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How to Wear Culottes: The Fall Edit for Older Women

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Pop of color

How to Wear Culottes: The Fall Edit for Older Women

This week is all about how to wear culottes because I think whether you call them cropped pants or culottes, they can be a wonderful option. If you think they just don’t look good on you, then I might suggest digging a little deeper about “why” they don’t look good.
Could it be the proportions with the top? Is it the length or width of the pants? Because not all culottes are created equal.

Quote of the day: “I’m trying hard to see people in a different way, that THEIR way may not be MY way, but that’s absolutely fine!  I hope future generations can go through life being less hard on themselves and each other.” Donna Mallard

This quote is from one of my readers in an email exchange we had the other day. One of the best things that she and I have learned in our midlife years is how judging others is detrimental. There is NO one right way. Whether that’s how we live our lives or how we style our clothes.

This means, even though we show two different variations with tops as part of how to wear culottes, your opinion could be conflicting with my thoughts, yet that doesn’t make it wrong!! In fact, in my example, Lesley commented that she liked the belted version better.
Lesley tried a trend she hasn’t like in the past.

Insider tip: Don’t get caught up in the “name” of the piece. Sure, I’m calling these culottes, but you could call them cropped pants or even capris. It really doesn’t matter what you call them, but how you feel in an outfit.

Culottes: Lola Jeans ~~Top: Lauren Jean Company~~ Boots: Universal Thread~~ Earrings: Charming Charlies ~~ Purse: thrifted

Tucked or Untucked

Proportion is the same issue we talked about with our midi skirts. Maybe if you don’t love how culottes look on you, the issue could be that you are wearing your top untucked and creating a half and half proportion. Not that this is the worst thing in the world. But maybe you look at it and think it’s not as wonderful?

If you like the 1/3 to 2/3 proportion better but hate tucking in your tops, here are a couple of other ideas.
1-Buy crop tops. Now I know you’re thinking you’re too old for crop tops. But many of the “crop” tops aren’t super short (again, not all are created equal), and they could actually hit you at your waist instead of your crotch.
2-Try the half-tuck (remember it doesn’t have to be in the front of your body. Charlotte has showcased it on the side.
3-Use an elastic (either clear one or hair elastic) to make the top end where it looks good to you.
4-Have your top altered shorter so you can leave it untucked and like the proportions.
5-Or try my trick and wear a tunic so the top half is the 2/3 proportion.

Stripes and denim

Belt It

I’ve showcased a couple of posts comparing/contrasting using a belt. While they can be a wonderful extra, they aren’t always needed or helpful.

If you are thinking of how to wear culottes, and you’ve tucked in your top, a belt can add the finishing touch. Sometimes it can cut you in half. What’s the difference? In my mom’s example, I think the white belt actually looks like the white stripes of the top so it blends in.

Belt Comparisons
Simplified Belt Style Depending on What You Like Best
Accessory Style Challenge: When to Wear a Belt

A Pop of Color

How would you accessorize this outfit?? Since there is so much blue and white already, I asked my mom to bring in a different color with her accessories. And did you know that green accessories were seen all over the Met Gala this year? I think the green and blue together are fabulous and even though the purse and earrings don’t match exactly, they both give off that green vibe.

There are so many other pops of colors that would be fabulous with the blue and white outfit.
1-Yellow, just like Lesley wore recently.
2-Pink, both light pink or bright pink
What would you pick?

How to wear culottes with ankle boots

Charlottes and How to Wear Culottes: The Denim Version

These culottes are a perfect example of how you can tailor them to make them better for you. When my mom first got these (see that post here), they were much longer. So she decided to shorten them which makes them almost the same length as her midi skirt from a couple of weeks ago.
In fact, back in the 1970s, my mom had made a brown wool pair of culottes, which she changed into an A-line skirt 10 years later.

Insider tip: I’m learning it is much more sustainable to fix/upstyle/alter your clothes than to purge them. Even if you can’t make the changes yourself, it’s usually less expensive to pay someone to do it than buying a whole new clothing item.

Denim is such a staple in our lives now. In fact, if you ever go shopping in the younger kids’ stores, you’ll notice that jeans are predominant for females and men alike. Not that we need to look like the youngsters, but denim is ageless!!

Western ankle boots

How to Wear Culottes with Ankle Boots

You saw my mom wear these same culottes with navy boots recently. A taller boot leaves no bare skin exposed for when it’s colder. Yet a shorter boot works fabulously when there isn’t a big nip in the air. Ankle boots give that nod to fall, yet don’t give you heatstroke during the Indian Summer of fall.
These white, cowboy ankle boots are ones that can be worn with almost anything. In fact, you can see how my mom wore them as a contrast to an outfit over 2 years ago.

Just because you have a cowboy-style bootie does not mean the entire outfit needs that same vibe. If you are looking for a modern cowboy style look, you would want to revisit Nancy’s outfit.

Women over 80 and how to wear culottes
How to wear culottes

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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