An Infinity Scarf Can be Tied More than 1 Way

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Women over 50 and scarf tying

An Infinity Scarf Can be Tied More than 1 Way

Quote of the day: “There are no limitations to what you can do, have, or be except the limitations you place on yourself by your own thinking” Brian Tracy

It’s true that an infinity scarf can be tied more than 1 way. And the three of us are here to prove it yet again with another series on different scarves and ways to wear them. If you’re thinking that it’s getting way too warm outside for wearing scarves, I would have to agree. Except I’d say, that keep in mind when you’re travelling, a scarf could be essential. I always take one or two on the plane to keep me warm!

If you missed the first series, here, here & here, then let me give a little background information. Our Christmas holiday was spent in Las Vegas seeing the sights, and I figured it could be a fun adventure to add in some outfit photos! That’s why you’ll basically see us in the same looks, and we even got to pose with the same back drops!! This was at the Wynn in Vegas. It was incredible to see how they arranged the flowers!!

And I even included in this post a couple of videos showing some of our styling methods for the scarf tying! And feel free to pin the collage photo at the bottom of this post so you’ll have it when  you need it!

Nancy’s (60’s) Outfit: I’m starting with Nancy’s version of wearing the infinity scarf since it’s the easiest.

I had Nancy wear this scarf the most common way. This infinity scarf is somewhat long, and so we draped it around her neck doubled! It’s actually long enough that personally, I’ve worn it wrapped three times around my neck. However, Nancy doesn’t love it that bulky around her neck, so we stopped at two.

Fashion for women in their 50's, 60's, & 70's

Isn’t this a fun print for a scarf? It’s what I’d consider an animal print (I wore it here as an animal print), yet it has pink & brown in it instead of the normal black & brown.

Women over 60 with scarves

Charlotte’s (70’s) Outfit: My mom got to wear the same infinity scarf like many of us would wear a long, rectangle scarf!

This is one advantage to the longer infinity scarves that made out of material that isn’t too bulky! You can twist them and turn them to your hearts content!!

Tying scarves creatively for women over 70

Mom will show how she wore this scarf in the video below. But if you’d rather read the description instead, then here goes! First, pull the ends of the scarf taut so you don’t see the opening. Then put the middle of it behind your neck and draw the “ends” forward! Since both ends are looped, you open one of the loops so that the other end can go through it.

Style & Fashion with a scarf

Here’s my mom showing how to tie this infinity scarf the way she’s wearing it:

Jodie’s (50’s) Outfit: Although my version of tying this infinity scarf, may not look very different from my mom’s, it is!

I’ll show you in the video below, but this version is a good way to have more material around your neck, if you need the warmth!

Warmth & style using scarves for women over 50

I’ll try to describe it in words! (Don’t forget to check out how cute our t-shirts are too!!)

First I put my head through the infinity scarf and twist it around my neck, once. Then with the long loop that is hanging down the front, I create a figure 8. I bring my hand through the bottom portion of the figure 8 from back to front and grab one of the top strand from the figure 8. You need to grab the portion of the scarf that is closest to the body. After you grab this piece of the scarf, you pull it through into a knot. I ended up leaving the knot pretty loose, but you could easily tighten it to make the knot thinner!

Styling & tying of scarves

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Now that you’ve seen how we tied the same infinity scarf in different ways, does it make you look at infinity scarves with a new appreciation?

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Women over 50

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