How to Wear Leopard Print Pants

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Chambray shirt and leopard

How to Wear Leopard Print Pants

How to wear leopard print pants was a request from one reader after I wore these pants recently. Now I realize that this particular pair of pants may not be your “go to” pants because they are quite a statement. However, even my mother just bought a pair that are a tad more muted, so you can too.

Quote of the day: “Above all challenge yourself. You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have, what you can accomplish.” Cecile Springer

This concept of taking the same piece and finding a couple of different ways to wear it or different color combinations has been fabulous for me. It makes me feel like the clothing item is truly versatile and I think of wearing it more often.

So even if you don’t have (or want) leopard pants, maybe these outfit ideas will spur some inspiration with other leopard pieces or even just a tan pair of pants.

Bright green with a print

How to Wear Leopard Print Pants with Brights

This was the original outfit that brought on the request to style them differently. Considering the leopard print is full of neutrals, I chose a color that isn’t paired with it as often. I figured that bright green would really liven up the colorway.

Because of that, I did keep my shoes neutral with my pair of fur lined mules from Walking Cradles. Since we were going to a zoo event, of course, I carried my belt bag so I’d be “hands free.” And I was a little worried because these pants are pretty bold, so I kept my accessories minimal.
However, I will laugh that now that I’ve worn these pants a couple of times, I don’t think of them as so scary.

Insider tip: Bright colors do create a focal point. It’s a good way to take the attention off something you don’t love about the outfit.

What to wear with leopard print pants and a darker color

Muted Colors and Leopard

My next attempt at how to wear leopard print pants was with a top that was more muted. This purple sweater seemed less bright in real life, so maybe I edited the photo too much?

It was chilly this morning so I added in my brown leather jacket. And for my boots, I wore my white sock booties that have been such a favorite. To me they add a modern edge to anything I wear. If you think they aren’t for you, then let me remind you that both Charlotte and Nancy have similar pairs.

Insider tip: While white boots are more challenging to keep clean, I have found the Magic Eraser to be my best friend for this task.

Chambray shirt and leopard

Denim Goes with Everything

Just like I tried to show with 5 ways to style a denim shirt, denim goes with everything. So I tied my longer denim shirt at my waist to become basically a jacket. The message on that graphic t-shirt is super important to me and you can read about it on Instagram.

I wore a pair of metallic boots yet added in more leopard with these earrings. If you’ve never tried the leather earrings like these, then you are really missing out. They are not only cute, but super lightweight.

Insider tip: If you are wearing very lightweight earrings, make sure to use the earring backing with it. You can always buy more of these backings if you need them.

How to wear leopard print pants with grey

Wear Them with a Neutral

Most of the style ideas I see elsewhere would be showing these pants with black. And while that would look great on many people, black washes me out too much. Therefore, I grabbed a grey turtleneck and jacket and left the black to my shoes.

I will point out that I wore black earrings. These fringe earrings are from Alison & Aubrey, which is a mother/daughter company I work with. One of the reasons I wear these black earrings is because they are paired with gold instead of silver. And this company usually has a nice selection of either metals which I appreciate.

Insider tip: Sure, there’s always going to be trends for jewelry metals. But if they are going to be close to your face, it’s better to wear what looks good with your complexion.

Print mixing

How to Wear Leopard Print Pants AND Print Mix

For my last example of how to wear leopard print pants, I wanted to get really wild and crazy and show some print mixing. Needless to say, it’s not super obvious, but maybe that makes you like it better? Can you even spot the second print? It’s my tan striped top that I’ve had for years. Then I layered my tan, moto jacket from Peach over it.

Of course, I had to add in some color somewhere, so this time I let my shoes be the party. Along with my purse and earrings.

Insider tip: When I add a pop of color, I try not to overdo it. 1-3 items tends to be the best.

What do you think? Would you try out a pair of leopard pants at all? If so, which way would you wear them?

How to wear leopard pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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