How to Wear a Tunic 5 Different Ways

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How to Wear a Tunic 5 Different Ways

Before blogging I never even owned this piece of clothing, so figuring out how to wear a tunic was high on my list. I’ve gotten lots of inspiration from other blogger’s along the way, and even come up with some ideas of my own.

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The idea of sharing what we know and how we style clothing is such a technological advantage of the times we live in now. Just think of how it used to be back in the day.

Let me list my 5 ways of how to wear a tunic, and then you can explore them in more detail below.
1– With leggings
2– With pants
3– Over a dress
4– Tucked into a skirt
5– Tied up

Of course it’s interesting how the definition of tunic changes from one person to another. I am using it in the context of having it be a longer top, and by longer I mean one that covers the tush. Sure, you could call it a dress too, however, most of the ones I’m showing wouldn’t work that way.

Wearing a tunic with leggings

1-A Tunic and Leggings

I’m sure this is the most obviously way of how to wear a tunic, so I figured I cover it first. Since most of us prefer having our tush covered when wearing leggings, having a tunic is the perfect accompaniment. When we first talked about this category on the blog, I had to borrow a tunic of my mothers.

Insider tip: If you are looking online at tunics, remember to check the model’s height or the length of the tunic. Since I am short, many times they are longer on me than the models.

Details about the Outfit

This tunic is one of my favorites for 2 reasons. One because the color is fabulous and two because it’s not too long, it’s not too voluminous and has slits on the sides. These details make it flattering on me.
The leggings are my Go2 Compression leggings that I’ve worn for working out. My discount code of JODIE25 still gives you 25% off the already love price of $20. In fact, Mireille reviewed her pair recently.
As for the sandals, these are the Lynn’s from Walking Cradles. I wore a similar version on our Caribbean cruise in camel, and once I saw these were available in bright pink, I had to have them. They come in all different colors if you are looking for great summer sandals. And JODIE15 gives you 15% off.

How to wear a tunic with pants

How to Wear a Tunic with Pants

Since most of us don’t consider leggings as pants, then could you wear a tunic with your regular pants? We actually experimented with the idea of a dress over your jeans in the past and it wasn’t our favorite.
So how do you make this idea work? One way is to pair the tunic with tighter pants.

Details about the Outfit

These pants are ones I blogged about when they became too tight.
As for the tunic, sure, you could call it a dress because it’s longer, however, it’s holey. So it would never get worn by itself. I have worn it over a dress for the winter in the past.
And the sandals? Another pair of Walking Cradles. These are the Kendras, which are just like the Avery’s only a tad higher.

How to wear a tunic over a dress

How to Wear a Tunic over a Dress

This is a great trick to use for a “too short for comfort” tunic. Or, as in my case, one that is sheer. It’s also good for a way to wear a dress that might feel too tight.

Details about the Outfit

I’ve worn this tunic when we were styling our sheer tops in the past. It came with a matching cami to wear under it, but I also like to wear it other ways.
The dress is a bodycon dress. I never thought I’d wear one, but I’m surprised at how many times it works especially as a layering piece.
I just love wearing ankle boots with dresses. This is a pair I bought for my birthday and are so comfortable as the sock variety. I describe them as leggings for your ankles.

Can you tuck in your tunic

Tuck Your Tunic into a Skirt

Here is another idea when your tunic seems a tad short (or tight). Just add one of your skirts on top of the tunic to turn it into a top. We’ve shown how to do this with a dress many times in the past.

Insider tip: If you struggle with your tops coming untucked, then this is the answer for you. Because the tunic is longer, it won’t pull out as easy.

Details about the Outfit

I bought this tunic without trying it on (shame on me). When I discovered it was a tad tight and short, I figured I could still make it work. I have worn it by itself but that’s not the usual. Most times I like it tucked into a skirt like I’ve showcased before.
This elephant skirt is one I purchased from my third Fashom box. My stylist has done an exceptional job finding pieces that really work for me. If you want to try the service, you will get $10 by going through my link (to use on a clothing item because your first box is free).
Even though I buy shoes regularly, there are some that I keep around for years. This pair has stood the test of time, because I consider them classic.

How to Wear a Tunic Tied Up

Just because your tunic is long, doesn’t mean you can’t make it shorter. Tying up your tunic is a great way to make it into a shorter top. I showed a couple of these ideas in my video on 3 tips to make your t-shirt fit better.
Most of the time, I use an orthodontic elastic to tie up my tops. However, you can use a hair elastic or even a rubber band.

Insider tip: This is a great way to style any top if you don’t like it hanging below your jacket. That’s why I included both photos for reference.

Details about the Outfit

Because this day was chilly, I even layered a long sleeve t-shirt under my tunic. This tunic isn’t much different in print than the first one; however, in my defense, they were handed down by a friend. I try very hard not to purchase the same sort of pieces over and over, haha.
These jeans have been a well loved pair. I used to only have about 3 pair in my closet because I could only wear them on the weekends. This one was one of the first that I thrifted when I started adding to my collection.
You might recognize the sneakers from our Jambu collabortion.

Insider tip: If you don’t like wearing shoes without socks, I strongly suggest trying out Sheec socks. They have an ultra low cut thin liner version that stay up yet aren’t noticed. The code, JODIE gives you 15% off. That’s what I wear with these sneakers because of the cut outs.

How to wear a tunic

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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