How to Wear Sneakers From the Gym to Dinner

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How to wear sneakers with skirts

How to Wear Sneakers From the Gym to Dinner

How to wear sneakers so you can go from the gym, to running errand and then even dinner. It’s not just for the young girls, and I have another woman who is over 50 to prove it.

Quote of the day: “Shoes are critical to a silhouette. I always pay great attention to them, as they can change or twist the whole perception of a look.” Karim Sadli a male photographer for Vogue Magazine

First I have to point out that the quote above was said by a man. If you think guys don’t notice your shoes, then you’re not hanging around the right guys…haha!! But speaking of hanging around. I would love for you to meet Gail. I met Gail on Instagram when we first moved here to Arizona.

In fact, I hope you check out the preview video that we made on Gail’s YouTube channel. I always think it’s nice to hear our personality in a video. Gail used to own a modeling agency in Scottsdale, and is now living in Prescott, Arizona.

As for the facts about this post, it is NOT sponsored. Yes, I was gifted the sneakers to showcase on Instagram, but it was too good an opportunity not to share here on the blog too! I’m including more facts about what this really means at the end of the post.

How to Wear Sneakers for Everything

First I want to interrupt these photos with my first ever pair of these Orleans sneakers. This Orleans version of the Walking Cradles sneakers are included in a Boston Globe article on the Top 10 Travel Shoes, they are that comfortable. A little info about the Boston Globe article. It’s the 2018 one written by Karen Campbell. I couldn’t access the article because I’m not a subscriber. However, one of the quotes about the shoes is, “For ankle support Walking Cradles’ new Osmond (like its popular low-cut Orleans) has a removable, pillowy insole and gorgeous detailing.”

This photo above is the first time we ever tried Walking Cradles shoes, and we’ve been hooked ever since. I actually have 4 pairs of these same sneakers in different colors. You can see the black sequin pair when we visited NYC. And I have them in the silver sequins too! 2 pair of the shoes, I purchased myself, and 2 were gifted. AND these come in 14 different colors and materials. So there is something for everyone.

Since we all want to be smart with our purchases, I thought showcasing how to wear sneakers for your entire day would be beneficial. Gail is showcasing a print material of the Orleans sneaker while I have on a solid color pair to give you ideas for your own closet.

Styling Sneakers for Fitness

Fitness attire for women over 50

Let’s start with the idea that you may get out for a walk first thing in the morning. You throw on your leggings and some kind of top to either walk the dog or get out with a friend.

These sneakers have the support and comfort as any brand name sneakers you are used to. In fact, there is a removable insole so you could even wear your orthotics. I like how they don’t have laces and so are easier to get on and off.

Gail is showing how your black leggings would go perfectly with the print sneakers.

Since my pair of Orleans are solid, I wore the print version of my leggings. These Peach leggings are reversible (see the other side here).

Insider tip: If you hate being sock less, then try the no show socks. I have been trying out these Skechers ones lately. Usually they work okay as long as my shoe is snug.

Wearing Sneakers for a Casual Day

Sneakers for older women

After your fitness activity, then most of us have errands or something casual to do in the afternoon. That’s when we throw on jeans and get things done.

Both Gail and I wore jeans that are more ankle length. It’s definitely an advantage of living in Arizona where it’s not cold and snowy. Granted, if I were back in Denver, I’d be wearing tights for sure, or waiting until May to wear this outfit.

Gail’s outfit shows a boho vibe with the ivory jacket with tassels and the fringe on her jeans. Which counteracts the edgy vibe of the snakeskin print.

You can read all about my inspiration for what I’m wearing below. My burgundy sweater was a fabulous addition from my first ever Fashom box. I have been extremely surprised at how much I’ve worn this sweater. Maybe because I tend to gravitate towards statement pieces and forget to buy basics. And it’s not a heavy sweater which is perfect for Arizona. (If you want to try out Fashom, make sure to use my link so you can get $10 off).

When I was perusing People Magazine just before meeting Gail, I noticed the People Style section touted two ways to wear a print coatigan. One was casually with jeans and olive-grey sneakers. I had all the elements, so I copied the look.

Insider tip: Notice that even People Style Section is not worried about matching the shoes to the jeans or the top or even the coat. Olive green is basically a muted brown , so it can be considered a neutral. Which we all know means it goes with everything.

Inspiration from InStyle

Can Sneakers Get Dressed Up?

Women over 50 in dinner attire

Now maybe you’re going to meet some friends for dinner. You can still keep on these shoes. I realize that this is the part of how to wear sneakers that women my age and older tend to shy away from. And I get it. We were brought up to believe that skirts and dresses were paired with heels or dressy flats.

Yet part of the idea to stay modern is to try out some of the trends. Especially the functional ones. Wearing sneakers is comfortable. Wearing skirts is feminine. Put the two together and you have wonderfulness. Besides these aren’t super dressy looks. Both have the element of looking upscale, with material that is more casual.

We didn’t plan it, but look how both Gail and I went with olive green for our looks. I love how Gail added in a print purse. While I wore more color near my face with red and mustard.

Insider tip: This Orleans style basically looks like a loafer or even like some of the ballet flats (like this one). So stop thinking of it as a sneaker, and just wear it all the time.

Styling sneakers from fitness to dressy

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Facts about Walking Cradles and This How to Wear Sneakers Post

I am an ambassador for Walking Cradles, I get a commission on any purchase you make through my link (at not extra cost to you). I’m selective with the companies I work with to make sure it’s not just something I like, but something I think you would appreciate. Comfortable, stylish shoes are VERY high on everyone’s list, which is one of the reasons I continue to promote this company. Yes, these shoes cost more, but they are worth it because of the comfort and quality.

As part of an advantage of being a reader of Jodie’s Touch of Style, your first full price purchase of Walking Cradles can be discounted with the code JODIE15. While I don’t get commissions on sale shoes, it’s still helpful to go through my link so the company knows where their customers are coming from. For all of this, both Walking Cradles and I, thank you.

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