S hooks for organizing jewelry ideas

Inexpensive and Practical Organizing Jewelry Ideas with Where Bloggers Live

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Organizing jewelry ideas with s hooks

Inexpensive and Practical Organizing Jewelry Ideas with Where Bloggers Live

I’m full of organizing jewelry ideas and this months prompt for Where Bloggers Live was “how I organize.” I decided to concentrate on the things I love best, which shouldn’t surprise you is fashion and style related. In fact, it’s almost embarrassing to showcase how much of these accessories I have accumulated over the years.
It’s not much different that when I showed you my closet tour.

First it’s a glimpse of real life in that I didn’t make it perfect and pretty for the photos. And second, I have a LOT! But in my defense, some of it has been gifted or thrifted because I do believe in being frugal.

Quote of the day: “Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.” Marie Curie

One of my beliefs in organizing jewelry ideas is that you need it to “fit” your space and your pieces. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for everyone.
Even for myself, our move to Arizona had me having to resituate my collections to fit on the walls in our new bedroom.

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Insider tip: Sure, you can hide all of your accessories away in a box, but if you have a lot, consider it as wall art and showcase it.
However, if you don’t want it seen, you can get creative with a curtain to close in front of it also.

Creative organizing jewelry ideas

Using “S” Hooks for Organizing Jewelry Ideas

Personally I have found that these “S” hooks work wonderfully to hold my necklaces, bracelets and even another accessory below.
The smaller, thicker “s” hooks were purchased from IKEA when they had them for a great deal. However, they stopped carrying these exact ones and upped their prices.
That’s when I found the larger ones which is nice for some of the bigger items.

Insider tip: You can see how these “S” hooks can be used for so many different products in the images on Amazon.

The reason I like using these hooks is because I can move them depending how much space each item needs. Many of the jewelry organizing pieces to purchase have stationery hooks which can be limiting.
For most of the hooks, I do end up placing multiple jewelry pieces on it.

You can also use shower hooks for this idea and there are even double ones so you can have two pieces on the same hook without them covering each other.


Now you can use these hooks for organizing jewelry ideas on multiple rods. I have bought inexpensive curtain rods in the past. For my set up in this house, I’m using a recycled magazine rack (below left) for my bracelets. This magazine rack I used in my dental practice. I realized it could be useful for other items, so I thought to keep it.
In our last house, I had it hanging on a curtain rod, but now it hangs from the side of my wardrobe (I drilled a couple of hole in the top of the wardrobe so it would be stable).

The advantage of curtain rod is you can choose very decorative ones with interesting finials if that’s important to you. As for the length and thickness of your rods will vary depending on the space you have and how much jewelry will be on it.

Insider tip: I always try to organize by color, both my closet and my jewelry. As visual animals, that’s how we tend to remember things, so it makes it easier to find the pieces we are looking for.

Jewelry box

Jewelry Boxes

There are a ton of great jewelry boxes available too. I have this one that I purchased off QVC at least 10 years ago. The same box (pictured above) is now available on Home Depot.
If you look closely at the inside photos on the website vs mine, you’ll see some differences (besides the crazy amount of messiness, LOL).

Since I started storing my necklaces separately on the rod and hooks as described above, I didn’t need the hooks in this box. However, I did need more room for my earrings!
Therefore, I commissioned my wonderful neighbor back in Denver to create more earring hooks. The difference in the new wooden addition is they are holes instead of slits to hold the earrings. So I have to store my post earrings vs wire earrings separately.

Rod for belt organization


Even though I don’t consider belts as a jewelry item, they are an accessory I have been using more and more lately, as seen by the challenge I posted recently. And I use the same “s” hooks and rod for my belt storage.
If you’ve seen many belt holders, the hooks are stationery which causes quite a few problems for me since many of my buckles are different widths.

My area that I wanted to store my belts was on a small wall so I couldn’t find a small enough curtain rod. Finally I found a coat hook rod at Target as seen above. The large hooks on the rod itself aren’t moveable, however, I was able to add as many “s” hooks as I needed!!

Insider tip: Store you self belts from dresses and such, with your other belts so you can wear them with different items. That’s what the fabric belts are in my photo above.

Delicate necklace

Delicate Necklaces

Recently for my more delicate necklaces, I decided keep them separate from my bigger necklaces. At first I didn’t keep them on a different rod, but then my delicate necklaces were hard to find and tended to get tangled.
I can’t even tell you what this hook rod is meant to be used for, as I found it at a thrift store. It’s not ideal in that I can’t move the hooks, however, that’s not as big an issue with these smaller necklaces.

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