How Wearing Flattering Colors Make You Feel Sensational

How Wearing Flattering Colors Make You Feel Sensational

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Flattering colors for different complexions

How Wearing Flattering Colors Make You Feel Sensational

The idea of flattering colors is not a new theme on this blog or for any stylist. Why? Because it’s undeniable that if we look good, we feel better about ourselves. And who doesn’t need a boost of confidence?

Quote of the day: “You can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.” Shondra Rhimes

The hardest part of wearing our flattering colors can be getting past the hurdle of figuring out which ones are the best. I discussed in detail about the fundamentals of clothing colors that look good on you. While Charlotte’s post included some facts about your best colors.

With Lesley today wearing such bright and vibrant colors, I will touch on why we should embrace color.

Lesley’s Flattering Colors

Woman over 70 in flattering colors

Skorts: Charter Club ~~ Cardigan: NY Collection ~~ Top: NY Collection~~ Shoes: Anne Klein ~~ Scarf: Susan Street ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Amazon~~ No Show socks: Sheec

First let me start with showcasing Lesley’s flattering colors. She’s talked about her love of blue in the past, and this sweater twin set has been in her closest for years!! This shade brings out the blue color of her eyes. In fact, she confesses that she’s worn blue on several of her first dates to highlight her best feature…her eyes!!

Lesley also points out that having a base outfit like this twinset and skort makes it easy to change out for the different seasons. She can change the scarf and shoes and make it work for warmer or cooler temperatures.

Woman wearing flattering colors


I can’t count the times I’ve heard women say they are afraid of color. So let’s start with the basics.
Color can evoke a mood or feeling. It’s tradition to wear black for funerals for respect and mourning here in the States. And ever since the LBD became a “thing”, black is also thought of as sophisticated and slimming.
The only disadvantage of black as we get older is it can also wash us out if it’s near the face. Dependent, of course, on your coloring and complexion.

What else can color do? Color can also be a communication tool. You’ve heard how red is called a “power color” and science says it’s associated with power and strength.
That means we can use color to say something about us each and every day. Just like Lesley does when she wears blue on a first date.

Yet, I know some of my friends worry about how to combine colors the right way. Let’s talk about that.

Color Recipe

Combining different colors is not much different than following a recipe for your favorite food. You add a little of this, or try that. With a recipe, it makes it a little easier to know what to try even though many times we have to improvise depending on what we have in our pantry/closet. It’s also easier when the colors in our closet mesh well together.

Need more ideas of how to use my color recipe?
What to Wear with Floral Shorts with my Color Recipe
The Answer of What to Wear with ANY Color
Animal Print Fashion Trend for an Interesting Color Recipe

In the color recipe blog posts above, I showcased my color recipe with a colorful print, a solid and a neutral print to try to give examples of many different types of pieces and combinations.
Of course, you take the recipe and use it for the items you already have. For instance with my floral shorts post, you may use it to find outfits to wear with your favorite print top. The elements are the same; you just need to tailor it to your wardrobe.

The blog post linked above with the subject of “ANY color” showcases a neon pink pair of pants. Sure, that may not be your cup of tea (heck, I didn’t think it was my cup of tea either), but it’s a way to combine any solid items in your closet.
And then the “Animal print fashion” post is tailored to finding color combinations with a neutral print.

It’s all basically the same color recipe yet you can customize it to fit you and your clothing.

Scarf ties in with flattering colors

Flattering vs Non-Flattering Colors

I’ve highlighted how to appreciate color and experiment with color combinations. Yet what if you still have and like those non flattering colors? Why do I even concentrate on color many times?

While color is probably a huge element in our lives (not just our clothes, but the world around us), I bet most of us notice someone’s smile or expression when we first meet them. Sure, our outfit can be important, but when it comes down to it, hopefully we aren’t judging a book by it’s cover.
So if you aren’t wearing your flattering colors, I think you have many other ways to feel sensational.

Colorful shoes

Lesley’s Flattering Colors Outfit

Here are some of the details of Lesley’s outfit if you’re interested.
Skort-She loves wearing a skort especially to the outing where we will be walking and exploring.

Belt Bag: Notice that both Lesley and I wore our belt bags. And they are the same because Lesley bought them both off Amazon (the brown one is still available) and then gave me one.
Shoes: Colorful flats are always a great way to add interest to any outfit. Sure, she could have worn black, but I think the red ones give the outfit a modern vibe. Notice you can see a little peek of the Sheec socks.

Twin Set: Who doesn’t love a twin set? Then you know the tank and layer look good together.

Insider tip: When storing your twin set, don’t hang them together. Put the tank with your tops and the cardigan with your cardigans. When you come across the tank, you will automatically remember there is a matching cardigan. However, if you are searching through your tops and the set is together, you won’t remember it if it’s not with the other tops.

Skorts for older women

Pumpkin Nights

For our adventure this day, we decided to go to a local hotel’s “Pumpkin Nights”. Since this happened in September, I showed some photos in my monthly highlight post. There was a hay maze, fabulous lights, amusement rides, great decorations and they even had wonderful treats to buy and eat.

Adults acting like kids

Of course the event is marketed for kids, and I know I would have NEVER thought to go years ago. BECAUSE it was for kids. Yet, I have to tell you, we have so much fun when we attend these events.
Maybe you remember the pumpkin festival we went to last year?? I talked about how it’s really beneficial to have some playfulness in our lives. Just seeing the kids having fun boosts our spirits along with getting into the action ourselves.

Besides, it most likely supports some local business in your area, which can always use your help especially in this time of craziness. So I hope this pushes you to explore some of the local happenings in your area even if you think you’re “too old” for them.

Outfit with flattering colors

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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