Lug boots: how to wear brown boots for winter

How to Wear Brown Boots: Chunky Version by Jambu

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There are so many options for how to wear brown boots ranging from different silhouettes and a variety of colors and I’ll be sharing 6 different ways you can wear them. These boots are a more modern version of winter footwear that is chunky with a lug sole.

I wanted to showcase that brown boots are just as versatile as black boots. They are a neutral that goes with everything and will work in your wardrobe.

Quote of the day: “We shall not cease from exploring. And at the end of our exploration, we will return to where we started and know the place for the first time.” T.S. Eliot

This quote is so appropriate because we may already know how to wear brown boots, yet I bet we can always be inspired to try to style them in different ways. The chunky versions of boots seen lately may seem clunky to your eye if you are used to a more feminine style of boot.
Yet I always think it’s good to have a variety of options in our closet.

Baby Flare Jeans
Wide Cropped Pants
Distressed Jeans
Print Skinny Jeans

This is a sponsored post with Jambu Footwear. Details about what that means are at the end of the post. We work with them yearly because of their comfort. My discount code for the Fall 2021 period is JTOUCHF21 which you can use on any of the shoes on Jambu’s website until Dec 5, 2021.

First I’ll be showing the six ways I’ve styled these brown boots. If you are interested in the review of these Jambu “Eagle” boots, you can jump down to that information.
Then make sure to check out the Willow shoe worn by Lesley and the Willow Knit styled by Charlotte.

How to wear brown boots with leggings

Leggings: Peach~~Cardigan: Bellelily~~ Top: Time for Me Catalog~~ Boots: Jambu Eagle c/o

How to Wear Brown Boots with Leggings

This type of Chelsea boot along with the lug sole makes them a perfect pairing with leggings. The leggings are tucked into the opening of the boot easily and show off the boot this way.

Insider tip: If you are wearing ankle socks, you can tuck the leggings into the sock, and then the leggings don’t ride up when you put on your boots.

Details and Color Combination

I wore a long cardigan that you’ve seen me wear in the past. Even when the cardigan catches the wind, my white top is longer in the back to cover my tush.

The leggings are a faux leather material from Peach from last season. The faux leather leggings are definitely sassier than your plain black leggings. If you like leggings then you definitely need a pair in your closet.

I wanted to showcase that brown boots are just as versatile as black boots by pairing them with black. Just because the leggings are black doesn’t mean your footwear needs to match them.

If you need another example of leggings with these boots, then here they are with plaid leggings and a teddy bear jacket.

How to wear brown chunky boots with flare jeans

Jeans: Paige-thrifted ~~ Jacket: Alembika c/o~~ Boots: Jambu Eagle c/o ~~ Necklace: Mom brought it back from Guatemala~~ Earrings: Theresa Rose Designs

Styling Chunky Brown Boots with Black Baby Flare Jeans

Since the newer jean silhouettes are trending to straight and wider legs, the chunkier boots work wonderfully with them. The more masculine boots give more weight to the wider openings.

This pair of black jeans is a baby flare (noticeable more when they are flat).

Details and Color Combination

Again, I’m showcasing how to wear brown boots with black bottoms. The jacket is the Alembika cheetah faux fur one which I styled 5+ ways here. Since the natural animal prints are made up of neutrals, brown boots will always work.

I accessorized with an orange necklace and orange leather earrings from my friend’s Etsy shop called Theresa Rose Designs.

How to wear brown boots with cropped pants

Pants: Ann Taylor~~ Jacket: My mom made it~~ Boots: Jambu Eagle c/o

Show Off the Booties

One way to make sure you show off your booties is to pair them with shorter pants. This enables the bootie to take center stage and you don’t have to worry about how to tuck in your jeans.

Insider tip: If you don’t love the front strap of the boot showing, you can easily tuck it inside.

Details and Color Combination

These white, wide-legged cropped pants have been shown on the blog worn with 5 different tops and shoes.

I wore a cropped jacket that my mom made over 20 years ago. The shorter jacket helps with the proportions of the cropped pants.

White is always a great option even in the winter because it lightens up the darker elements we usually wear. The brown jacket and boots tie together while the white pants give the outfit a pop of brightness.

How to wear brown boots with distressed jeans

Jeans: Express-preloved ~~Top: Forever 21-thrifted~~ Boots: Jambu Eagle c/o ~~Earrings: Bealls

Distress Jeans and Chelsea Boots

A shorter raw hem on the jeans makes it easy to leave them hanging over the boots. This pair of jeans has a tulip hem which is shorter in the front and back. The advantage of this is the jeans don’t get hung up on the boots, and you don’t have to worry about tucking or cuffing them.

Details and Color Combination

This outfit was shown as an example of print mixing with camo earlier this fall.

