How to Wear Printed Shoes at the Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden

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Town of Carefree

How to Wear Printed Shoes at the Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden

How to wear printed shoes can be done for almost any occasion and definitely for women of any age. Join us as we take you on the fun day at Carefree’s Enchanted Pumpkin Garden. And then make sure to check out just some of the ways we’ve styled printed shoes in the past.

Quote of the day: “Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.” Tony Robbins

I think we all strive to look and feel better about ourselves from time to time. If this idea has EVER crossed your mind, then keep the above quote in mind. And then look at it this way. The solution may be to change up your style. So if you look at a piece and think that’s not me. Then maybe that’s exactly the item for you!!

Not that I’m saying a pair of shoes can change your life. But then again, maybe they could. Heck, even the ranger wanted a photo with us. Probably because he loved our printed shoes and wished he had a pair.

How to wear printed shoes for women of all ages

Our Outfits for the Day

The three of us experimented with how to wear printed shoes of the animal print variety in our individual posts.

Charlotte seems to have a leopard print obsession when it comes to footwear. For this day, she wore her leopard loafers from Walking Cradles, but trust me she has many other ones too. (Don’t forget I have a Deals and Discount tab if you are ever looking for active discounts.)

Lesley has never been an animal print fan, but this pair of shoes is nice and subtle. Make sure to see how they go so wonderfully with joggers.

I even found a woman at the event that was my twin. It goes to show that my style can be worn for normal women.

Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden

Granted we had already attended one pumpkin festival this year. But luckily, one of my readers, Cheryl, suggested this one too. Because Carefree’s Enchanted Pumpkin Gardens is one of a kind.

First there are artists creating the faces you see on some of these. It’s truly artwork at it’s finest. And then the creativity of putting the “pumpkin people” doing everyday things. It was so cute. And maybe a little gruesome. Like the one pumpkin eating the other pumpkin’s guts!!

There were SO many more photos with other scenes that I didn’t include here. Rob’s favorite was the UFO’s. Mine was the pumpkin tied to the railroad track. You can see another up close photo in my monthly highlights post also.

As for the town of Carefree. It’s about 45 minutes north and a little east of where we are living in Arizona.

Supporting the Small Businesses

I talk about supporting the small companies and businesses and I try hard to walk the talk. At this event, I bought two things. One was this wonderful salt scrub from Carefree Bath & Body.

The other was this amazing hattery called Storyteller Creations. I ended up with the headband and tail to be a dragon on Halloween. But if you check out her Instagram page that I linked to, you can see the amazing pieces she and her partner put together.

It’s at the local events like these that you certainly can find the local businesses that need your support.

How to Wear Printed Shoes

When I started to put together this post about how to wear printed shoes, I found a plethora of photos from our past. And not just of my footwear. Because Nancy and Charlotte have almost as many.

In fact, I had over 30 more I could have shared with you, but I decided to keep it manageable. Now the question is, if you can guess who’s feet are whose? BEFORE you click the link to find out. If you play the game, I’d love to know your results!!


Since boots are worn when the weather is usually cold and dreary, wouldn’t print boots be the cat’s meow?

The green embroidered boots outfit was all about styling your puffer coat. Not only are the boots stylish but they are comfortable since they are from Jambu last season. PS. There is another pair of print boots in that post too.

The black and white booties paired well with jeans and tights. Let’s just say it was a cool day when we started out. These boots were even thrifted, so if you think you might want to embrace this trend on a budget, secondhand is a good way to start.


I just love how there are just as many sandals that have some print on them.

The first pair of printed sandals are ones that would have gone perfectly for the theme this week. Granted they are heels, so they wouldn’t have worked great for a day of walking. But look how nice they look with jeans. And the top is great too.

If you don’t want animal print as the print, there are others. This multicolored pair of sandals goes fabulously even with dresses.


Even if you can’t wear heels anymore, it’s still fun to appreciate them. And I’m not the only one that wears them on this blog.

Another foray into the animal prints with this first pair. You might be surprised to see the colors in the rest of the outfit.

Florals work as nicely in shoes along with every other kind of style items. The best part about this post is how much floral was involved.

Then the third pair of heels is one of those more abstract prints. This isn’t the color of choice for the event of the blog post, but it’s good to try something new, right?


Sneakers have come a long way than just the white bulky ones. If you are limited to comfortable shoes, then this could be the footwear for you.

There’s a better photo of this print sneaker on the blog post. But in case you still can’t tell, it’s a very fashionable print in all kinds of clothing right now.

These sneakers are not only colorful, but they have a wonderful message on them too.

Fun at the enchanted pumpkin festival

I hope you enjoyed our love and suggestions on how to wear printed shoes. Now the next question is do you have any? If you do, I’d love to see them!

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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