How to Wear a Wonderful Pop of Color with Your Shoes and Accessories

How to Wear a Wonderful Pop of Color with Your Shoes and Accessories

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Cranberry accessories

How to Wear a Wonderful Pop of Color with Your Shoes and Accessories

A pop of color can be the difference between a drab or fabulous outfit. Especially in the winter months, we tend to wear darker clothing, so adding in some color with shoes and accessories can be an easy fix.

Quote of the day: “We relish the news of our heroes, forgetting that we are extraordinary to somebody too.” Helen Hayes

As a self proclaimed shoe snob, I always think that a pop of color with our shoes can be wonderful. This pair of cranberry colored pumps was gifted from Walking Cradles but I was not required to write this post. Yet, I thought it’d be fun to showcase the many ways to incorporate a colorful shoe choice into your wardrobe.
Charlotte started off by matching it to the bottom half of her outfit. And then Lesley matched it to the top half. Me? I’m using them as a pop of color for a date night outfit.

Date night outfit for women over 50

Jeans: Banana Republic ~~ Jacket: Black Rivet–thrifted~~ Cardigan: H&M ~~ Top: J.Crew-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Bristol” ~~ Scarf: I knitted it~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: thrifted ~~Hat: Tenth Street Hats c/o~~ Socks: Sheec No Show Socks

Since it was a chillier morning, I threw on a “new to me” jacket that I recently purchased at Goodwill. I think a white coat is another great way to lighten up our darker winter outfits. Of course, I look for ones that are machine washable.

I also wanted to include photos of the outfit without the jacket. The sequin tank top is a purchase from an online consignment shop called Gild the Lily. Sequins can be worn any day at any time so don’t let those old time fashion rules stop you from wearing what you love.

The cardigan used to be my stepmom’s until she thought it was too small for her.

See how a leopard cardigan can work in many types of outfits
Animal Prints 5 (As a Clothing Item)
Frumpy Florals 2: (Layered)

Pop of Color with Accessories

Your accessories are there to make your outfits unique and fun. I carried the cranberry/burgundy color of the shoes into my earrings and glasses. The date night outfit didn’t include the scarf until I went outside, but I thought the burgundy scarf (that I hand knitted) worked well as part of the outside outfit.
This hat was gifted to me by Tenth Street Hats, and the felt ones are a great option for the colder months. This is the “Mystery” hat in the wine color. You can see it looks darker in real life than on their site, but I love that it’s a warmer color, so it looks good with my complexion.

This crazy purse was a steal when a consignment shop was going out of business in Denver.

Low heels as a pop of color

The Bristol Shoe

Pop of color with shoes

These are the “Bristol” pump from Walking Cradles. They come in a black suede and black micro fabric version also. I love how they have a v-shape in the front and the heel is less than 2 inches. Yet it’s very sexy, I think!! These could be a great option for skirts and dresses AND jeans!

Of course, I have been wearing my Sheec no show socks more now that the weather has cooled down. With these Bristol pumps, I chose the ultra low cut option and they stayed in place all day while walking and shopping. I even tried on a pair of booties and didn’t have to adjust them.

Let’s Talk Jeans

I’m wearing a pair of coated jeans in these photos. What are coated jeans? They look like a faux leather, but it’s really a pigment applied to the jeans. Once I found these, I found the reason that every pet lover should have them….they don’t collect pet hair!!
Then again the faux leather material is the same way. So there’s a great reason to embrace a new style!!

Fall outfit for women over 50

Holiday Pop of Color Shoes

So what do you think of cranberry/burgundy shoes? Don’t you think they’d be perfect for the holidays?? Tell me your favorite pair and how you’d style them.

Cranberry colored shoes


All three of us were gifted these Walking Cradles shoes as part of their virtual Fall Fashion show, where we took a short videos of wearing them as we would style them.
I am an ambassador for Walking Cradles which means I am here to tell and show you more about this company that I love. What this means to you is if you ever purchase anything from their site, using my link, I receive a small commission.

Walking Cradles is a small business that I discovered over 2 years ago. Since then, I have added many of their shoes to my closet both gifted and purchased with my own money. Why? Because comfort is important and Walking Cradles is showing that style and comfort can be combined. PLUS, they have sizes from 4-13 in narrow to wide wide.

I have a code, JODIE15, that can be used on your first order on the Walking Cradles site. Once you start loving them a much as I do, of course you should sign up for their loyalty points and newsletter. Please, consider always going through my link before ordering any footwear from them, so they know that this type of marketing is working.
They are growing more and more and maybe you’ve noticed them at Macys or Zappos? If you are worried about their sizing, then order your first pair from Macy’s so they are easy to return if need be. In fact, you can read their essential shoe buying tips post that should help.
The only disadvantage to my overseas friends, is they only ship to the USA right now.

Adding a pop of color

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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