Insider Information: Buying Clothes on Amazon with Amoretu

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Buying clothes on Amazon seems to be such a popular thing now, so when Amoretu reached out to me, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to evaluate how good it really is.

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This is a sponsored post through Amoretu. All opinions and photos are honest and true. I learned a lot about Amazon fashion by researching the idea of buying clothes on Amazon as well as I heard a lot of responses from you when I asked the question in my email.
While not everyone is comfortable buying clothes on Amazon, there are tricks that can make it more successful. And one of my goals is to make styling clothes work no matter your age, size, or budget.

Buying clothes from Amazon
The brand Amoretu
Scoop Neck Tees
Tiered Dresses
Criss Cross Tees
V-Neck T-shirt: Plus size
Collared Dress
Maxi Dress
Knot Top
T-Shirt Dress
Insider Information

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The Brand Amoretu

One of the things I didn’t realize about buying clothes on Amazon is that there are many, many different brands that sell their products as part of Amazon fashion.
That detail was a lightbulb moment for me. This means it’s hard to compare apples to apples when you see other women talking about buying clothing from Amazon. It is important to either check the brand or check the reviews.

What I also learned is that if you like a certain brand of clothing on Amazon, you can visit “their store” on Amazon where it is all in one place. Amoretu’s store on Amazon is made up of dresses, t-shirts, and blouses.

The brand Amoretu had been around for more than 12 years. While they do have a dedicated site also, I decided to concentrate our review on items that are available for purchase on Amazon.
Even though they accept returns from their site, I thought most women would feel more secure buying clothes from Amazon since the return policy is convenient.

The Amoretu brand has changed over the years they’ve been in business as they have been growing and learning what customers want.
Their mission is to provide comfort, freedom, and fashion to everyone. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to showcase all three of us wearing some of the same items.

If you are wondering, I did learn that the garments are made in China. Their website boasts that Amoretu products adhere to the selection of high-quality fabrics, clothing exquisite workmanship, and unique style design.
Does that mean we liked everything? You might be surprised.

The hardest part about buying clothing from Amazon is trying to see how the pieces will fit real women. That’s where we come in. We will show the items from the Amoretu Amazon site styled on our bodies.

Amoretu Tiered Dresses

This type of dress is found everywhere. In fact, they are the same style as the Chico’s dresses we wore this summer.
We discussed the fact that the shape isn’t “flattering” per se, but they can certainly be comfortable since they aren’t tight or binding.

Again Amoretu has a multitude of different colors as well as long-sleeved versions, short-sleeved versions, and sleeveless ones available in Small-XXLarge.
The material is called Dacron. It feels like polyester but also has a little stretch to it.

The three of us varied our footwear to show how they could be styled for dress up to casual.
Notice how short it looks on the model, yet it’s not that short on the 3 of us.
I am 5’2″, Lesley is 5’0″, and Charlotte is 5’3″ tall.
We ordered our normal sizes of S, XL, and Medium.

Insider style ideas: You can easily layer a turtleneck under these dresses if you are making it work for the colder months.
Don’t automatically assume you can’t layer over them also. I showed 7 different ways to wear this kind of dress.
Plus if the dress by itself seems too short, you can wear it as a tunic over leggings or jeans. Or wear tall boots to feel more covered.

Maxi Dress

The long maxi dress is an off-the-shoulder variety. It is available in many solid colors in both short and long sleeves.

It is not described as an empire waist, but that’s how it fits me. If you go by Imogen’s method of finding if you have a short, balanced, or long torso, I fall into the balanced torso. Therefore, this would fit someone with a short torso wonderfully, or act as an empire waist on a balanced torso.

Normally, I don’t succumb to buying many maxi dresses because I’m so short that most midi dresses end up being maxi length for me. However, this dress works without shortening it when I wear it with my platform sandals.

I did add a wide self-belt for an extra styling option.

Collared Dress

I wanted to find a midi-length dress for my mom but the one on their site isn’t available in all of the sizes anymore, and therefore they sent this one instead. This is the same design as the tiered dress but with a collar.

This style of dress comes in a variety of solid colors and both short and long-sleeves.

T-Shirt Dress

I am such a fan of t-shirt dresses because they are so comfortable in the summer, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This version of the striped t-shirt dress on Amoretu’s Amazon store comes in 5 different colors.
I was attracted to it because of the wrap hem.

Again, this style is more of an empire waist on me. However, without the self-belt, it’s not as noticeable.

