How to Wear Wide Leg Trousers in Winter

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Polka dot blazer

How to Wear Wide Leg Trousers in Winter

It feels good to learn how to wear wide leg trousers in winter. While these styles are more popular in the warmer weather, it can be just as fun to wear them when the temperatures cool down.

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Lesley, mom and I all wore some type of wide leg trousers to a local play. When I asked my mom what she normally wears to such an event, she said she loves to dress up. Of course I already knew this, and you probably did too.

Even though society has gotten much more casual, it’s fun to get dressed up. So even though the three of us wore pants, we worked on being less casual with these ideas. Granted, there are many ways to wear the same wide leg trousers for everyday too.

And then I even came up with 10 other ideas for tops to wear with wide leg pants. I hope you check them out.

Gail’s Wide Leg Trousers

Since it was Gail’s suggestion that we style this item, I asked her to join us with some photos. She is showcasing how to wear wide leg trousers in the winter and even shows us her summer look with them.

I think how Gail has done this is a recipe for success. She’s kept the colorway the same, and just switched out the black, short sleeve top for a black turtleneck sweater.

And for Gail’s shoes, she changed out her nude sandals for a pair of black boots.

How to wear wide leg trousers in winter

Pants: XOXO-~~ Jacket: Talbots-thrifted ~~ Top: from Japan ~~Boots: Bandolino ~~Pin: Mom made it~~ Earrings: Coruu c/o ~~ Purse: Nine West

Charlotte and How to Wear Wide Leg Trousers for Winter

Polka dots galore

I will be including many more options of how to wear wide leg trousers, yet I think a blazer like this is a great idea. Since it’s a little open in the front (just like Lesley’s cardigan), it’s not that straight across line, cutting off your body.


First off let me tell you about these earrings. We worked with a company that makes these silicon jewelry a couple of years ago called Coruu. At the time they mostly had black and white pieces, but I’m happy to see a variety of colors now. The silicone is SO lightweight that you don’t even know you’re wearing them.

And that fabric flower pin that adds a punch of color was made by my mom. Of course it’s created with leftover material. In fact, maybe you’ll recognize the print from this top? Mom remembers shortening the sleeves for me, so she made a flower with the remnants. Of course the solid color behind the print material for the flower is another remnant. My mom was wearing that dress for our holiday wear last year.

Print Mixing

Woman over 80 and how to wear wide leg trousers in winter

I am just so impressed that my mom is working on her print mixing skills. When this idea first came to the blog, she wasn’t as gung ho about it. Luckily she’s seen the light and enjoys the challenge of mixing two or more prints.

Heck, she didn’t even realize that there were 3 different polka dots at first. The blazer and top are the same colorway, and then the bright red polka dots of the fabric flower add a nice punch.

Black Boots

Black boots

Just like Gail wore above, adding a pair of black boots works perfectly for how to wear wide leg trousers in winter. Even though we moved to a place where it doesn’t snow, boots will always be a winter basic.

It’s no different than how all three of us wore booties with our jeans recently. By the way, Jambu’s discount is still good until November 18. Use  JTOUCHF19 for 20% off.

My Mom and her History of Wide Leg Pants

How to wear wide leg trousers in winter with boots

My mom said she must have worn some of the wide leg pants back in the 70’s when they were in style. However, that’s when she was teaching and pants weren’t allowed. So they would have only been for casual wear.

At this stage of the game, Charlotte is also very cognizant of how the exaggerated wide leg pants could be dangerous. The extra material could be tripped on when climbing stairs or get caught in car doors. Not much different than maxi skirts, which is why my mom shortened hers as I showed in the alterations post.

Which is exactly why she liked this pair of wide leg pants. They are a knit and hug the thighs somewhat. That and the flare on the lower leg is not that much.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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