How to Wear a Jumpsuit- Petite Version

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How to Wear a Jumpsuit-Petite Version

Nancy’s here to show you how to wear a jumpsuit, the petite version. While this clothing item, can make any woman look taller, I do want to stress that we are perfect the way we are. There’s no reason to try to look any kind of “er” like I talked about in a recent post.

Quote of the day: “I’m not short, I’m fun sized.” Unknown

It’s all about our perspective, right? And I think any clothing items can work for petites as long as it fits right. That’s where shopping the petite section can help along with getting pieces altered. And you do realize that petite is about the vertical proportion, right? There are petites in larges and x-larges too. And when you’re shorter, I showed how the cropped versions can work perfectly.

I know many women are put off by the reality of going to the bathroom in a jumpsuit. Don’t despair because I have some tips for that issue. Along with the fact, Charlotte showed a faux jumpsuit.

How to wear a jumpsuit petite version

Nancy’s Wearing

Jumpsuit: White House Black Market~~Cardigan: Papillon~~Boots: Bleeker & Bond~~Necklace: Premier~~Earrings: Premier ~~Purse: Laga

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How to Wear a Jumpsuit-Petite Version

Nancy did love wearing jumpsuits back many years ago aside from the bathroom issue. And don’t worry, I have some ideas to make that bathroom issue easier and will discuss later this week.

The one aspect that makes jumpsuits work especially for petites is the fact that you have on that column of color, which is always so flattering. And they are like dresses….one and done. If you’re wearing it without a topper, you don’t have to think as hard to figure out what to wear.

Leopard cardigan over a jumpsuit


Since our morning was a tidge cooler this day, Nancy added a cardigan. This one has a button on the upper left where it closes to make it look like a normal sweater. Yet it’s easy to get out of when she has to take it off to go to the bathroom.

I love that it’s a black and white leopard print so it really goes with everything. The asymmetrical aspect of it looks so fabulous with this jumpsuit.

Burgundy and leopard


Having a matching necklace and earring set does make accessorizing easier. Just like a jumpsuit makes getting dressed easier. Here’s another white jewelry set option that is lovely.

White accessories


Nancy has worn this jumpsuit many times on the blog before. I found it for her online and we were so happy it fit perfectly. You can see the jumpsuit without any topper too. It has snaps to hold her bra straps in place, but it’s nice not to have to use them when she wears something over it.

If you want to try the jumpsuit trend, I’ll help out with some great options later this week. But Shein has some great, inexpensive ones. The important point when ordering from this site is to check the measurements and read the reviews. I have bought a couple of pieces from them in the past, and they’ve been fine. Yet I always realize many times you get what you pay for.

Petite woman in a jumpsuit

White booties

I know all three of us have been surprised at how versatile the white booties have been. And let me point out that both my mom and Nancy bought theirs without any prompting from me. While we wore them all together, each of us has worn them many times since.

Even if you don’t think you’d wear them much in the warmer weather, this could be the time to get a pair for a deal. Target has some with a small heel and then when the fall comes back, you’ll be ready.

White booties in spring


This is a Laga purse that I bought for Nancy years ago. The profits benefit the women that make them. If you check out their items, you’ll see they aren’t inexpensive. Obviously I bought them when I was working. But at least they last a long time.

I have a green and pink version that I had carried as part of a print mixing showcase.

White booties and a jumpsuit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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