I think this is a great example of how these brown boots are a wonderful neutral especially if you wear lighter colors. If you wore black boots with this same look, they might appear too heavy.

How to wear brown boots with a dress

Dress: Loft-thrifted~~ Vest: Sams Club~~Top: Bebe-thrifted~ Boots: Jambu Eagle c/o

Can I Wear a Dress and Lug Boots?

Wearing a dress with ankle boots is definitely the modern way to go. This example is how dichotomy in an outfit works so well.

While you may think that a dress is feminine and shouldn’t be paired with chunky boots, that kind of yin and yang make outfits more interesting. In fact, the prairie dresses are a wonderful opportunity to wear the lug boots since they have a great deal of volume with their ruffle layers.

Details and Color Combination

Since this dress has more of a straight profile, I added a faux fur vest over top to give the outfit more weight. It also ties together the brown boots with the brown in the vest since the dress is red.

This vest has been worn since the beginning of the blog by both Charlotte and Nancy as well as myself. And notice we all wore it with dresses/skirts for this post.

Insider tip: To get more wear out of our summer dresses, don’t forget you can layer under them as well as over them. That’s what I did here with this dress by layering a form-fitting 3/4 length sleeve top under the print dress.

Burgundy jeans and pink leather jacket

Jeans: Express-thrifted ~~ Jacket: Maurices~~ Sweater: Jones Wear~~ Boots: Jambu Eagle c/o ~~ Necklace: Alison + Aubrey~~ Scarf: Gibby’s Frillery Jodie20 gives 20% off~~ Purse: Patricia Nash-won in a giveaway~~Hat: Brooklyn Hat Company

How to Wear Brown Boots with Print Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans and ankle boots go together like peanut butter and jelly. Although the length of your jeans can make it challenging on how to combine them.

I wanted to show 2 different options with cuffing my print skinny jeans.
1-I turned the jean up which shows the inside denim which is a solid red.
2-In order to have the same print on the outside of the cuff, you cuff it up higher and then re-cuff the top layer down.

Insider tip: Only if your jeans are really tight against your ankle should you tuck them into your ankle boots. See the example with my leggings above.

Pink and Burgundy for Fall

Considering that pink and burgundy are both reds of differing shades, you should be able to mix them together nicely. While the lighter versions of pink are seen more in the spring and summer, we have shown that pinks can work for fall too.

Insider tip: If you don’t like snakeskin print because it reminds you too much of snakes, then try a colored version. Then it looks more like an abstract print instead of snakeskin.

I added the scarf around the brim of my hat to continue the lightness of the pink jacket. The bottom half of the outfit seemed dark, and the lighter colors are better for my complexion.

Asymmetrical pink leather jacket

For this look, I wore my purse crossbody because we were exploring a museum and I wanted to be hands-free. I struggle with purses creating a division between the girl, I counteracted that by matching the darker sweater with the darker strap of the purse. On top of that, I also wore a long gold necklace to be the focal point.

Review of the Eagle Jambu Boots

I chose these Jambu Eagle boots because the chunkier boots are very much in style. There is so much to love about this boot even if you usually like the more feminine versions in the past.

  • Lightweight. These weigh in under 10 oz, which makes them easy to wear for all day. Some of the clunky boots are so heavy that they tire you out. (That is the case with my combat boots, so I like these as an all day replacement).
  • Roomy. Because of the square toe box, there is more room for your toes.
  • Comfy. There is a memory foam insole that cushions the foot.
  • Safe and Functional. No more worries about slipping and sliding with the non-slip All Terra traction rubber outsole.
  • Warm. These are available with the faux fur insides to keep your feet toasty warm. Living in Arizona now, I did not choose this style but if I were still living in Colorado, you bet I would have. YET even the non faux fur boots (the ones I’m showing) have a thin sheerling lining for warmth.
  • Water Resistant. While the website doesn’t say this about these Eagle boots, my boots have it printed on them that they are water resistant. This would mean they’ve been treated with a water repellant material.
  • Easy on and off. There is strap in the front and back opening which makes it easy to pull on and off this Chelsea style boot. The gore on both sides gives it stretch to allow your foot to slide in easily.
  • Budget Oriented. Did you click over and see the price? It’s a wonderful deal especially when you use my discount code.

This style comes in both black and brown along with a faux fur option in both colors. They have been selling out and I see they are occasionally restocked. So if they have your size, don’t wait.

Of course, you can always check out the other boots available from Jambu this season.

Fall outfit with dark jeans and lighter top

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We have worked with Jambu for 4 years now because we appreciate their comfort and style.

The best part of working with these companies is being able to offer you a discount code. Use JTOUCHF21 for 20% off your purchase on anything on their site until December 5, 2021. If you’ve never tried Jambu footwear, they are one of the companies I’ve mentioned in my Comfortable Everyday Shoe post.

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5+ ways of how to wear brown boots

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