15+ options of how to wear turquoise jewelry

How to Wear Turquoise Jewelry with Every Color in the Book

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If you ask me how to wear turquoise jewelry, I would say that in all reality, it goes with any and every color out there. Except for one (or two as the case may be). Yet as I try to explain, the thing to remember is our personal style is just that…personal.
Instead of just naming all the colors, I decided to show examples. What that means is that I included three new outfits as well as many older looks from the vaults of what we’ve worn in the past.

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How to wear turquoise jewelry
1-Definition of turquoise jewelry
2-Wear it with neutrals
A. Brown
B. White
C. Black
D. Grey
3-Paired with the cool color spectrum
A. Blue
B. Purple
C. Lilac
D. Lime Green
4-Contrasted with warm colors
A. Pinks
B. Reds
C. Oranges
D. Yellows
5-What not to wear (IMO)

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Turquoise Jewelry

Most of us think about Native American and Southwest versions when the words turquoise jewelry come up. Yet for our purposes today, we are including any kind of jewelry that is a light blue/green color.

What I love about turquoise jewelry is the variety. It can vary from turquoise gemstones that look like stones to pieces that are colored a lighter blue/green. Even the shades of turquoise can range from more of a green hue to those I would describe as teal.

The point I always like to remind everyone of is that the name of the color really means nothing. What matters is that you like it, wear it and make sure to keep it around for ages.
Just like when we talked about sustainable fashion and wearing some of the oldest things in our closet, our jewelry can stand the test of time because it always fits!!

Insider tip: If your rings become too small, think about wearing them as “midi rings” or I have 4 other tricks of how to wear them in this video (make sure to pin it to remember them).

Wear it with Neutrals

Neutrals are the easiest way to start when you are struggling with how to wear turquoise jewelry. Neutrals are called neutrals because they don’t have color in them and therefore aren’t on the color wheel.
Of course, I tend to call denim neutral too because it’s so ubiquitous in our clothing nowadays. However, for the sake of this article, I will keep denim in the blue section.

2-White (includes ivory)
3-Brown (includes tan and all shades)
4-Grey (both light and dark)

Brown with Turquoise

Lesley is showcasing her look of how to wear turquoise jewelry with brown. She often thinks of a southwestern-style look when choosing turquoise jewelry yet, I think this outfit can be worn no matter where you live.

Ways to wear Southwest jewelry
Leggings: scrunched up to be capri length~~ Blouse: Chicos ~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: LifeStride-DSW ~~Necklace: Target and Steinmart ~~ Purse: Maruca~~Hat: from boutique in AZ

Lesley even decided to layer her turquoise necklaces. The shorter one is multi-stranded with both turquoise beads and brown beads in it. And then the longer necklace is silver, black and turquoise.

The browns that Lesley chose to wear with her turquoise jewelry are a mix of both dark brown and rust brown. In a way, she created a column of brown under the turquoise-colored blouse, with two different shades of brown.

To make the turquoise and brown intentional, Lesley found many other pieces that matched to complete the look.
Her print purse is a combination of brown and turquoise.

And then her sandals plus her earrings are the same shade too.

Colorful fall looks for women over 70


Turquoise can be a fabulous pop of color against a white background. In these two examples, you can see it with only neutrals, and then also with a white column of color plus a blue sweater.


Black is another neutral that your turquoise jewelry looks great with because it contrasts against the dark background.
Lesley shows it with a print topper that has turquoise in it as well as with an outfit where the turquoise is a pop of color.


I decided that for my grey top, I would just use a necklace that had bits of turquoise glass in it. As you can see, it really doesn’t show up as blue as much as you might think.
But my earrings are a great turquoise color so I think you can see how the blue color can pop against the grey.

Cool colors of the Color Wheel

When you study the color wheel, the “cool” colors are blues, greens, and purples. What that means is your turquoise jewelry is part of this category and can be paired with its adjacent colors.
I’m showing how to wear turquoise jewelry with a couple of examples of the cool colors from the color wheel.

But remember, there are multiple shades of every color, so you might like something that is a little lighter or darker than what I’m showing.


I usually consider denim a neutral color because in today’s society it works with absolutely anything and everything. But for the sake of this article, I’m categorizing it under the color blue. And here’s a little more about this dark denim dress outfit.

