How to Wear a Women’s Vest With Leggings

Lime green and black

How to Wear a Women’s Vest With Leggings

Finding out how to wear a women’s vest may take a little practice, if you’re not used to styling this piece. Yet since wearing leggings has gotten to be more and more popular, a long vest is the perfect way to wear both at once.

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And since this vest of Nancy’s is lime green, it went perfectly with our lime green theme for the week. I started off wearing the color as a top, and Nancy is showing it as a topper. Then my mom showed some great accessories, and don’t forget to see all of us with a matching jeep.

How to wear a womens vest for a cooler day

Nancy’s Wearing

Leggings: Body Force~~Vest: Janska ~~Top: J.Jill ~~ Shoes: Jambu c/o ~~Necklace: ~~Purse: Nicole ~~Sunglasses:

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How to Wear a Women’s Vest

I’ve come to love how a vest can be so versatile with so many outfits. I have a YouTube video all about faux fur vests, and the information can translate to almost any vest you own.

Nancy has worn this vest on the blog before as a great cover up over a workout outfit. It’s a little heavier material than most of us would wear in May, but it was a colder day in Denver.

A black column under a womens vest


I know there has been much controversy in the past about leggings, especially about leggings as pants. All three of us have worn leggings many times on the blog, and I think we’ve shown them modestly.

Sure, you can look sloppy in almost anything, and it’s like how yoga pants got a bad reputation. But you can also make almost anything look good and appropriate. Just like Nancy has done with her leggings here. And you should note that these are her workout leggings. Functional and stylish all in one.

Besides, Nancy’s vest is not very fitted, so it’s good to keep the other elements in the outfit tighter.

Vest with sequin poncho

Sequin Top

Another detail that can be overlooked is bling, or sequins. It’s not super easy to see in these photos, but Nancy’s top has occasional sequins on it.

Most of us tend to save our blingy items for “special occasions.” Yet isn’t every day special? So why not wear them now? We even experimented with wearing sequins with a business outfit. In fact the top Nancy’s wearing in that series is the same one as this black one only in brown.

Leopard sunglasses

Sunglasses & Accessories

Every time Nancy wears these sunglasses for our blog photos, she always gets so many compliments on them. And I can certainly see why! Most people look at your face when you’re talking to them, so it’s good to have interesting eye wear. Whether that’s sunglasses or regular glasses, both serve a purpose.

And Nancy has a couple of lime green accessories which tie in the color from this vest perfectly.

Wearing lime green for mental health awareness

Lime Green

When I asked Nancy if she liked lime green, she said it was one of her favorite shades of green. She thinks maybe because it’s more springy and fresh looking than some other greens.

Her go to is to wear it with black, white and olive green. But I bet we could certainly get creative and find it goes well with many other colors. What do you think? Pink? Blue? Yellow? Of course grey or brown too.

Black leggings for women over 70


These black flats are a pair that were gifted from Jambu. Nancy wore them when we went exploring in Rocky Mountain National Park this fall.

I’m sure we all have at least one pair of black flats because they go with absolutely everything. And while I love ballet flats, this Jambu design is not only cute but very functional. The straps keep your foot in place in your shoe yet are stretchy for comfort. And these may be flat, but you can see they have some arch support.

Lime green vest for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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