Innovative Gatherall strapless bra review

Innovative Sticky Bras Concept: Gatherall Strapless/Backless Bra Review

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I’ve come to the time of my life where I don’t appreciate being limited in what I want to wear because of either my age or the need for a special bra.
That’s what started my intensive research last spring with 10 different strapless bras. And then about 6 months after that, I discovered another one which is why I’m posting this Gatherall strapless bra review.

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Quote of the day: “For there are no new ideas. There are only ways of making them felt.” Audre Lorde

Gatherall Strapless Bra Review
My history
Gatherall strapless bra review
Examples of when I’ve worn it
The time I couldn’t wear it
How to put it on & care for it
The video

My scientific mind would almost disagree with the quote above, yet in a way, it’s true and untrue regarding this Gatherall strapless bra review.
If you are unhappy with the strapless bra you normally wear (or don’t wear one because you just can’t find one that stays put and is comfortable), then it’s silly to keep trying the same thing over and over, right?

That’s where these sticky bras come in. It’s an innovative idea but then again not really. It reminds me of taping your breasts down and together. Wasn’t that a thing back in the flapper days? Or am I making that up?
But it’s really much more comfortable than how that sounds, haha.

Video and Discount

I also made a video which I included at the end of this post, to go along with this Gatherall strapless bra review, especially if you like to see a visual of how to put it on. I used balloons to demonstrate, and while it didn’t turn out as cool as I imagined, I think it’s helpful if you are interested in trying it.

Discount code: Gather10 for 10% off. This isn’t a special discount given to me, but one they use generically. I figure it helps with the shipping cost.

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My History

I’ve been one of those crazy women that believed the correct bra size would make such a difference in our outfit. I posted multiple articles about it back in the day, but there was always the fact that I was dying to pull it off by the end of the day.

That’s why I was so over the moon when I discovered Shapeez bras. This then in turn led to me trying out other bras including Ruby Ribbon discussed here. I would say that the majority of my normal bras are now Shapeez and Ruby Ribbon with a few traditional bras kept for the days I have a massage (because my body is oily) and gosh knows why else.

This path then led me to think I could find a comfortable strapless bra. As I explained, I posted an article with over 10 bras I had purchased (and many returned) in that quest. At the time I posted that, #8 was my favorite, to the fact that I bought a replacement one of it after my original one didn’t stay up anymore (I wore it about 10 times, I think. I have since thrown that box and bra away, so I can’t, in all honesty, remember because I keep track on the box).

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BUT THEN…I was sent this Gatherall strapless bra for review. I wasn’t required to post about it and at first, I was truly skeptical. Once I figured out that it is meant to be different than the normal strapless bras, I was hooked.

Insider information: My bra size is usually a 30D or 30DD. I have learned that bra sizes vary JUST LIKE CLOTHES. Don’t believe that all 34C bras are the same.

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Gatherall Strapless Bra Review

Innovative Gatherall strapless bra review

Spoiler alert: I LOVE it–Use Gather10 for 10% off on their site only.

First, let me explain what makes the Gatherall strapless bra different. What I have found in this research is that there are many types of these sticky bras available. In fact, if you want to read Cosmopolitan’s article on it, there are ratings from small to large chested women. Now Cosmo didn’t review the Gatherall strapless bra per se, but they did talk about one that was similar (found on Amazon here).

And I almost bought the similar version from Amazon however, after reading all of the reviews, I decided that I loved the Gatherall bra enough that I didn’t need to spend more money on something that might not be quite as good. But if you are vacillating and want to try the idea of a sticky bra, it’s definitely more budget-oriented.
If you do try it, I would love to hear your thoughts.

The difference with Gatherall as I understand it is that it is made of medical-grade adhesive.

As is shown in Gatherall’s example above, it is not meant to cover your underboob. To me, that’s one reason it takes some getting used to. But again, if you want something different, it needs to be different, right?
This is how mine fits me. As discussed I alternate between a 30D and 30DD, so I went with the B for their sizing.


