How to Wear Short Skirts on a Cruise

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Wearing the same skirt 2 different ways

How to Wear Short Skirts on a Cruise

Not that most of us worry how to wear short skirts. But this is an idea I have for another post that I’m currently taking photos for, and then when Nancy chose this skirt to wear on our cruise, I thought it tied in nicely.

Quote of the day: “Over time I’ve learned to live with my flaws instead of living against them.” Salma Hayek

Nancy usually wears this skirt with boots and or leggings because she’s always thought of it as a little shorter than she prefers. She’s worn this exact skirt with leggings on the blog, although she’s also worn with it sandals and ballet flats too.

So I’m happy she chose this skirt as one of the pieces I considered for the post about 7 essential things to pack for a cruise. It was made by my cousin, Joy when she had a small clothing company. And while the length of a skirt can make or break wearing a piece, sometimes I think we get used to a certain length on us.

Insider tip: Please read that quote again. While none of us like to showcase our flaws, I think if we stop looking at them as flaws, it will get easier. Sure, that means we need a different perspective. It’ll be easier when society embraces the changes that happen with age. BUT that idea starts with us!

Just to prove that skirts can be versatile, you can see how both Charlotte and myself wore our skirts two ways also.

How to Wear Short Skirts for Dinner

This did end up being the favorite look of Nancy’s between these two outfits. I did twist her arm to let me shorten the top by tying the ends in a knot. She said she had tried it at home but wasn’t wild about how it looked.

You can see the original length of the top when she wore it years ago. I know many older women don’t subscribe to the idea of tucking in their tops anymore. But sometimes when you let them hang long (and don’t alter them shorter), they can throw off the proportions. I’m still not always great at getting the right proportions with my outfits. Yet sometimes it’s easier to see on others.

Tying a top like this is one way to “alter” it yourself. In fact, there are a couple of ways you can do this like I talked about in my YouTube video about Tips to Make Your T-Shirt Fit Better.

Cruise wear and how to wear short skirts

Can Your Shoes Make Your Skirt Seem Longer?

I always think that some of the idea how to wear short skirts is dependent on how much leg is showing. One example of that is when Nancy wore her OTK boots with a short skirt 2 winters ago. I think this is one of my favorite outfits on Nancy because it looks so modern and fun (just like she is).

Because you only see a sliver of leg in that post example, I don’t think you realize how short the skirt really is. So while I don’t think this skirt she is wearing is TOO short on Nancy, having shoes that cover more of the foot can be one way to counteract too much leg showing.

Insider tip: This is a good reason to embrace the ankle strap shoes also. I’ve talked before how they can make shoes easier to walk in because they hold your foot in place. My mother never liked them because they “cut off the line of your leg”. However, since we now realize that looking taller is silly, those ankle straps can be functional for many other reasons.

That Keyhole Detail

Let’s talk about how some details really give you the idea that the piece is more contemporary. Like these keyhole openings. You may have thought they were annoying because then your bra shows, but wearing a tank or camisole under them can be the answer to that obstacle.

Wearing a bralette can works wonders too. If you read my post earlier last year about bralettes, you’ll realize you can wear many of them OVER your normal bra. So you are wearing it to camouflage any bra parts showing, not for support.

Many of my friends never want to buy something that needs a “fix” like this. I understand that thinking, really I do. However, that can lead to always wearing the same thing. Or you know….ruts.

Insider tip: Pinterest is a great resource for ways to wear almost anything. Make sure to follow me on Pinterest because I’m trying to save outfit ideas that I know would interest you.

Keyhole items

Wearing a Skirt for an Excursion

Like I talked about in the post where I wore the same skirt for dinner and an excursion, it depends on the excursion, of course. But I will tell you that Nancy told me she was pleasantly surprised that wearing this skirt was comfortable for the entire day. She said she rarely wears skirts for casual activities or on vacation unless it’s a dressy event.

I know one of my readers, Donna, has taken to wearing more dresses/skirts in the summer. Once we get over obsessing about the “flaws” (which are not really flaws) on our legs, I think we would all appreciate how comfortable and great a skirt can be.

Insider tip: You have a WAY better chance of getting a good fit with a skirt than pants/jeans. Why? Because there are only 2 fit points. The waist and the length. With pants you have waist, hips, all the way down the leg, and inseam.

Woman over 70 and how to wear short skirts

Do Your Accessories Have to Match?

The answer to that question is definitely not. Yet I know we feel more comfortable when the pieces in our outfits do have the same colors together. So for those of you who are compulsive matchers (yes, Mary Katherine, I’m talking to you, LOL), here’s a way to take baby steps into the world of non matching.

Find a piece that has the colors of your outfit in them ALONG with other colors. For instance, one of Nancy’s bracelets has turquoise, but we are also seeing the bronze on it. This bronze is like a brown which isn’t anywhere else in this look. Yet it fits in beautifully.

Can you Wear Your Skirt 2 Ways?

So I asked Nancy if she considered this idea successful and would she wear the skirt both ways again. She said yes. Yet it also got her thinking about what else to pair with this skirt. Since there are black and white polka dot pockets on this skirt, she might try her black and white polka dot top.

Now I’d also like to consider other shirt colors with this skirt. I know, I know, that’s hard for many of you. But consider a pink top. Pink goes wonderfully with turquoise and white and black. I showed Nancy wearing a grey top years ago with this skirt.

In fact, I just paired turquoise accent pieces with a green dress on Instagram. What do you think of that combination? I’d also like you to imagine this skirt with a yellow top. Yellow and turquoise pair so well together. And trust me, there is a shade of yellow for each and every one of you.

Insider tip: Making our skirts versatile is not only pairing it with other items, but also other colors. Just look at flower arrangements and see how nicely all the colors go together. You can do that with your outfits too.

How to wear short skirts for older women

How to Wear Short Skirts For a Caribbean Cruise

If you have a skirt you might consider a tad too short, taking it on a cruise could be the best idea. Why? Because it’ll be warm enough that you will be happy for the bare legs.

And packing it for a trip will require that you get somewhat creative with how you wear it. I have found the BEST way to start loving my clothing items is to find many different ways to wear them.

Insider tip: I will also say that Lesley has a great tip for how to wear short skirts. She will wear biking shorts under them so if they do blow up, she’s not exposed!!

How to wear short skirts for a cruise

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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