Grown women and how to wear bright pink pants

How To Wear Bright Pink Pants For Grown Women

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Even if you are still deciding on your holiday outfits, the idea of how to wear bright pink pants may be the nudge you need to add more color to your wardrobe. Since the Barbiecore trend is going strong, and the three of us all had pink pants, we put together outfits that would work for any grown woman.

Quote of the day: “I believe that the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Viola Davis

And there’s nothing more authentic than wearing the colors that make you happy. Even if this bright pink color doesn’t look great near your face, then finding pink pants may be exactly what you need.

How to wear bright pink pants
2-Pink & multi-color
3-Floral sequins
4-Teal velvet
5-Other color combinations

Wearing a bright color on the bottom half of your body can seem intimidating at first if you are only used to wearing neutrals. Yet the bottom half of our bodies is just as fabulous as the top half, so there is no reason not to wear something colorful on it.

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If you are new to how to wear bright pink pants, your first thought might be to wear them with neutrals. And that’s definitely a great place to start.

This is exactly how Nancy and my mom have styled these bright pink pants in the past. Nancy chose a black t-shirt and a grey moto jacket. And Charlotte styled an ivory top with floral shoes.

In fact, these are the exact same pair of pants. Nancy bought them when I was shopping with her and she wore them many times receiving fabulous compliments. However, when she lost weight they were too big, and now they reside in Charlotte’s closet.

Insider tip: Other neutrals include brown or tan, navy, and denim.

Pink & Multi-Color

How to wear bright pink pants with a multi-color shacket
Pants: Liz Claiborne -hand me down from Nancy~~ Shacket: from Amazon ~~ Sweater: no label-thrifted~~ Boots: Universal Threads~~ Necklace: Chicos c/o~~ Earrings: Chicos c/o~~ Purse: Stone & Co-Kohls

The second idea of how to wear bright pink pants would be to match them to another shade of pink like Charlotte did with her sweater under the shacket. She was going to remove the shacket for our photos but the weather was chilly, so she left the shacket on.

Insider tip: If you prefer matching items, but the bright pink is too bright for the overall look, different shades of the same color are a nice option.

And then adding a shacket with the same color as the sweater in it makes it look like a twin set. You’ve seen this shacket before here.
Having a multicolor necklace ties the colors together.

Insider tip: If you don’t have a necklace to tie it all together, check your scarves. Many times scarves have a variety of colors in them.


I think the white boots and booties we are seeing so much of now are a fabulous pairing for how to wear bright pink pants. They look so modern and they really go with everything.

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Then my mom added in a multi-color necklace and earrings that bring in the colors of the shacket. And then a teal purse replicates the blues from the accessories and shacket. This is helpful for making it all look intentional.

Barbicore trend for older women

Floral Sequins

How to wear bright pink pants with a light pink sequin jacket
Pants: Charter Club-Macys ~~ Jacket: Vince Camuto-Buffalo Exchange~~ Top: Style & Co-Macys~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Reece”~~ Necklace: Lesley’s mother’s necklace~~ Bracelet: Just Be Youtiful~~ Purse: Coldwater Creek-thrifted

The best part about Lesley’s example of how to wear bright pink pants is the fact that she’s wearing them with a sequin jacket. She found this jacket on our excursion to downtown Phoenix thrift stores on Small Business Saturday and even though it’s VERY out of her comfort zone, she decided to give it a go.
And look how amazing she looks.

Insider tip: Most of the things we think are out of our comfort zone aren’t really that big a deal. In fact, I bet most people don’t notice that this jacket is full of sequins. It’s one of those things we notice more up close and personal.

Knowing she was channeling her inner Barbie with these bright pink pants, she jokes that she chose a blue top under the jacket to represent Ken.
She laughed that Ken was always Barbie’s arm candy, right?


And the extras that Lesley wore with her outfit are really spectacular. Especially when you learn that the necklace is a vintage piece that used to be her mother’s. Wearing sentimental jewelry like that is like having your relative with you that day.

Insider tip: Jewelry always fits, so always take the opportunity to keep a piece from relatives when they pass away.

One thing I really like is how all three of us wore different color footwear with our bright pink pants. Lesley opted for a nude pair of flats. These are the “Reece” from Walking Cradles. While we do get some of our Walking Cradles gifted when we work with them, Lesley has purchased many herself because they are that comfortable.
Since today was a day of walking around a museum, she made sure that her feet would be happy.

Insider tip: Sheec socks are the only no-show socks I wear (and Lesley too) in flats like these. The ultra-low-cut version stays put yet is hidden.

Pink for the Barbicore trend for grown women

Teal Velvet

So I did wear a cape over the top in the morning. This is no ordinary cape. It started out as a hand-knit sweater (knit by me) but was too wonky, so I transformed it. If you get my emails, then you received the inside scoop all about it. Which is why…

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My idea of how to wear bright pink pants was to pair them with another bright color. So I chose this teal velvet top that I picked up at Anthropologie at the end of last season for under $20. Do you wonder what kind of bra I’m wearing? I grabbed my favorite strapless bra (reviewed here) which doesn’t get as much love in the winter months, but it’s nice to have.

What I should apologize for is that these pants are too big. It’s funny because they didn’t seem this big when I tried them on at home, but obviously, they stretched and sagged a ton in the car on the way to our location.
I don’t mind an oversized cut (because I don’t believe that everything has to be skin-tight), but when the rear end of the pants sags too much, I think it looks sloppy.


I’ve become so enamored with faux fur, that I thought this headband would be a fun option for the winter. There are very few headbands besides the Lilla Rose (more about that brand in this post) brand that doesn’t hurt my head after a couple of hours, but I lucked out with this one. I found it at Express last winter, but I can’t say that all of their headbands are great like that.

I added more bling with a statement necklace and this incredible ring (from my friend’s Etsy shop). And for my footwear, I matched the pants with my pair of pink boots that I won in a giveaway. These have been worn more than I thought and I love the smaller heel.

Holiday attire in something other than red and green
Options of how to wear bright pink pants

Other Colors with Bright Pink

I would be that person that says almost any color goes with bright pink. In fact, I’ve used my color recipe to showcase how to wear bright pink pants with all kinds of other colors.
It fits in nicely knowing that 2023’s Color of the Year is magenta which we’ve explored how to style.

Even though this article is about how to wear bright pink pants, we have shown other color combinations with bright pink tops and accessories if you would like more inspiration.
1-Bright pink worn with brown
2-Dark blue and bright pink
3-Wearing two warm colors of bright pink and yellow together

How to wear bright pink pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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