How to wear magenta with different colors

How To Wear Magenta: 3 Options for Stylish Women

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When Pantone announced that the color of the year was magenta, I think I did a little happy dance. Why? Because it’s a bright color that will be fun for women of any age to wear. The proof of that will be below when you check out all of the women in my Magnificent 8 group who are also talking about how to wear magenta. This group of women ranges from their early 20s to my mom being the most senior woman at age 84.

Quote of the day: “Don’t try to lessen yourself for the world; let the world catch up to you.” Beyonce Knowles

How to wear Magenta with colors
1-With a Colorful print

Do bright colors seem too much or overwhelming? If you are used to neutrals and muted colors, then I could understand that thinking. Yet there is a huge psychology about wearing colorful items that affect not only us but the people who see us.

Insider tip: Want to start wearing color but don’t know where to start? I suggest using bright colors as your accessories as my mother did here.

Magenta is one of those colors that can vary especially in what you call it. Call it red-purple or pinkish-purple. Either way, it’s the color that lies between red and blue on the color wheel.
I think one reason it has made an appearance is the Barbicore trend has been huge on social media. And we are here to show that magenta works with so many other colors.

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The three of us each approached the idea of how to style magenta with other colors. But that’s not to say there aren’t other options. It’s my opinion that any color would work with magenta. When in doubt, just add a neutral along with it.

1-Magenta with a Colorful Print

Older woman and how to wear magenta
Pants: Talbots-Goodwill~~ Jacket: Kardashian-Clothes Mentor ~~ Top: JMCollection ~~ Shoes: ~~ Boots: Soft and Style ~~Dickey: no label-thrifted ~~ Purse: Kate Spade-thrifted

Charlotte chose to wear her magenta blazer (one that she just found at Clothes Mentor recently) with a print top. You might think that the print top has to have magenta in it for it to look good, but you would be surprised at how lots of shades of pink, red, and purple would look great.
A lighter magenta that looks pinker or even a darker shade that seems more burgundy would all tie in fabulously.

Wearing a color with a print item is an easy step towards incorporating the color into your looks. Even if you are scared of prints, by wearing it under a jacket or topper, you only see a little of it, and so it’s not as obvious!

Grounding the Magenta with Black

The other secret of how to wear magenta is to ground it with a neutral. And that’s what Charlotte did with her pants, purse, boots, and even her dickey. That makes the focus on the blazer and top underneath.


Let’s hear it for some print mixing with the grey plaid purse as part of the equation. I always think that your purse can make for some fun and interesting detail of the outfit.

Magenta and black

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Magenta and Turquoise

Woman over 70 and how to wear magenta
Dress: Prima-online~~ Top: Chicos-thrifted~~ Shoes: Mercanti Florentinin-DSW ~~Scarf: no label~~ Bracelet: gift from me~~ Earrings: Old Towne Scottsdale~~ Purse: NL-thrifted

Lesley shared that she adores both of these colors but struggled with styling them together because they are both such saturated colors. However, after digging into her scarves, she found a scarf that tied the two colors together and even wore it as a belt.

Now, let’s give Lesley a round of applause for wearing the scarf as a belt. It’s not her normal and if you have been here long, then you’ll know that she describes her body shape as a zucchini. Yet it’s proof that even zucchinis can wear a belt stylishly!

Check Out Those Proportions

I will stand by my thinking that we shouldn’t be married to the idea of always worrying about proportions in a look. But I think Lesley’s dress and jacket as a topper are a nice example of the long to short proportion.

One trick that she used is to cuff the sleeves which can add that “je ne sais quoi” to a look.

Insider tip: If you look in the mirror and something doesn’t look right with your outfit, many times a change of proportion, cuffing sleeves or pantlegs, or some kind of tuck can do the trick.


Lesley is also print mixing with her purse since the scarf is also a print. And both prints are stripes.

The shoes are a walking mocassin in bright pink which is a fabulous way to add color to any outfit. If I could suggest one color for your footwear it would be a bright color. For example, ones that are pink, yellow, turquoise, or even red to give a pop of color.

Dress and shacket outfit

Magenta and Orange

I’ve always loved orange and Fuschia together, so pairing magenta and orange seem very similar. In the first set of photos, I wanted to show how a shacket like this could be worn either long or tied up. That gives you two options on proportions, and truthfully, I like them both.

BTW, these are “work pants” that I’ve worn cuffed and casual before. Today I just cuffed them once to show off the shoes.

Insider tip: Stop categorizing your clothing. It’s silly to throw out all of your “office” clothing when you retire. So much of it can be worn casually. Your blazers look great with graphic t-shirts, your work pants can be worn like this and your button-down shirts can be shackets.

Grounding the Magenta with Tan

Just as with Lesley’s how-to-wear magenta outfit with turquoise, both of my colors are saturated. Which is why I combined them with a neutral. My mom used black as her neutral to tie it all together and I used lighter neutrals.

I’m actually wearing two tops. One is a tan and white print t-shirt and the other is a tan athletic top that you can see in its entirety from Thursday in my Daily Outfits post. The athletic top is one meant for yoga, but just like the “work” pants, why not wear it any day?


This necklace has purples and red in it so I thought it tied the magenta and orange together nicely. Originally it is a 3 stranded, long necklace but it hung too far down. With a reminder that I am the boss of my clothes, I quickly made it into a shorter necklace that worked perfectly for this outfit.
See the video here of it both ways.

My purse is really a wine carrier that I found thrifting. The only way I knew it was a wine carrier is there is a bottle opener in it, haha. But it’s a great reminder of how many other items can be used as purses.
For example, my mom used a jewelry box here.

I ended up adding faux fur at the top of these high-top sneakers because they rubbed against my ankle bone. I may try to write a DIY post about that soon.

Wearing a magenta shacket with orange pants

You can see how all three of us wore magenta toppers from short to medium to long in length. That should give you some great inspiration for anything in your closet.

How to wear magenta tops for any age woman

The Magnificent 8 & How to Wear Magenta

The Magnificent 8 is a collaboration among 8 stylish women, each in a different age bracket, ranging from their early 20’s to their early 80’s. The mission of this collaboration is to show you just how ageless style is, and how we can each dress, however, we’d like, and in ways that make us feel fabulous. There are no age restrictions on style. So wear what you want, when you want, add a smile, and strut your style with confidence.

And be sure to check out all of these amazing women talking about how to wear magenta.
NOT every post goes live at the same time, so if it’s not up when you check them out, I hope that you will check back later!!! It’s hard when we are all in different time zones.

Magnificent 8

Grace of Graceful Rags
Mica of Away from the Blue 
Roxanne of Glass of Glam
Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge 
Rena of Fine Whatever 
Eugenia of Age of Grace 
Lesley and Charlotte of Jodie’s Touch of Style

3 options of how to wear magenta

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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