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How to Wear Culottes with Ankle Boots for Fall

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Kimono tied up for fall

How to Wear Culottes with Ankle Boots for Fall

Wearing culottes with ankle boots is perfect for the autumn season. I know many of my friends can’t wrap their heads around wearing ankle boots with anything but jeans. One of those friends is Lesley. Yet here she is working outside her comfort zone without me twisting her arm!! I call that fabulous!!

Quote of the day: “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations…If you adopt their attitudes, then the possibility won’t exist because you’ll have already shut it out.” Mae Jemison

This quote reminds me of my pep talk called Perfectly Imperfect. I’m sure you’ve read many fashion rules that say you shouldn’t cut off your leg line with ankle boots worn like this because you’ll look shorter. My response is always, “what is wrong with looking short?” If you ever meet me in person, it’s not going to be a secret that I am short.
I think our goal should be looking nice and showcasing interesting outfits. Not looking taller or thinner.

It’s very hard to change our mindset about fashion if we don’t start questioning the “rules”. So let’s start questioning why we wouldn’t want to wear culottes with ankle boots. I think the burgundy booties add a wonderful intentional color to the look and have a modern feel.
You can see how Charlotte also wore ankle boots with her denim culottes, and I showcased two different shoe options.

Culottes: Serengeti-thrifted~~ Kimono: Angie (From a boutique in Wickenburg)~~ Top: Dress barn ~~ Boots: Refresh~~ Earrings:

No Sew Alterations: Culottes and Ankle Boots

Lesley chose these navy culottes that she wore for a “costume” of what women wore in the 1930s for sporting events. Even if you have a vintage piece or something that is from a different era, I always think you should be able to wear it in modern ways too.
Adding contemporary items in stylish ways is the secret. And that’s one thing these ankle boots do, they add a modern vibe to the look. In contrast, if Lesley had worn a pair of spectator, t-strap shoes, it might have looked too costumey.

Lesley used two no-sew alterations to this look. Not that there is a right or wrong, but it’s how she wanted to make it better for her.

1-She tied up the ends of the kimono to create a different proportion for the front view. You can see 5 OTHER ways to style a kimono to make them more fitted in this blog post or 8 different ways in a YouTube video.
2-Lesley also rolled up the waistband of these culottes to expose more bare legs.

Insider tip: If the material is too silky and doesn’t stay put, try using a belt to hold up the extra material like I’ve shown with a maxi skirt in the past.

Women over 70 wearing culottes with ankle boots


We talk a lot about kimonos for the summer, but I think they can carry us into fall too. Just because the calendar says a certain month or certain season, does not mean the temperatures pay heed to that.

Another advantage to tying up the ends this way is you create a more asymmetrical shape in the front which is always more interesting.

Minimal jewelry

Minimal Jewelry

If you’re a more minimalist when it comes to jewelry, then Lesley’s outfit will be perfect for you. Even though her earrings are larger hoops yet they don’t seem that big because they are mostly silver with hints of blue.

And the necklace means “Happiness”. Lesley’s daughter bought it for her when they were in Sonoma about a month after Lesley’s husband had passed away. Those are such meaningful pieces!!

Low ankle boots with culottes

Colorful Ankle Boots

Colorful ankle boots are another wonderful way to accessorize these culottes especially if your jewelry is minimal. Why? Because you are adding more interest to the look.
Instead of being invisible and blending into the background, you are wearing something that grabs people’s attention and can be a great conversation starter.

And if you still struggle with how to wear culottes with ankle boots, then you might start with booties that have a lower shaft. Then you could almost think of them as a loafer instead.

Low rise ankle boots

Lesley’s History with Culottes

Lesley made a lot of her clothes when she was in high school. When the culotte trend came around, she made herself a pair in basic black that hit her at the knees (which was acceptable for the skirt length back then). However, the girl’s counselor sent her home to change because they were considered to be pants. And pants were not allowed in school at that time.

I have heard a couple of friends say they wouldn’t wear them now. Yet, I think they are a wonderful option if you find ones that fit great. In fact, I almost always wear mine to get pedicures.

Wide leg culottes with ankle boots
Culottes with ankle boots

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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