Right now the sizing is limited which is a bummer. And they sell out often. But I’ve also found that Gatherall bras are available at J.Crew also. Granted you can’t use the discount code on J.Crew’s site, but if you are already shopping J.Crew, you could take advantage of it.

BTW, I have worn my original Gatherall bra 35 times as I write this. I have a new one ready to go when the original one won’t stay up anymore, but it does make the cost per wear less than $2.

Here is the sizing chart to use for figuring out your size.

Insider info: I’ve communicated with the people at Gatherall and have been told they are working on bigger sizes. So if you don’t fall into the size chart at this time, I’ll keep you informed when and if it happens. They are hoping to have them available sometime in the fall of 2022.

Examples & More Info for Gatherall Strapless Bra Review

As part of my Gatherall strapless bra review, in the video, I talk about how there are some limitations to it. It does NOT lift and separate the girls.

Yet as shown in these examples when wearing my Gatherall bra, most of the time, the front of the top is not super fitted.

As you can see by these examples, the advantage of the sticky bras and this Gatherall bra is not only is it strapless, but it’s also backless.
In fact, I probably wouldn’t have purchased this top if I didn’t have my Gatherall in my arsenal of tricks.

You can see how I did wear this backless top with another top under it. AND that was with either my Shapeez or Ruby Ribbon bra. That means you can compare the lift with the Gatherall bra and what I normally wear.

I have this eShakti dress with a cutout in the back. While I realize you could wear a traditional bra with it, my Shapeez and Ruby Ribbon comfortable bras wouldn’t work because they cover my back more. (That’s exactly how they are more comfortable than having a thin band around your back).

Therefore, my Gatherall bra to the rescue.

Here are many more examples of when I’ve worn my Gatherall bra in the last 6 months. As I point out in my video, most of my strapless tops are not fitted around the chest area.

The one exception is the navy and white striped top below (still available at Banana Republic Factory). I think because it’s a thicker material you don’t notice the flattened girls as much? Or maybe you do? But I felt comfortable in this striped top with my Gatherall bra whereas I didn’t with a different example below.

Gatherall strapless bra review for tight tops

The Time It Didn’t Work

Disclaimer: The photo of the green top is NOT with my Gatherall bra

So this example is the time my Gatherall wasn’t a good idea. You can’t tell from the photo because I ended up taking the Gatherall bra off before these photos. And I put on my racerback Ruby Ribbon bra instead.

But this type of thin material is one that didn’t work for my comfort with my Gatherall bra. The material is a thin polyester and may not seem tight; however, I didn’t like how it looked.

It goes to show that all bras have limitations.

How to Put the Gatherall Bra on & Care For It

This is the part of the article, where it could be extremely helpful to watch the video. I will try to explain it, however, words are not always easy for me.

Insider tip: I show you how to put it on 2 balloons starting at 12: 05 in the video below if you don’t want to watch the entire 15-minute video below.

You take off the plastic covering the sticky part of the Gatherall bra. Make sure to keep these in the container to put back on the bra after it’s washed and dried.
NOTICE, that the white label (on the plastic covering that you removed) which says to position your nipples here is not in the middle of the cup, but located closer to the middle portion of the bra.

I start with one breast and pull it up and in. Then I position one side of the Gatherall bra and put it on from the outside of my breast to the middle of the bra. The same process applies to the remaining side.

Insider tip: If the bra isn’t in the right place, it’s easy to pull off one side and readjust.

Then you are ready to wear it all day long.


When it’s time to take it off, you just pull it off. My first Gatherall bra came with the paper soap that is offered on their site, so I have used that each and every time after I wear it.
Would it make a difference to use another soap? I don’t know.

After I wash it with the soap, I leave it out to dry. Then reapply the plastic pieces over the cup and roll it up to store back in its tube case.

Gatherall Strapless Bra Review Video

I made this video because I know that the first few times putting on this Gatherall bra felt unusual and I wasn’t sure I was doing it correctly.
So I wanted to showcase the steps I now take that make it work.

Insider tip: It helps my views on YouTube if you click the button to watch it on YouTube instead of here on my site.

Of course, if you ever have questions about anything I discuss, feel free to reach out to me at and I am happy to give more information.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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