How to Wear a Modern Cowboy Style

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Modern cowboy style for Colorado

How to Wear a Modern Cowboy Style

Quote of the day: “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin

Wearing the western trend doesn’t have to mean all out cowboy. That’s what I wanted to show this week with our outfits and combining different styles. For Nancy, I wanted her to wear a modern print with her western pants.

And this quote?? I chose it because not everyone feels comfortable in styles they don’t usually wear. Yet if we never try, how can we say we like it or not.

Modern cowboy style for a woman over 70

You saw earlier that I had my mom wear something more feminine with her country western attire. Another idea is adding something trendy or modern for the idea of dichotomy. And what’s more trendy than animal prints. Not that they ever go out of style, but I feel like they are everywhere now. Or there’s the option of adding in something edgy to your look. You can see us side by side if that’s easier to visualize.

Nancy’s Wearing

Pants: Arden-thrifted~~Cardigan: H&M~~Turtleneck: Cold Water Creek~~ Boots: Sbicca c/o Soft Surroundings~~Scarf: Little Old Woman knitter~~Earrings: ~~Bracelet:~~Purse:

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Modern cowboy style in all kinds of weather

Nancy’s Western History

Nancy thinks she wouldn’t consider wearing western clothes at all if she still lived in Indiana. It’s just not a thing there. That being said, it’s not like she wears it much out here either. Yet if she wanted to it wouldn’t seem as out of place.

There were many years when Nancy was a round dancer and square dancer. In fact, both she and my dad would dance together. So she had a ton of square dancing dresses with petticoats that we recently donated to the Denver School of the Arts. I’d consider that very westernish.

However, she didn’t keep these things, and doesn’t even have a pair of cowboy boots. She gave me my dad’s boots, and western belt years ago.

Modern cowboy style with modern elements


So let’s start with these pants. You can see the best detail about them in the last photo. It’s that criss-cross tie detail in the back that makes them have that modern country style. We found them at a second hand store recently. I picked them out and Nancy wasn’t so sure about them. But then I said we could style a western theme post, and that sealed the deal. Especially since she doesn’t have other items that would work for this theme.

These are a very soft suede, and they were too long at first. Luckily, to shorten them, all I had to do was cut them to the correct length. Easy peasy.

Modern cowboy style with boots


These ankle boots are a great pair for those of you who like more basic boots, yet they have more interest than just being brown. There’s this print material on the back portion of them. It’s kind a western detail. Southwestern at least…haha.

And I was thinking that the slit in the back of the pants would let you see this aspect of the boots more. I was wrong. Yet I still like the boots with these pants. They almost look like cowboy boots.

Modern cowboy style with a yellow purse


Nancy is not one to wear scarves that much. She has them, but doesn’t always feel comfortable in them. This scarf however, is an exception. Mainly because it’s thinner and skinnier so it doesn’t feel like so much material around her neck. When I said the brand is Little Old Woman knitter, that didn’t refer to me. She bought this at a boutique where there was this little old woman knitting and selling her scarves. And I think wearing the scarf makes the outfit not feel too cowboy.

This purse is also made by a local woman. We found it when we were out exploring Cider Days. The funny thing is that the theme we wore at Cider Days was the distressed trend. And these boots of Nancy’s have that distressing on the toes where it looks scuffed. But they aren’t scuffed. That’s how the boots were designed.

The other accessory that is locally made is her bracelet. There was a demonstration on her Viking cruise a couple of years ago, where the man was a glass blower. And he was selling his pieces, of which this bracelet was one.

Modern cowboy style with a leopard cardigan


Leopard, leopard and more leopard. I feel like you see it everywhere you turn nowadays. Either that or I just notice it more. Or I have wild friends, LOL! Either way, one of the reasons it’s so popular is it’s considered a neutral. So having a leopard cardigan seems very practical.

Now I will say that the trend right now is the longer cardigans. But you can still wear the shorter ones. Especially when they are a fun color or interesting print. I just recently saw one sweater that was both. It was a longer cardigan with a zipper so you could make it shorter. Talk about versatile.

Modern cowboy style with suede pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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