How to Wear a Faux Fur Scarf with our Outerwear & the Ageless Style Linkup

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How to wear a faux fur scarf for warmth

How to Wear a Faux Fur Scarf with our Outerwear & the Ageless Style Linkup

Quote of the day: “I’ve learned to give myself a break. I think striving for perfection is just a fool’s errand.” Katie Couric

Talk about a quote hitting the nail on the head. I’m one of those that used to think perfection was the key. But I feel that as I’ve gotten older, it’s silly to even consider. What does this have to do with how to wear a faux fur scarf? Well nothing except that it’s also our Ageless Style group time, and I always love seeing everyone’s different interpretations of a theme.

I’ve finally learned that even if I don’t have the same clothing items or same body shape, I can get inspiration from almost any woman. And when Jennie suggested faux fur as our theme for January, I had all three of us pull out the faux fur scarves.

How to wear a faux fur scarf as an accessory

We traveled out to Golden, Colorado for today’s shoot and it was a cold winter day. So it was perfect for our scarves and all the other accessories with our outerwear. I have to kid about my mom here out of love. She has this princess wave that she does, and we’ve been trying to change it up. Needless to say, it cracks us up.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit

How to wear a faux fur scarf for women over 40

Coat: Happy Goat Lucky c/o (here)~~Jeans: Kut from the Cloth (similar here)~~Boots: Matisse-thrifted (similar here)~~Scarf: The Limited (similar here)~~Brooch: (similar here)~~Purse: Tommy Hilfiger-thrifted (similar here)~~Gloves: (similar here)

How to wear a faux fur scarf with a pin on it

Why I Wore This Outfit

I was recently gifted 2 puffer coats to showcase from Happy Goat Lucky. You can compare the two coats side by side on my Instagram post where I am asking for your help in deciding which one I should keep.

I’ve been a stubborn girl about puffer coats before this. However, I talked all about what I’ve learned since I’ve tried these out in my first Instagram post and then the second post.

How to wear a faux fur scarf with cowboy boots

How You Could Change This Outfit

The western trend is starting to make a comeback so I threw on my thrifted cowboy boots. If that’s not your style, you could easily substitute tan riding boots for this outfit. Another option for those of you who like to match your jeans and footwear would be burgundy ankle boots.

How to wear a faux fur scarf with a puffer coat

Interesting Tidbit

I would never have thought to wear a brooch on my faux fur scarf except I saw it when I purchased this scarf a couple of years ago. Brooches are one of those accessories that get forgotten quite a bit. We’ve worn them many times on the blog, and are a great way to add some sparkle to any outfit.

Nancy’s (70+) Outfit

How to wear a leopard print faux fur scarf

Coat: Simply Noelle (similar here)~~Pants: Alex Evening (similar here)~~Boots: Jambu c/o (here)~~Scarf: (similar here)~~Hat: Target (similar here)~~Purse: Papaya (similar here)~~Gloves: (similar here)

How to wear a faux fur scarf for women over 70

Why Nancy Wore This Outfit

I wanted to have Nancy showcase that your white denim jacket could still be an option for the winter. Especially for those of you located in the warmer areas! And heck, even some days in winter here in Denver can be relatively warm.

By adding in the other cold weather accessories like a scarf, hat and gloves, you can make the denim jackets work. And the white jackets always pop the darker colors so well.

How to wear a faux fur scarf for the winter

How You Could Change This Outfit

If the denim is in no way warm enough for you, I totally understand. Yet, a white coat can be such a show stopper for the winter. I had one for over 10 years that was washable, and I wore it to death. To me, that’s the key. Find one that is washable. I think that this one is washable, or even a puffer coat would fit the bill.

How to wear a faux fur scarf with a white denim jacket

Interesting Tidbit

Nancy bought this faux fur scarf when we were exploring Frisco, Colorado for their Wassail days last winter. The best thing about it is it’s reversible to black. And doesn’t it look fabulous with the faux fur hat that she picked up at Target?

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit

How to wear a faux fur scarf with a cape

Cape: My mom made it (similar here)~~Jeans: Mossimo (similar here)~~Boots: Jambu c/o (here)~~Scarf: Noelle (similar here)~~Hat: from an Antique shop (similar here)~~Purse: Nicole Miller-thrifted (similar here)~~Gloves: (similar here)

How to wear a faux fur scarf for women over 80

Why Charlotte Wore This Outfit

First I asked my mom to wear the grey faux fur scarf with her brown cape. Brown and grey are both neutrals and so should mix together nicely. However, I never used to pair them with each other, and my mom is the same way. Yet it’s a great example of how we should be open to different ideas because it looks great.

Of course once she put on the leopard belt (more about that item below in the interesting detail portion), she went all out with the leopard hat, gloves and purse.

How to wear a faux fur scarf with velvet jeans

How You Could Change This Outfit

Even though leopard is being showcased everywhere right now, I still know many women who don’t love it. So another fun print would be plaid. I found some great plaid gloves, plaid hat and plaid purse that could tickle your fancy instead.

How to wear a faux fur scarf with brown and grey

Interesting Tidbit

This leopard belt on my mom’s handmade cape is an interesting story. My mom used to work in alterations at Nordstroms and someone was having their leopard coat shortened. The scrap was going to be thrown away until my mom got her hands on it and made it into this belt. She did have to add some lining to it, but isn’t that so resourceful?

How to wear a faux fur scarf in Golden, Colorado

Tips & Tricks

Trust me when I say that these scarves are nice and warm. There’s no “holes” to let air in like knitted scarves.

There are so many varieties available in case there is a certain detail you like or don’t like. If you have a short neck. then there are many that are longer so you can keep it draped around your neck instead.

Some have closures attached to them or a pull through, so they don’t take a bunch of fiddling with to get them to stay closed. Yet there are even infinity type versions so that’s not even a concern.

Are you a fan?? Heck, I even wear mine with sweaters and dresses for the inside too.

How to wear a faux fur scarf for ladies over fifty

Heck, we even found a 4 legged friend with his own fur scarf!! See, even the pups are getting in on the action.

How to wear a faux fur scarf as your outerwear

Ageless Style Group

Onto the others in our ageless style group. I hope you check out how everyone differs in their faux fur. It’s always so interesting to see everyone’s different takes on a theme. If you’re a blogger, make sure to join in on the link party.

Our co-host is Leslie from Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After.  I’ve know Leslie awhile ever since I started participating in the Sentence a Day posts. She’s the organizer behind the those journaling posts. Even though she lives in the south were you don’t need faux fur much, I love that she joined us for this. Heck, she did have a dusting of snow recently, so you never know!

Make sure to follow her on her social sites of FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. Leslie would not call herself a fashionista. In fact, she says it’s a tongue in cheek when she posts a fashion post. Yet, that’s every one of us, I think. Sure, some women love it more than others, but it’s all individual style. However, anyone wearing those fabulous leopard shoes has a little fashionista in them. Aren’t they marvelous?

Leslie shows how to wear faux fur scarf

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