Amoretu Scoop Neck Tees

Scoop neck tees are what I would consider a basic for every closet. Amoretu has these tees in both short and long-sleeves in a multitude of solid colors.
You can even order a pack of 3 short sleeve tops for a discounted amount.

The hem is straight across when left untucked. The material is listed differently for the short-sleeve tees vs the long-sleeve tees but in person, they felt very similar. I couldn’t tell them apart.

They offer sizes from Small to XXL and I would say they are soft and somewhat fitted. You wouldn’t call them boxy.
We all styled ours to show how we might wear them without any other layers.

Insider styling ideas: These are the perfect tees for layering under cardigans, blazers, and even dresses because they aren’t bulky or boxy.

I don’t love leaving this kind of t-shirt hanging out this way, so I used clear elastic to tie a knot on the side. I also added a statement necklace.

My usual size is XS to S. This is Amoretu’s small size. I wouldn’t say it is too small, but it is fitted. If you like your tees looser, then I would size it up. Remember, this will change the length of the sleeves and hem too.

Charlotte also styled her scoop neck tee to the side, only she used a belt buckle to hold it in place. She also wore statement earrings in a contrasting color.

My mom usually wears a medium and this is Amoretu’s size medium. The sleeves are a great length on her.

The length is almost tunic length for Lesley and she used a clip to create a side knot with the extra material.

Lesley usually wears an XL and this is Amoretu’s size XXL because we wanted to compare between an XL and XXL. You’ll see the XL for all of her other options.
The sleeves are quite long so Lesley scrunched them up.

Criss Cross T-Shirt

One of the options found on Amoretu’s store under t-shirts is the criss cross tee. The material is very similar to our scoop neck tees.
The hemline is longer in the front and back and it scoops up on the sides.

Again, it is more form-fitting and very soft and comes in sizes Small-XXLarge

Insider style ideas: This is a great layering top for under cardigans and blazers. Don’t forget you can layer this over things also like a turtleneck or even a sleeveless dress.

For Lesley’s size XL, you can see that the sleeves are very long. It’s also long enough to be a tunic as it covers her rear.

Charlotte ordered the medium size and the sleeves are just a little long. She also got creative and tried wearing it backward, which is a fun trick to give the rearview some sass.

I got a size small in the short sleeve version. Instead of trying to tuck in all of that material, I twisted the front and tucked it in the front, and did the same with the back. The belt covers any extra bulk. Since the material is very smooth, you don’t have as much bulk when you are tucking it in.

V-Neck T-Shirt: Plus Size

All of Amoretu’s items do span into the XXLarge, but they also have a v-neck t-shirt for sizes up to 5XL. Lesley is wearing the XL-Plus and it fits the same as the other t-shirts she showcases in XL. The sleeves are long and the length is tunic length.
This is available in a multitude of solid colors in both long and short sleeves.

She styled it with a half-tuck in the front along with scrunching up the sleeves to make it work for her body.

Knot Top

Another option for tops on Amoretu’s Amazon store is this knot top that Lesley is wearing. This is my favorite top on Lesley because it has that asymmetrical feature with the knot in the front and fits her great.

Notice the sleeves on the model are only 3/4 length, which is why they aren’t too long on Lesley in real life.
The sizes and colors are limited in this top on the Amazon site, but if you live in the UK, you can find it on their website too.

Insider Information for Buying Clothes on Amazon with Amoretu

Hopefully, we have given you not only the real scoop about how these Amoretu items fit us but also some ideas on how to style them.

One of the best pieces of advice from my reader, Eugenia, was to really read the reviews on the products. It’s important not to get caught up whether someone likes it or not but for the reasons. And how those reasons would translate to your preferences and body.
For instance, as petite women, we might say that the tops are too long. Yet for someone who is taller, they might be the correct length.

Another great insider fact is how it can be beneficial to really look at all of the options once you click on the items. For example in the tiered dresses, you’ll notice that not only are there a ton of different prints/colors available, but there are also different sleeve length options.
If you’re anything like me, you might have missed that because you thought the first photo was the only option.

I would say that buying clothes on Amazon through Amoretu would be a wonderful option if you:
1-Struggle with finding tops long enough for your torso.
2-Love tops that aren’t boxy.
3-Are looking for budget-oriented basics.
4-Want to try the tier dress trend and not spend a lot of money.

This is not the first time we have talked about buying clothes from Amazon.
Accessorizing a blue dress comparing Amazon to other stores
Black jumpsuit comparing Amazon to other stores
Ordering clothes from Amazon vs other stores

You can shop the look through the links I place throughout the post If you purchase anything through these links I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you. Thank you for your ongoing support by shopping through my links.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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