Wear a blouse as a topper
Dress: Amelia ~~ Blouse: Caite & Kyla won in a giveaway ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles ~~ Necklaces: ~~ Bracelets: one made by my friend, Judy ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: DSW

I’ve had this dress for years and today I decided to wear it backward. Usually, the zipper is in the back, so I turned it around. Because there is spandex in the dress, it seemed to fit fine this way. I also had a blouse with me to wear as a topper if I needed the extra layer.

I decided to layer my two favorite turquoise necklaces. Truth be told, I had them both hanging on the hanger with the dress trying to decide which one would be better. Until I thought, why not wear both? After that aha moment, I even decided to add the silver one too. It’s like a hot mess around my neck, and I like it!

Notice that one turquoise necklace sits on top of the other one in spots. That’s perfectly fine when you are layering necklaces. They don’t have to be spaced equally to look good.

Insider tip: Do you ever ask which necklace when putting together a look? If so, try wearing both. Even if they overlap, it could be something fun and different.

For the rest of the look, I wore a colorful pair of Walking Cradles mules (no longer available but check out their new styles). And then added in some subtle color with all of the bracelets.


Purple and how to wear turquoise jewelry
Original post: Styling a brooch on your accessories

My mom showed us how to wear turquoise jewelry with a dark purple sweater years ago. If the color of the necklace seems too random, then add in other turquoise pieces like Charlotte did with her purse and earrings.


Lilac, of course, is just a lighter shade of purple. This outfit showcases a great way to add some more interesting details to a t-shirt.

Lilac and turquoise jewelry layered
Skirt: NYC~~Top: Silver for her~~ Shoes: Bally-Nordstrom~~ Necklaces: from Guatemala & various boutiques~~ Purse: no label from Denver boutique

My mom wore her lilac tee with a navy skirt. The bottom half of the look is quite basic, yet the turquoise jewelry and whimsical purse give it a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Insider tip: Skirts can be much cooler in hot weather and the right styles flow away from your body so they are comfortable.

In fact, my mom layered her necklaces yet her example is different than mine. Her three necklaces are much different in length and therefore you see space between them all.
There is no right or wrong on how to layer necklaces. Use what you have and try all different ways. The best thing about this is you are wearing what you already have.

Lilac and navy together

Lime Green & Turquoise

Original post: Capris styled for a casual day

The last cool color on the color wheel to pair with turquoise jewelry would be green. I always think green and blue are very refreshing together, and Nancy is showing the example with a lime green shirt.

You can see how the turquoise necklace doesn’t have to be huge and overpowering for it to make a statement.

Warm Colors on the Color Wheel

Now let’s explore the possibilities of how to wear turquoise jewelry with the warm colors from the color wheel. This means you get to use that beautiful turquoise color to contrast against the pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows.

Insider tip: It’s not important to know if a color is warm or cool or even what the name of the color is. What’s important is when you pair two colors together, do you like the resulting combination?


Lesley and I are showing two different versions of pink. Mine is a lighter pink print and Lesley’s is a more vibrant hot pink. With both examples with our turquoise necklace, you can see how the blue color really pops against the pink.

Red & Turquoise

I remember the first time I saw someone wearing red and turquoise together, and I wasn’t sure I liked it. Yet, then I remembered a couple of turquoise rings I had that were a combination of the gemstone turquoise and red coral. It’s a common combination in Native American jewelry and made me realize how nice they looked together.

I went one step further and put together an outfit with a much darker red. Whether you call it burgundy or a shade of purple is irrelevant. Yet when pairing turquoise jewelry with darker colors, you might be more successful with lighter turquoise pieces.


Here are three different examples with different shades of oranges and turquoise necklaces. From bright orange to peach and in between, all of the oranges work because it is a complementary color to turquoise.


And the different shades of yellow are a perfect backdrop to turquoise jewelry. I’m showing a light yellow example while Charlotte is wearing a mustard gold yellow. Both are wonderful examples of how the blue pops against the yellow.

How NOT to wear turquoise jewelry

The disadvantage of matching your necklace to your top is that you don’t see it. It blends in with the background instead of catching your eye.
This can happen when the colors of your top and necklace are similar or when you are wearing a print piece.

I always think if you’re going to take the time to put on a piece of jewelry, you might as well make sure that people can see it. If it’s hiding, then what is the point?

Arizona outfits with how to wear turquoise jewelry
How to wear turquoise jewelry with every color in the book

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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