my outfit was black and white, I added in some bright pink elements with my scarf, my earrings and my purse.

As for my scarf, here is the video to show you two different ways to braid a scarf and have it look like how I am wearing it. You can see in the accessories photos above, that I secured the scarf ends with one of my magical magnets, that MK introduced us to last month. MK showed her magnet in the post to keep the scarf from overwhelming her.
This scarf tying technique is a wonderful way to use any long scarf in your closet. It takes a scarf that may seem unmanageable and creates a focal point near your face.

Insider tip: When I wore the magnet to hold my scarf ends together, I only used the ball and the topper. It comes with 3 pieces, but you can get away with using only two of them at times.

Modernizing a sweater vest

My Modern Elements

After I figured out I wanted to show how to wear a sweater vest, I asked myself what pants do I have that are the opposite of frumpy? For me, these faux leather jeans were the answer. Leather pants, jeans or skirts seem edgy and the last think I’d think of for frumpiness. In fact, we’ve worn our leather skirts many times before on the blog.
If you wear black leggings, then it’s not a huge stretch to try a pair of faux leather ones. I included a couple of pair in the widget below that are very reasonably priced. Just think, most of the top portion of the leggings is covered by your tunic or longer cardigan anyway.

Sneakers with sass

Animal Print Sneakers

On top of the faux leather jeans, I also wanted some modern footwear. I have many pairs of sneakers now that are what I consider sassy and fun. To me, that element of sass is contrary to any idea of frump.
While I love these sneakers, the sequins on the back heel do rub unless I wear socks. So yes, I’m wearing no show socks in these photos.

Insider tip: I have found that these kinds of socks stay up better in tighter shoes. So if your shoes are too big, don’t blame the socks if they won’t stay up.

Hand knit sweater vest


Layering is one of my superpowers coming from a cold climate like Denver. I remember when I saw the idea of layering a vest over a jacket, and had that “aha” moment. Therefore, we’ve tried it a couple of times on the blog as a way to get creative with our closets.
I wore my sweater vest over a white tee AND a white denim jacket for most of these photos. You can see one lone picture with just the t-shirt.

The last element I added on how to wear a sweater vest is the belt. Maybe you think this detail wasn’t needed? I wanted to try it out because I’d never worn it this way. In my opinion many of us shy away from wearing belts (or just forget to pull them out) anymore. So here’s my nod to trying something new.

Insider tip: Wearing a belt over a blazer or topper can make the outfit more interesting. My tip would be not to make the belt too tight. Better to keep it looser so it doesn’t cause the material to bunch up.

How to wear a sweater vest

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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