How to Wear Bohemian Style for a Conservative Woman

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How to wear bohemian style for women over 60

How to Wear Bohemian Style for a Conservative Woman

Lesley is showing how to wear bohemian style for a woman who calls herself conservative. Wait until you read why I say that below when Lesley talks about her boho history.

Quote of the day: “Life is not a static thing. The only people who do not change their minds are incompetents in asylums, who can’t and those in cemeteries.” Everett M. Dirksen

Even if you did love the boho trend the first time it came around, you may not be wearing it much now. Yet there are so many fun details that are considered bohemian, which makes me think there is something for everyone. Why not change your mind and embrace the trend the second time around. Even if you considered it silly in the past. Give it a go.

Heck, my mom had fun with the trend when she showcased her embroidered skirt. Yet, the whole idea for this theme was to incorporate the boho with something else. I tried to add in sporty elements, while Sarah brought in some modern and classic items. And then to top it off, we toured around the Dwarf Car Museum.

How to wear bohemian style with a kimono

Shorts: ~~ Kimono: Lotus & Luna ~~ Top: Josephine Chas ~~ Shoes: Anne Klein~~ Scarf: ~~ Necklace: Stein Mart~~ Bracelet: ~~ Purse: thrifted

Lesley’s Idea of How to Wear Bohemian Style

Older woman and how to wear bohemian style

This was not an easy theme for Lesley. She was saying that when she looked at Pinterest for ideas about boho, she felt that what she saw was a Halloween costume flashback to the 70’s and college. Which made her tell me that I really stretch her style self. I actually consider that a good thing. And I truly hope I can inspire ALL of us to stretch. And change our minds like the quote today.

Since I asked for the outfit to be boho dichotomy, Lesley added in classic and conservative items to her kimono. The kimono is her nod to bohemian style.

And the shirt and shorts, especially with the fact that they are the black column of color give her the conservative vibe. I’d also add in that the shoes are more classic too.


First, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Lesley has worn scarves in almost all of her blog outfits. It’s so great that she uses these accessories because I know many of us have scarves but we don’t always wear them. Like me. I try and wear them maybe twice a month. She is inspiring me to work them into more outfits!! Especially on a solid purse like this. How easy and eye catching.

Speaking of purses, I love that Lesley bought this at Goodwill. It was the day after we landed in Arizona and it was National Thrift Day. So I dragged mom and Lesley with us to the Goodwill event. And Lesley actually won a gift card for being there. She’s been lucky like that lately.

This Kimono

Kimono and shorts

Since I didn’t really grow up around much boho style, I didn’t even think about that kimonos are part of that style. When I first discovered kimonos while blogging, I figured they were the summer version of cardigans. And perfect for any woman out there. I’m right, right?

Lesley bought this kimono while she was shopping with Rob and I last Small Business Saturday in Littleton, Colorado. She was immediately drawn to the colors in it. We talked about how she could wear it before she bought it, so I’m glad to see her enjoying it.


Orange loafers

Loafers are really making a comeback, and I’m sure many of you are very happy about that. They are a classic shoe that are easy for wearing all day. And who doesn’t love the variety of colors and styles?

This is not Lesley’s only pair. She has a versatile black pair from Walking Cradles along with a new pair she just bought. The funny thing? Do you remember how she doesn’t like snakeskin? She just realized that the texture is snake…ha ha!!

Lesley’s History with Boho

Print kimono for older women

So you’ll laugh at Lesley’s answer when I asked her if she had any fun boho history. She said it was too hippyish for her and she was really a boring straight arrow and afraid to venture out of conventional style or behavior. At least in her past.

Now she may say that, but I also remember the story from her apple picking post. I would have thought her a rebel for sure!! And if you hang around her a couple of times, you’ll realize she’s not boring at ALL!!

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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