How to Wear Print Tights to Show Off Your Tantalizing Personality

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Print tights may not be on your radar to have in your closet. Now black tights on the other hand are probably a staple if you ever wear skirts or dresses in the colder months. But print tights?? Isn’t that too crazy?

I’d love to point out that we are all very unique. Our fingerprints and our personality are like no one else’s, and that should be how our style should be. Therefore, maybe print tights SHOULD be in your closet.
And if you happen to decide to try out a pair, here are three different concepts of how to incorporate them into your looks.

Quote of the day: Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness, but come down into the green valleys of silliness.” Ludwig Wittgenstein

How to Wear Print Tights
1-With a matching color dress
2-Top and print tights are the same colorways
3-Add in an entirely new color with the tights

I thought the quote was so apropos since you might have the idea that print tights are silly. Why would a grown woman even think about wearing something like these?
I’ve learned that having fun with my style is a freeing concept as opposed to taking my looks so seriously. Those rules of how to wear this or that and to make sure to look taller just don’t make sense to me.
My preference is to have fun with style and print tights make the colder and darker winter days more interesting.

In fact, that’s why my ebook is all about accessories because they can make any outfit more interesting. Make sure to sign up for it below.

The Facts About Tantalizing Tights

I’ve experimented with this pair of burgundy and silver print tights that I’ve had for years. Of course, I tend to wear them around the Christmas holidays the most, but I’m trying to push myself to wear them other times too.
Sparkle is good any day!!

If you aren’t opposed to the idea of print tights because of silliness, then you might object to them thinking they will make your legs look bigger.
Are big legs bad?? I don’t understand our obsession with wanting to look smaller in the first place. By embracing our bodies as they are, we free up our thoughts to concentrate on other things.

Then there are the other women who worry that their legs are too thin because they’ve been teased about having “chicken legs.” Again, it’s the saddest thing to worry that any part of our body is something less than wonderful. We age and we change over time. Life is too short to have our thoughts dominated by the thinking that our physical bodies aren’t perfect.

Or as I like to remind everyone, perfectly imperfect is the way to go. I wrote an entire post about the subject here.
Now onto the ways to style these print tights.

Insider tip: Maybe you don’t need to go out and buy a pair of print tights. Instead, check your workout leggings or leggings you wear with tunics. Those can work as “tights” especially if you wear them with boots.
For instance, I wore a pair of teal workout leggings with my Wednesday outfit here. Even though they aren’t a print pair, I love the fact they can do double duty.

My friend, Marsha also just posted a fabulous outfit wearing print workout leggings as tights. Make sure to go see how she styled them.

If you like the idea of tantalizing tights to add some fun to your winter dresses and skirts, but still aren’t 100% convinced, the easiest way is to start with patterned black hosiery or fishnets. These have a bit of sass but aren’t as obvious.

Print tights to add extra to a solid color dress

Dress: Caite & Kyla ~~ Shoes: Sam & Libby-thrifted ~~ Belt: preloved~~ Earrings: Frannie & Elinor~~Glasses: Glasses ShopGHOT35 for 35% discount

1-Print Tights with a Matching Color Dress

The first idea of wearing these burgundy print tights is to match them to your skirt or dress. This would be the most popular approach because the colors match. And I know how many of you prefer matchy matchy!!

This burgundy, velvet dress is a shirt dress that I won from an Instagram contest. I love the idea of a shirt dress that buttons all the way up and down because then it’s versatile as a duster also. In fact, you can see how I styled it here as a cardigan and buttoned it behind me.

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Since the shirtdress isn’t fitted at all, I added a metallic belt and carried that same metal vibe into the outfit with the bronze heels, and accessories.
If you wear eyeglasses, you can use them to be part of the color scheme of an outfit. Most glasses through the online glasses companies are a fraction of what you pay at the eye doctor’s office.

Insider tip: Even though the print tights have silver running through them, it is entirely acceptable to add different metals to the outfit. As proof, my shoes are bronze, the belt is both silver and gold, and so are the earrings.

Dress: Kaylyn + Kayden ~~Skirt: Allegra K-on Amazon here~~Cardigan: I knit it~~ Shoes: Predictions-Payless ~~ Glasses: Glasses ShopGHOT35 for 35% discount

2-Top and Print Tights are the Same Colorways

Now instead of matching the tights to the skirt or dress, how about if you have the same color of the tights for the top half of the outfit?
I did use the silver coloring from the tights as an inspiration to wear my silver pleated skirt. Another idea that would work would have been a neutral skirt, especially a black one.

As I was looking for a burgundy top to bring this idea of matching to the top to fruition, I realized I didn’t have one. So what’s a girl to do??
Wear a dress instead. I’ve showcased how easy it is to layer a skirt over a dress in the past. I know, many of you are shaking your heads and saying that only works because I’m thin. BUT YOU’RE WRONG. This works for any shape and any size. As long as your skirt fits with a top tucked in, it will fit over a dress too. Don’t believe me?? Just try it!

I did layer a burgundy cardigan sweater over the dress (and it’s one that I hand knit). Then I put on my black heels, and some pearl earrings and necklace, and I was good to go.

Print tights to add a different color to a look

Shorts: Topshop ~~ Top: Ann Taylor ~~ Boots: Stuart Weitzman-thrifted ~~ Necklace: Mauzies~~ Earrings: Happiness Boutique ~~Hat: Levis (Rob’s hat)

3-Add in an Entirely New Color with the Tights

Just because the print tights are burgundy and silver, does not mean you have to wear them with burgundy or silver things. You can always add in an entirely new color with the tights.

I’m showing this concept with a pair of blue velvet shorts and blue OTK boots paired with a white sweater. To make it look more intentional, I did copy this “new color” by adding it in with my earrings and my necklace.

Insider tip: When you have print tights or bright tights and you are worried they stand out too much, try having only a sliver of the tights showing. This can be done as I’ve shown above or even with a skirt and tall boots.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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