How to Wear Skinny Jeans and Short Boots

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Outfit for woman over 50

How to Wear Skinny Jeans and Short Boots

I was thinking about how to wear skinny jeans and short boots for this outfit. Both of these items are what I’d consider a modern detail to incorporate into a fall outfit.

Quote of the day: ” Better to stay among the dinosaurs…Better to be miserable and feel cheated than to welcome the new breed that I didn’t understand and for whom I had no affection.” Meg Wolitzer in her book, The Wife

I just finished this book (yes, it was a movie also) and had to stop to write down this quote. It made me think how some women approach style. They’d rather keep with what they know (even if it’s not the best), than venture out and try new things. That’s why I love that you’re here reading this. I’ve learned that pushing us out of our comfort zone is definitely a good thing.

And while Lesley wore jeans with her Jambu boots too, her’s is still a different look. Along with how Charlotte chose to match the pumpkins. Plus you should see the details about where we took these photos.

This is a sponsored post with Jambu which means you can get 20% off your purchase with the code JTOUCHF19 until November 18. I’ve given the facts below on what a sponsored post means to me.

Styling skinny jeans and short boots

Jeans: Silver c/o Trendz ~~ Top: Xhileration ~~ Boots: Jambu (here) ~~Earrings: ~~ Bracelet: Alison & Aubrey ~~Hat: San Francisco- Rob’s ~~Purse: Target

Jodie’s Skinny Jeans and Short Boots

Backpack for the pumpkin festival

Lesley tucked up her jeans so the boots would show nicely. I decided to go a different route with my skinny jeans and short boots. I cuffed up my jeans a couple of times to show off my ankles.

As for the hole in my jeans. I’ve finally embraced the distressed trend a little more than I did a couple of years ago. I’m not sure if it’s that I’m used to seeing it on others. Or the fact, that when I do see it on older women, I get this feeling that they are SO cool. Maybe it’s because it’s not as popular on the older generations, so I know they are living large.

I know from earlier comments, that many of you still shake your head about this trend. And to a point, I still get that. I don’t know how to explain it, but sometimes joining in on trends really does make you feel younger. Either that or I’m going through a midlife crisis, LOL!!


Orange earrings

I guess Lesley and I had the same idea grabbing men’s hats for our looks this week. Of course I didn’t decorate mine like she did. But now that she gave me that idea, I will have to try that.

I didn’t set out to wear Rob’s hat, but I wanted one more neutral and most of mine aren’t neutral colors. That’s the problem with always wanting the decorated things, I don’t have that many basics, ha ha! Good thing I can borrow some of Rob’s things.


I wanted to wear a bracelet since they still show up with this 3/4 length sleeve top. So I chose something a little more subdued with my Alison + Aubrey Pave T rose gold one.

And I figured these earrings almost look like pumpkins. Okay, not really, but it’s what popped in my head when I was picking them out.

I’d also like to point out although I bet most of you wouldn’t have noticed, is my midriff is showing. Not that I usually go around showing it off. But I wanted to wear this top, and obviously the jeans are a little lower than the ones I usually wear with it. Yet, I think it’s like anything. We are the only ones that notice many of these smaller details. And hey, it’s not like it’s that inappropriate.

Lilac Top

Skinny jeans and short boots

Even though lilac isn’t quite a fall color, that’s exactly why I chose it for today’s event. Besides it has little bits of orange interspersed in the print.

As much as I gravitate towards the “normal” fall colors like everyone else, I’ve been trying to push myself lately. Just like when we toured Frank Llolyd Wright’s place, we all tried some different “fall” colors.

Jambu Sylvie Boots

These are the Sylvie Boots from Jambu. They come in both a black and brown multi color, with both options having a tidge of shimmer. It’s hard to see it in these photos, but there is a slight glimmer to them up close.

If you’ve been around awhile, then you know that I have worked with Jambu for 5 seasons now starting in the fall two years ago. I think one of the best details about their boots for winter is the traction you have on the soles. These are not boots that you are going to worrying about slipping around in when you wear them.

One of the reasons I chose this pair, the Sylvie, is because how low the sides are along with the perforations. To me, those are fun details and especially now that I’m in a warmer climate. Granted, when I visit Denver again, I can wear them with socks or tights.


Woman over 50 in skinny jeans and short boots

I have to admit that my belt bag sure gets a ton of wear when we go on our fun outings together. It’s just SO convenient not to have to “carry” a purse. But I felt the need to change it up for today so I grabbed my back pack instead.

This backpack was inexpensive at Target in the sale section a year ago and I’ve worn it many times too. If I had to compare the backpack to the belt bag, would you be surprised to hear me say I like the belt bag better?? It’s easier to get into when I need stuff! So don’t be surprised if I happen to purchase another one.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

The Facts

This is a sponsored post by Jambu. Which means they sent us the boots to review, and I was paid to write these posts. I always appreciate it when small companies support my blog, and they appreciate your support. It’s a win/win for everyone.

And the best part of working with these companies is being able to offer you a discount code. Use Jtouchf19 until November 18 for 20% off your purchase. If you haven’t looked around their website lately, you will enjoy their variety. ALONG with the fact that they have memory foam in their insoles, and Non-slip All Terra traction rubber outsole.

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