Different ways of how to wear black embroidered boots

How To Wear Black Embroidered Boots With Variety

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I saw my friend, Nancy, showcasing her new boots recently, and thought we could have fun together by talking about how to wear black embroidered boots.
Not only do you get to see 2 different women styling these kinds of boots, but the boots are also somewhat different. So you can get loads of inspiration from our ideas.

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Quote of the day: “The image is one thing and the human is another. It’s very hard to live up to an image.” Elvis Presley

I loved this quote because I think we all have an image of how we should dress to look “sophisticated, elegant, chic” (you fill in the adjective), yet it can stifle us if we only dress one way.
That’s why I always love finding a variety of ways to wear everything in my closet.

How to wear black embroidered boots
1-Solid shorts (and tights)
2-Solid mini skirt
3-Print mini skirt
4-Bodycon dress
5-Maxi dress
6-With leggings as part of an after-workout outfit
7-Skinny jeans with a print top

Meet Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style

And how to wear black embroidered boots is no different in that you should be able to wear them with loads of outfits. My pair of boots are considered over-the-knee boots, but this would work with any height of boots. And the embroidery on my boots is colorful whereas Nancy’s boots have white embroidery and are more of a western vibe.
But don’t let the embroidery or style deter you from trying some of these outfit options with any black boots in your closet.

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Shorts in winter with tights and tall boots
Original post: Floral prints for fall

How to Wear Black Embroidered Boots with Shorts

There was a time in my 40s when I came to the conclusion that I was too old to wear shorts (see the quote above). I was a serious professional and didn’t see how they could be a part of my lifestyle anymore.
Even once I retired, I wasn’t thinking I could pull them off until I saw my friend, Shelbee wear denim shorts and tall boots with tights. It was a lightbulb moment when I realized that wearing shorts in the winter with tights could be a fun option.

Around the same time, I had also become an OTK boots lover because when I was living in Denver, they kept you warmer. And so I combined my only pair of shorts at the time with these black embroidered boots.

This option of how to wear black embroidered boots puts the focus on the boots by combining solid-colored clothing with the boots.

Insider tip: If you shy away from tights because of the comfy factor, times have changed. Not only are tights made with more stretch now, but there are also fleece-lined versions to keep you warmer.
Remember, if you tend to gain weight in the midsection, don’t forget to check out the maternity items.

Short skirts and how to wear black embroidered boots
Original post: Shoes to wear with short skirts

Wearing Your Black Embroidered Boots with a Solid Colored Mini Skirt

Many women ask what shoes to wear with certain skirts and pants. So we have explored those options in the past and for skirts, I experimented with a shorter skirt.
The best secret to wearing a skirt that might seem too short is to counteract the length with taller boots.

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Now that OTK boots are for anyone, it makes any length of the skirt more appropriate and warmer! It’s also a great way to look more modern.
Showing a little bit of bare leg is wonderful unless it’s too cold outside. Then you can always add tights.

Bold trick: Add tights in an unexpected color or print as we have done in the past.

With this example of how to wear black embroidered boots, I paired them with two solid-colored clothing items, although it could be argued that the skirt is sort of a print. Either way, the focus is on the boots.

Print skirt and how to wear black embroidered boots
Original post: Santa Inspired Outfits

Print Mini and Print Boots

While many women report that print mixing is way beyond their styling skills, I think it can be a useful tool to help our brain form new pathways (by trying new things) and it makes our closets bigger.

I wore these black embroidered boots with another short skirt only this time it was a red plaid print. This type of print mixing is combining two prints that have the same colors in them.

Insider tip: If you aren’t wearing tights, make sure to wear knee-high socks, and check out the fleece-lined socks.

Dress and tall boots outfit

Bodycon Dress and Boots

Even in the colder weather, I love wearing dresses because they are one and done. Although in reality, most times in winter, I end up adding some kind of topper or extra piece. But it’s still one and done in the fact that I don’t have to pair a top clothing item with a bottom clothing item.
That can save a lot of time in figuring out proportions and silhouettes.

The black embroidered boots copy the various colors of the cardigan which makes it look very intentional and stylish.

Even though I titled this as a bodycon dress with boots, you could wear it with any dress in your closet. Try different lengths and silhouettes for variety.

Maxi dress with boots
This maxi dress from my favorite local boutique, Just Be Youtiful

How to Wear Black Embroidered Boots and a Maxi

Just because you are wearing beautiful boots, doesn’t mean you have to show them off. By pairing them with a maxi dress (or skirt), you are adding warmth to an outfit without worrying about the embroidery detail.
If I didn’t pull the skirt open, you would just think I was wearing black boots with this dress.

I remember once reading an article on how the only footwear you could wear with a maxi was sandals because you didn’t want to close off the legs with shoes that covered the toes.
Once you analyze this statement you realize that it is hogwash.

Why? Because we wear boots with jeans and there is no open skin showing. Which makes me question of what is the difference between a jeans outfit and a maxi with boots.

Insider tip: Do you have any other fashion rules you follow? It might be time to break them apart and really analyze if they really make sense.

Leggings and shorts after a workout
Original post: How to style your after gym outfit

Wear With Leggings

While I’ve shown my shorts paired with boots and tights, the concept works just as wonderfully with leggings. In fact, adding taller boots like these to your workout outfit can be a great transition for running errands.
Even though many people run errands in their workout wear, I always like to look more intentional, and not seem like I just came from the gym (even if I did).

But don’t think you can only wear your leggings with boots after a workout. Leggings should be synonymous with tights. In fact, they could be warmer, comfier, or just the right color that you need for the outfit.
And no one is going to know that they are really workout leggings. Just as my mom and Lesley proved recently in styling activewear outside of the gym.

Print mixing with how to wear black embroidered boots

Skinny Jeans and How to Wear Embroidered Boots

Our skinny jeans will always be a classic style just for the fact they are easy to tuck into tall boots. I wore my pair of black embroidered boots with a pair of distressed black jeans.

Even though the boots are a print, I wore a print top with this look. It’s definitely a bolder way to style clothing, and I see no reason not to try some bolder elements in our style as we age.

Insider tip: If you don’t usually wear your distressed jeans in the winter because of the openings, you can cover the holes by pairing tall boots over them or wearing tights under them.

Make sure to click over to Nancy’s article on how to wear black embroidered boots.
Nancy is one of my fashion blogger friends that enjoys wearing black much more than I do. Yet even though styles are different, we can all get fabulous inspiration from each other.

7 options of how to wear black embroidered boots

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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