Improved Small Bedroom Ideas to Help With Storage Issues

Improved Small Bedroom Ideas to Help With Storage Issues

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Now I lay me down to sleep

Improved Small Bedroom Ideas to Help With Storage Issues For Where Bloggers Live

I am discussing small bedroom ideas as part of our monthly collaboration for Where Bloggers Live. The prompt was “Now I lay me down to sleep” so I’m concentrating on the bed and nightstands for this post.

Quote of the day: “We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what’s wrong with your life or you can focus on what’s right.” Marianne Williamson

As a fashionista (the proof is in the closet photos) and organizational thinker, I love the small bedroom ideas that help with storage issues. If you’ve ever been to IKEA, then you know how they can squeeze great resources into small areas.
We purchased the bed, nightstands, and lights from our Ikea in Denver when we downsized, and they have been wonderful. Now I see these kinds of units at many places, and they have options to make it work for what you already have also.

Small Bedroom Ideas for the Headboard


First let me start with the headboard. For small bedroom ideas the last thing you want is a thick headboard that is taking up prime real estate on the floor. We copied this inspiration from a hotel’s headboard in NYC (where bedrooms can be microscopic).
The inspiration was fabric with a trim around it, however, we used a vinyl plank flooring that was easily glued to the wall and it’s only 4 mm thick. Our trim was leftover from the door that was removed in our guest bedroom and made into a window. (You can see that in this post)

Other ideas for a thin headboard:
1-Paint (see half circle here)
2-Fabric (quilt or rug could work, inspiration here)
4-Use pictures or artwork above the bed

Small Bedroom Ideas with Storage Beds

The idea of having drawers under your bed is nothing less than brilliant. As a kid I used to store my old magazines under my bed, until I found mouse turds in the boxes….eeek!! (We lived at the end of a street with woods behind us, so that’s why)

Now having these pull out drawers (with soft close no less) make it easier to access. I’ve seen them for all size of beds from simple to elaborate. Our bed has 3 drawers on each side. I’ve seen beds with the drawers on the end also. This is where you need to evaluate your space first.

Now there are other ways to use the space under your bed if you don’t have these drawers. You can see under Lisa Ann’s bed, how she has beautiful baskets that do the trick. Of course, I found some products below that are made for this concept. Notice how they’ve used bed risers in one of the examples.

The other items next to our bed are our fluffy rugs. We each have a different color one and they are wonderful on the feet when you get out of bed. If you have a robot vacuum you might want to get rugs that aren’t as fluffy. We end up pulling these up every morning, when we run our robot vacuum.

Rob’s Nightstand

Saving space for small bedroom ideas

One thing to think about with storing items under you bed, is how it will work with your nightstand. That’s why we bought these cubes to use as our nightstands that we hung on the wall. This enables us to open the drawer and still have a nightstand.

Since there is limited space on top of the cube, it only makes sense to have a nightstand lamp that hangs on the wall also.
If you’re wondering what is in the wooden case on Rob’s nightstand, I opened it up for you below. It has his necklaces (which we call “stud apparel”) and a couple of bracelets in it. This beautiful piece was handmade by my ex’s brother years ago.

Notice there isn’t anything else on the top of Rob’s nightstand, because he has to leave room for our kitty, Spookie, to sit there and look out of the window next to it.
And yes, those stuffed animals are his. Rob is still a kid at heart (of course, I gave them to him, so they are sentimental).
PS. His book is his Kindle in the brown cover.

Insider tip: The only disadvantage of hanging your nightstand and lighting is if you want to move your furniture around, it’s more work.

Jodie’s Side of the Bed

Nightstand basics

My side of the bed is nearly identical with the hanging storage cube and scone light.
The close up (below) of the sconce lighting is from Rob’s side, but they are the same.

Since I’m on the computer and phone most of the day, I prefer to read “real” books if possible. Not pictured here is the newest book for our Forever Fierce Club Online Bookclub for December called The Last Lecture.

Did you notice the squirt bottle? That’s because our other kitty, Monkey, loves to noisily lick our swim bag that is behind the door some mornings. Can you tell that Rob is the softy (by keeping space on his nightstand for Spookie) and I’m the disciplinarian?

Mattress and Linens

Since we are talking about small bedroom ideas, I thought I’d include our deets for the mattress and linens.
When we needed a new mattress 4 years ago, my husband researched all of the “newer” foam mattresses. We had previously bought a foam topper for our old mattress to see how we liked it. AND we loved it.

So after all of his research, Rob went with the Nectar mattress for two reasons. The cost was reasonable and there was a 365 day return policy if we didn’t like it. It’s been a great mattress. In fact, neither of us can feel the other one if we get up in the night.

I don’t tend to spend a lot of money on our sheets and comforter. However, I do love a reversible comforter to be able to change up the look of the room easily.
In the top photo, you can see how I also folded the comforter in thirds at the end of the bed. I saw this on a home decorating show and thought it was a great trick.

We’ve started using bamboo sheets in the summer. They keep us cooler in the hot weather and are very soft. In the winter, these get switched out for flannel sheets.
I’m not one for a ton of pillows on my bed. I see lots of them on other’s beds and they look pretty, but then it’s a lot of work to take them on and off. Okay, that makes me sound so lazy…LOL!

Small bedroom ideas

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